Lame Excuses to Get Plastic Bags

Lame Excuses to Get Plastic Bags

Firstly, this entry is not against the usage of plastic bags while shopping.

go green canvas shopping bag

As we are well-aware of, the Go Green/Save the Plastic, Save the World/Recycling campaign is everywhere! But unfortunately, some prefer to ignore it, still demanding for plastic bags.

Yes, I agree that plastic is NOT the main problem – it’s the waste management that we should look into.

carry plastic bags

But since many don’t manage the excessive usage of plastic bags well, authorities have implemented the “Use Less Plastic Bags” campaign.

Frankly, if everyone is considerate enough, waste management can be done properly and there will be fewer pollution cases on Earth.

thrown plastic bags

Now, my dad owns a mini market and I sometimes help at the cashier counter. As I’m well-aware of this predicament, I try my best to refuse giving plastic bags when it’s unnecessary.

But being in a place where there are many unaware elderly and ignorant adults, here are some amusing/lame/wicked excuses when requesting for plastic bags.


Scenario: ONE pencil.

pencil break

Yeah right aunty, the plastic bag can somehow stop your Arnold Schwarzenegger hands from breaking it.

pencil mummy

Your mummy is the best!


Scenario: ONE packet of bread.

gardenia bread raining

Bread wrapped with plastic already, still need extra plastic?

gardenia bread separate

Actually I believe a packet of bread can be held easily without additional plastic bag. Don’t you think so?

gardenia bread steal

Haven’t you heard of a receipt?


Scenario: ONE Milo tin.

milo tin heavy

The plastic bag will magically make less heavy! Fascinating fact!

But sometimes, it’s understandable that a plastic bag makes it easier for the elderly to carry that heavy and huge Milo tin.

However after giving a plastic bag, some…

milo tin extra plastic

Double plastic bags make it lighter? o.O

milo tin walk far

This was said by young adults who walked to the mini market. But if you have perfect hands and legs, is the plastic bag a need – or a want?

milo tin no plastic

Implying that he’s clumsy and the plastic bag will solve the problem? Amusing and ridiculous.


Now this one happened recently. It’s a conversation with a man in his 40s. I already gave a thick plastic bag for ONE heavy item, but he asked for more…

plastic conversation 1

plastic conversation 2

I gave you one already and you want double? It’s so not necessary.

plastic conversation 3

The same old bullshits.

plastic conversation 4

But he insisted, so I reluctantly gave another one – making it double!

double plastic bags

But he was displeased, saying I make so much noise. Eh, who’s the noisy sissy who complain that a 2kg Milo tin is heavy and need to walk far?

And as he walked out, he said.

plastic conversation 5

I was pretty pissed with his mentality but I kept my cool, and kept quiet.


Anyway, why want so many plastic?

It’s not like they’re gonna build a plastic pyramid with it.

plastic bags

True absurd plastic stories. Believe it or not!

71 thoughts on “Lame Excuses to Get Plastic Bags

  1. people really need to stop using plastic bag…they should be encouraged to bring their own shopping back or reuse thsse old plastic bags they’ve collected at home…

  2. haha. sadly but very true, all of them. Since I’m quite of an environmentalist I like this post very much. But seriously, we should start encouraging ppl using paper bags just as they do it in the UK and other developed countries

  3. I am also innocent.. in fact nowadays i reject plastic bags if i can help it.. never ask for one or more like the above.. hahaha.. very humorous but i know they are true.. chinese ma..

  4. wow.. they truly are ignorant with their lame excuses and all. they should try dragging a mini trolley to the mini markets like my mum does. way better than asking for more plastic bags.. then again, they might just say, “aiyoo.. not macho la.. like old lady oni…” -.-‘

  5. hey. nice post.

    its really great to see malaysians being involved with the recycling community. i actually run a plastics recycling factory in selangor, and its really sad how people give plastics bad publicity when its the people that are not managing their wastes properly.

    i’ve just started blogging not long ago, however i’d like to share this very informative video on where our stuffs come from and how recycling is the key to our future.


  6. We educate public not 2 use plastic bags, I just don’t understand why just consumer and public peoples only??

    1) why did the manufacture bread use plastic bag to wrap the bread?

    2) How about lady sanctuary pad, 100% it’s all plastic bags..??

    Will that make sense???

  7. haha…. great write up… this should spread the awareness! …. ei but sometimes the milo tin if carrying many things, need a bag ler – but should bring own bag!

  8. I, too reduce the usage of plastic bag if possible. But my mum is always asking for them whenever she shops despite knowing their impact on the environment. She said if there is no plastic bag at home, how is she going to dispose the rubbish/garbage/waste to the garbage bin outside.

