Please Donate Money for Charity Lah!

Please Donate Money for Charity Lah!

Every now and then, we bump into people who approach others stating that they are doing charity, requesting for some donation.

But you wonder – whether it’s really for a charity or not.

street beggar

The common way of getting money without effort is begging – we see it almost everywhere. All they do is occupy the streets and hand out a bucket for passersby to throw in some change.

Another common way of getting money, with effort this time, is busking – or also known as street musicians. There are many in major European countries.

street musicians

They entertain you with music and if passersby like it, they throw in some cash.

But here in Malaysia, when one claims to be working with a charity, it’s normal to wonder whether it’s legitimate or not. Because scams and fraud cases are happening everywhere.

chinese monk beggar

These days, even monks approach people stating that they’re collecting donations for their temple fund. Yeah, some are real – but at the same time, some are in monk disguise to cheat victims.

With so many charities nowadays, some well-dressed person can be requesting for donations as well.

professional beggar

Just like this dude. But will you trust him that he’s telling the truth?

Maybe not.

Therefore you usually show him the “talk to the hand” sign.

talk to the hand

Or Malaysian meaning – Boleh Blah!

Anyway, I think anyone can be a “charity beggar” these days. It’s so simple – dress well, get photos and certifications of charity, approach people and talk cock!

I’ll show you an example.

beggar for charity

This dude is a “charity guy” for charity fund.

beggar with photos

Present some fake photos of the orphan kids at the charity home.

beggar with barbie and ken

Offer free gifts in return of donation.

But high chances you’ll say no, right?

beggar rejected

Yeah, you insist that you don’t wanna donate.

beggar no

But this dude ain’t giving up. He really wants your money.

So he’s going to unleash his skills!

beggar sad

You keep ignoring him but he continues with his stories.

beggar thrown babies

He tells you about abandoned babies that grew up without parents, stuck at charity home because people are heartless.

beggar with poor african kids

Then the poor kids at certain areas in Africa needing monetary aid for their welfare and survival. Your donation would be a stepping stone to more generosity from others.

And it ends with a…

beggar begging

But… will you donate?




talk to the hand

Yeah I knew it! You show the “talk-to-the-hand” sign.

Rejecting is stingy! But smart move!

beggar begging

72 thoughts on “Please Donate Money for Charity Lah!

  1. to be truthful, i had an experience when i was working part time for a company. my friends and i were asked to collect some funds for the orphanage home. and at the end of the day, only 10-20% (i think) goes to the orphans and what happen to the remaining ones?

    …we keep and divide them among ourselves.

  2. I am stingy then. I would look them into the eyes and say no thanks.

    A friend kena before on donation to a “monk”. He gave the “monk” RM2 and the “monk” gave that back to him. Said minimum donation is RM10. Wah lau eh…high class “monk”.

  3. haiz, i was a sucker for this donation when i was younger. Everytime go KL feel like an idiot coz keep donating to all those charities that approach me. Dam regret wei, the next person who approach me for charity, I wont give them the hand, i’ll give a fist instead.

  4. nice one ken! to the hand..agree with kathy..some dont accept RM2..they ask for at least it or get beaten..

  5. Ya…a lot of them here. Young Chinese boys and girls, Mandarin speaking. I wouldn’t give a sen! Will only donate if the beggar is visibly physically crippled…and even then, people say some of them are used by some gangster syndicate to go out and beg.

  6. yupp, can’t trust them all. too many fraudulent schemes nowadays and begging in the name of charity is definitely one of them. Good post. Now I am gonna say no to anybody who ask for anything in the name of charity and u’re to blame ken. hehe.

  7. I used to donate no matter they’re for real or not. cz if they’re real, I’d helped them, if they’re not, karma’s a bitch. now, there are toooo many of them. sorry lah… cant help ya’ll already. hahaha

  8. True true..what u said is true..the other day while came with a file exactly like yours.. talked talked, we shook our heads..the fella kept on talking till i also fedup .. gave a piece of red note and got three toothbrushes.. that stopped the talking.. sigh..

  9. LOL good one… actually I just try to avoid eye contact and shake my head even before they approach.

    But… what are you doing with Barbie and Ken dolls?

  10. i love your post.

    my boyfriend and I had an argument about this last june when we went to vegas. it was a 4hour drive home. (vegas to LA)

    and when we were at the gasoline station we barely had money for gas. then this guy showed us stating he was from marine/veteran and that he needed money for gas to go home and that his kids are in the card.

    he gave him $4! and we only had $24 for gas! ug… we had a SUPER big fight after that because he didn’t get my point… if we had MORE money then fine give it away right?

    he said he wanted to help
    but how are we even sure that he was even telling the truth??? he was just shocked that the man showed up at our window. ugh. anyway… moving on… UGH people are such scumbags… i believe in karma. if the guy was telling the truth then good. but if the hell he was faking. .. Karma

  11. lol
    in shah alam also got
    before this i always eat at one kopitiam
    everyday got this boy keep asking for donation
    even in uitm also got
    not living sunway, no more already
    maybe because all keep go to ken

  12. seriously, its hard to tell if this person who ask for donations on the streets is legit or not! Not that I’m stingy, but if he happens to be a conman, why should I FEED HIM? lol

  13. i’ve met an old lady who asked for donation, when i refused to do so, she scolded and cursed me around the whole restaurant, saying that people nowadays.. bla bla bla! How mean.

  14. They can be quite annoying at times, really! Esp while you are having your lunch.. but I just shake my head and ignore them everytime. I’ve been cheated too many times.. and we can’t really judge whether they are real or fake.. so i reckon if we wanna do charity, go to the right association :)

  15. thks lah bro!
    but weird de loh.. i write english, u didnt comment.
    i write in chinese, then u say u dunno hw to read….
    hahaha..anyway, visit back lah!
    u notice got 2 posts is specially for u de?

  16. owh man.. that’s what i’d do. and i could be quite mean when i see those WWF people intruding other people’s lunch hour to give their “talk”.. what i said to them?? go harass other people’s lunch time please! and yes, i really said that. if i really wanna donate, i’ll go to their website and donate.

  17. Lol! Funny! Approaching me for charity is ok, its those hardcore christian evangelists that irritates me.

    “If you don’t go to church, you’re going to hell”

  18. usually i wouldn’t donate to those ppl who ask for charity donation, somehow I feel it seems like I’m helping the fake charity company growing up their business
    if i want to donate money, i will straight away go to orphanage or etc.

  19. i think the government should do something about this. this happened to me so many times when i just walk around the streets, besides donations, there are even ‘lucky draw’ donation, ‘free gifts’ donation etc…

    it seems very unlikely to be true.

    there are some kids whom really working for charity, but as what Jimmy said, the money collected only 10-20% reaches the pocket of the needs…

    to me, if there is any donation that you would like to make, go directly to the orphan house, or whatever it is, and make item purchase would be the best option. e.g: buy food and medicine for the need, instead of giving money to the charity which u have no idea how much actually reached them.

  20. Hahah that’s funny but so true! I don’t believe in donnating money to the so called “charities”. I believe in the fact that if you really want to help the world, start by making the change yourself. Volunteering is the best way to contribute to the humanity. If you have that much money to give away, then go and do something for those people, where you actually know that it’s been used. For example, people always talk about African kids as the starving ones, which makes me mad because not All Africa is like that. Starving kids are everywhere, even in your backyard. So, instead of donating money to a charity, go find those kids (in your backyard) and help them with food and clothes. This way you actually invested yourself, otherwise you are just lying to yourself and to the humanity by pretending to really care.

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