How to Suck at Blogging

How to Suck at Blogging

Blogging has been a trend these days, especially in Malaysia. Everyone seems to be blogging and it’s a great place to voice out one’s thoughts, experiences and perhaps craps.

blog blogging keyboard

Blogging is suppose to be a intelligent tool – but as we come across blogs, there are these a few issues that certain bloggers do that is kinda.. erm.. sucky? As a result, the meaning of “blogging” has diverted a little.

Anyway, here is a list on how to suck at blogging. You may try it too if you’re interested.


1) Terrible blog layout.

First example, auto-play music. Annoying!

To be honest, you don’t have to share your super favourite songs on your blog. You may love it, but others might not.

millionaire song

Some blog visitors have their own playlist playing on iTunes.

But when they visit your blog…

bieber singing baby

Bieber, Bieber, Bieber? NoooooooooooooO!!!

The worst part is opening 10 blogs and ALL 10 blogs have their own music. Total madness!

Another bad blog layout is having a glittery background. We don’t need extra glares on our screen.

glitter star background

The last one would be too many unnecessary widgets that make the blog’s loading time super slow!

2) Horrible font.

It’s either your font is too tiny, too BIG or you’re TyPIng lIke tHIs eVeRYtiMe You wRiTE a bLoG.

3) Blog entries with 1 or 2 sentences only.

short blog post

Hey, do that on Twitter instead!

4) Blog about number of followers too frequently.

Good job when you have lots of Google Friend Connect followers or you’ve reached a milestone of followers.

blog google friend connect followers

Frankly, if we’re interested, we’ll check it out by ourselves. After all, the widget is always there on your blog right?

5) Blog about blog traffic too frequently.

Blogging about your achievement in the traffic department once in a while is acceptable. It’s alright to talk about it but when you’re doing it too frequently, that’s when you might annoy others.

nuffnang traffic stats

People rather read about road traffic than your blog traffic.

6) Blog about keywords from search engines.

This is super unnecessary I think. It’s so common to get visitors from search engines because you’re creating content on the Internet.

search engine terms

But what amuses me is that they find the “unexpected” keywords absurd and get excited about those “unexpected” keywords.

Then, be completely surprised that their blog is getting such “unexpected” keywords.

boobs blog

The fact is, what you blog = what you get from search engines.

7) Blog about your earnings too frequently.

Writing an entry for a cheque you received from blogging is totally fine. But when you write several entries of every single Buffered Earning from Nuffnang, that’s not fine.

nuffnang buffered earnings

I know you’re calling me showoff now even though this is my first time showing my Nuffnang Buffered Earnings. =/

Anyway, sharing is caring. But too much sharing is boring.

8) Extremely money-driven.

Very straight forward – you start a blog with one main goal – earn money! You sign up with every single online advertiser, add gazillion ads on your blog and offer spaces for advertisements immediately.

your ads here

An advice? Work on your content first.

9) Plagiarism, also known as blindly copy and paste.

You copy and paste other articles without any amendments, modifications or inclusion of your own thoughts and point of view.

copy paste plagiarism

Seriously, that’s a copy cat.

garfield face

Are you trying to build a new Wikipedia?

10) Unnecessary repeating picture of yourself.

A picture or two is fine, but when you upload many almost-the-same photos unnecessarily – don’t you feel awkward? I’ll feel weird if I do that.

For example…

macbook photobooth photo

ThIS iSh Me WHeN I’m wAItInG fOr SoMEOnE.

macbook photobooth photo

THiS Ish mE whEN I’m sHITtING iN THe tOIlEt.

macbook photobooth photo

ThIs iSH ME. I’m bOrED, bUt I’m hAnDSomE!


So that’s all on how to suck at blogging.

Eh hold on, I’m doing some of these too right now! Sighs, I guess I suck at blogging too! =/

P/S: Any use of real situations is coincidental and purely unintentional. This entry doesn’t mean to offend anyone. Cheers!

112 thoughts on “How to Suck at Blogging

  1. First?

    Haha! Opening 10 blogs and all have auto music? Die!!!

    Blog entries with 1 or 2 sentences? Oh my, yes should forget about blogging and tweet instead! LOL!!

    Haha! Blogging about earning from Nuffnang is still OK. Try blogging about earnings from AdSense. You get banned by AdSense immediately! LOL!!

    Some blogs I do see more adverts than posts! LOL! Luckily not a lot of blogs are like that : )

  2. Too frequent same topic can be bored( sometimes I do that too,.)
    hohohoho.. If there’s any blog autoplay Baby,Baby,Baby Oh.. I will stop blogging (for 1 minutes only..hahaha)

  3. really make my tummy burst tonight ken!

    Yeah..totally agree with you..some of people really lost about their real objectives in blogging. When they get excited about the others got lots of money from ads, they also wanna put ads on their blog..but too much!

    Please to all bloggers out there..dont focused too much on your blog decor and so on, but keep something that will attract new readers and entice them to return to you everytime you update.

    Thanks for the funny post, Ken! :D

  4. haha. Very true, all of them. So many female bloggers do the last one. Too much camwhoring and putting pictures of themselves only with so sight movement such as raised eyebrow and pouted lips. I don’t know what they’re trying to prove. Ohhh, and I hate it when people write it LiKe tHiS.. UgRgHHhhHH!!! :-P

  5. T.T u make my beloved Garfield cat as Copy cat nuh ! i sad sad ! fuhhh…Fotunately im not so suck at blogging ! Yay !!!