  9. Couldn’t agree more with you, too many ignorant people out there who just don’t care, but i guess thats because of their lack of knowledge and awareness…..

    I am sharing this by the way =)

  10. Its the kiasu mentality at work. We don’t really need it but we want it just in case. Do what the german do, charge people for every plastic they take! It works wonders!

  11. Hey there Ken!
    I know how you feel. My parents owns a small grocery shop in Kuching.
    There’s a lot of “GIVE ME PLASTIC(s) even though I don’t really need it but what do I care” type of people.
    There was this uncle who has three kids. 3-4 times a week he will come with his kids and buy 3 piece on candies which he pays for 15 cents. That means one kid one candy.
    UNCLE: Plastik?!

    ME: No offend uncle, we are trying to reduce the usage of plastic. I think that there is no need of plastic as your kids can straightway hold them.

    UNCLE: Do you think I care? Plastik pun mau kedekut kah amoi? Bukan susah pun nak bagi plastik!!
    ((I did not translate this to english because it would ruin the ‘feel’ that I want people to get))

    (customer always right isn’t it?) So I gave him one 9″x12″ plastic which can fit it 2 cans of soft drinks.

    UNCLE: Moi! Put each of this candy into different plastics. I don’t want my kids to fight.
    So I gave him another two piece of 9″x12″ plastics. After that, that uncle gave each of his kids one plastic bag containing one candy. So they walk out of the shop.
    The kids took out the candy from the plastic bag and threw it on the floor.
    Oh my, sorry for the long comment.
    Sometimes I don’t really agree much with the “Customer is always right policy”. It’s like a post already. haha. (^^,)

  12. if the gov really want to stop using plastic then stop producing the plastic bag and/or stop importing it and when finally people have no plastic bag, they would use other thing such as paper bags… but the use less platic campaign is quite useless… people should be given paper bags instead of no bag because, for example, some people do keep plastic bags in their car… yeah usage would be less but quite useless really… hehe :P

  13. sometimes plastic bag make it easier for them to carry the item (eg milo) but as for candies or bread.. aiyok! no comment la…

    like me, i always say, ” oh, hari ini hari tanpa beg plastik.. kalau nak kena bayar 20sen” =p

  14. haha i think its because ppl here are lazy to carry stuff around,
    having a plastic bag makes it easier for u to swing it around ..
    i always bring a big bag when i’m out shopping,
    then i’ll just stuff in everything i just bought!

  15. *like*
    Your post is humorous and very true indeed!!!
    I like it when u r doing ur best to save the environment, we should always be da 1st who do it first, and influence more and more ppl! ^^
    perhaps next time u can come up with some t&c if ur customers wanna get extra plastic bags! =)

  16. I have the same opinion, we should reduce the use of plastic bags while grocery shopping. I always insist on no plastic bag if I can carry the stuff without it…

    those people need to be educated! someone needs to bust the myth that plastic bags make groceries lighter! mythbusters help!

  17. hahaha.. these ppl..

    that day i went to carrefour in Seremban, they gave us empty paper boxes instead of plastic bags to put our purchased items in. at first, i was quite shocked becoz this was the first time encountering this. but after that, i thought tht this was a quite a great yet bold idea..

  18. China may have a lot of bad things and such but to be honest, China cares a lot about Global issues. They charge plastic bags. We all have to bring our own bags when we do shopping. I got used to it so when I am back here, I just said ‘no need plastic bag’ and then put them into my bag lol Maybe we should send some Malaysians to be trained over in China to shop without plastic bags hahahaha

  19. I’m so glad to meet someone else like you all who really treat the plastic issue seriously. Earth blessed with you guys! Here’s a even “Lame” excuse that i just encountered with recently!

  20. you are the lame one. i am not saying that it is good to use plastic bags and totally agree with the need to reduce the usage of plastic bag but its obviously easier to carry things with a plastic bag and the tin of milo is so heavy do you expect it to not break by just carrying it in one single plastic bag?? ask your dad to sell reusable grocery bags instead lah -.-

  21. I like your illustration with Milotin and pencil. I always wonder why some people want to drink 1 can of coke, with a plastic bag wrapped over it.

    Plastic bag is a habit of decades, it takes time to reduce it. Good work Penang had made everyday plastic bag-free-day for major shopping malls and supermarket, and peoples are adapted to it.

  22. got 1 time i buy a bread, the promoter wrap it with a plastic bag, i ask her to take out and says: just a small thing why need plastic bag? people like to use plastic bag will soon die in plastic tsunami one day

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