    Ken, sure u spend a lot of time = homework while doing your every entries ! Nice one nuh ! ^^

    wish u have a nice day ahhh ! chao la~

  6. Well, some songs on some people’s blog are nice. But it is so intrusive and annoying when u have a slow connection. The song went off and on whenever it likes.

    ~Sometimes I suspect you are a genius! :p

  7. I did this post too n you plagiarise me! Haha joking bro. Ya super hate the auto play music, friggin annoying and hate it if so many unnecessary camwhoring pics in almost ALL the posts.

  8. Doing none of the above.. (hopefully) no music in blog, no big small letters, nothing to brag about in nuffnang, always 27rm only since i joined 2 years ago.. and… and….. that is it.. that makes a boring blog, right? hahaha….

  9. Great advice, Wei Ken. I am guilty for one or two, but at least I don’t do it frequently ;)

    I love how you put everything in pictures, so entertaining!

    p/s: so many buffereds!

  10. hahhahha you’ve made my Friday , salutation for writing this.

    Its fun and hilarious at the same time OUCH !Hey i used to have an auto music player in my blog too because i love music a lot! Most of the songs in my player are from Indie artists.Because i want to support them i play their songs to share with my readers.

    Then i have it removed weeks ago due to the same points which is mention in your blog.

    Good one Ken , you da man !

  11. Here is what i feel:-
    1. AGREE
    2. ACCEPTABLE FOR ME. but the colours of the font and layout must match la otherwise sakit mata.
    3. AGREE
    4. AGREE
    5. AGREE
    6. AGREE
    7. AGREE
    8. AGREE
    9. AGREE. I’ve encountered a blog that copy paste then his personal comment on the issue is, hanya tuhan yang tahu. =.= Waste my time only.
    10.AGREE. I feel weird too but my blogger friend keep insist me dressing up sexily showing some cleavage to attract readers. i wanted to give him a huge slap on his face. But i restrained myself of course. Blogging should be a passion, a hobby and an asset. It’s not about showing myself to the world or a tool to gain traffic (for money) by showing my boobs/cleavage. It’s something i plan to keep, and show to my anak cucu. After all, im not proud of my looks.

  12. haha good one! :) I agreed with the music one, who wants their ears to be bombarded with justin bieber while they’re trying to read a blog post?

    and especially the last one…I can’t stand people who post too many narcissistic pictures of themselves in every position possible. its just too much…haha.

    great post! :)

  13. I totally agree with you especially the auto-play background music part. I felt that was very annoying.

    Why it is annoying because I am using a high performance headphone where the sound is very clear and loud like in cinema. Normally I change the volume using the media player. The most I don’t like about the auto-play music, it will play with full volume. Then kaboom. Hurt my ear drum and my heart pumping very fast. I wish I don’t kena heart attack.

  14. hiii Ken,
    I can’t help but laughing when reading this post. It is so true especially the music part. Thanks for this “informational” post..:D

  15. whoa….. there’s so many things to learn. Okay, I’ll get rid of the music on blog. But I don’t know if I will cut some of the published pictures because I love taking pictures of my friends and foods and interesting things and showing it to my readers…. (>_<)

  16. ken,i’m totally supporting u
    lots of point taken
    but u should remember
    one should always have their rights
    all in all,it’s their blog n their rights

  17. hahahah!
    man, you’re good with making people laugh!
    i sure did enjoy a good one. XD
    but ..
    i am suddenly afraid if i fall into your 3rd point.
    do i blog too short?
    i do purposely try to keep my post simple, but .. yiiks!

  18. Lol! Reading it make me burst out laughing, luckily I’m alone in the office at the moment, hahaha!

    p/s: thanks, you got me there, I will work out more on my post instead of posting about my nuff nuff earnings, you’re cool!

  19. haha :) guilty about recently putting a playlist on my blog! but my intention is really to add mood and ambiance to my posts. coz its supposed to trigger romantic emotions. lol

    interested in the keyword search engine though.. i havent figured that out :)

  20. haha enjoyed your post.
    Bieber, Bieber, Bieber? NoooooooooooooO!!! ROFL!!!1

    i have a new dislike when it comes to ads.. those expanding flash ads that autoplays when mouse-over. worst-thing-ever!

  21. this is awesome! i strongly agree with ALL of the points. Yes all. Those annoy me too. But there are many more sucky stuff done in blogging, hope you can blog more bout it =P

  22. hahaha well we got like what, thousands of bloggers in Malaysia. you bound to come across different kind of bloggers. to me no.1 and 3 can drive me off the wall! especially like you said, if you open 10 blogs at the same time and all 10 blogs got songs playing. but i done that, the most only 6 and 4 out of 6 got songs playing. hahah make my day =P

  23. Totally agreed Ken :) The autoplay music is fine for me because I do want to know what type of music this blogger loves. But about the blink blink widget and unnecessary repeated own portrait, really, they can cause me to exit the blog without reading it. hehe.

  24. Good one Ken.
    Wait … how come you got so many campaigns from NN?! You lucky devil you ….. >_<

    Seriously, I hate most would be the ones who keep blogging about their earnings, their traffic, etc etc.

    Stop bragging. Unless you're willing to share how you've reached that God-like status (if any).

  25. Haha, totally agree with what you said, especially the music, blinking background and the typing styles parts. Nowaday want to write a good quality blog need to add in many effort for that.

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