Why Apple iPhone 4?

Why Apple iPhone 4?

Yes, as we all know, the fresh new fruity Apple iPhone 4 has finally arrived in Malaysia.

iphone 4 advertisement

And yes, it changes everything again. But you gotta realize, it’ll change something or everything, AGAIN, sooner or later.

Nevertheless, it’s a great tag line by Apple and it certainly captures the attention of everyone, especially the iPhone enthusiasts.

iphone 4 maxis launch customers

Just look at the number of people queuing up for the Official Maxis iPhone 4 Launch at the Gardens. They were all eager to get their hands on the iPhone 4, even though it’s 12am at night!

Oh wait, in case you’re wondering – no, I’m not getting an iPhone 4. iUnfortunate, iPoor and iDon’t mind.

By the way, I found this fact…

iphone vs normal phone

An iPhone 4 is a “Want” while a phone-without-i is a “Need”. Very true indeed – an iPhone is not a necessity.

It’s undeniable that the communication and remote interaction between people is the necessity nowadays. Being able to make a call and send a message – that explains the word “Need”.

But at the present moment, with the social media expanding rapidly and going mobile, everyone wants to share news, updates, photos and whatnot on the spot!

twitting on iphone

Whatever you do, you have this urge to update your Twitter, Facebook Status or foursquare your location.

And that is the purpose of expensive smart-phones these days. Not forgetting the other “Want”s such as to stay updated with the latest gadgets, be cooler or you can simply afford it.

apple ibroke

If a person like me tries to stay in touch with the trend, I’ll end up like iBroke above. Smiling so gleefully but pocket no more money.

Anyway, like I said earlier, Malaysians complain when they queue to pay bills, but for an Apple product – they can wait HOURS.

iphone 4 features

However, admittedly, getting a new cool iPhone 4 is definitely better than paying bills. I have to agree that. Just look at its features!

But I think no one really bother much about the features. As long as you have an iPhone 4, owning it simply mean ONE thing – IT IS COOL!

iphone 4 face time video call

It’s not entirely about the FaceTime video call feature. It’s just cool to see faces on the screen!

iphone 4 retina display

It’s not completely about the Retina display. It looks awesomely cool!

iphone 4 camera

It’s not fully because of the built-in 5-megapixel camera. It’s just cool to own an iPhone 4 – and additionally, it takes photo!

And all these coolness sums up to one thing – you can afford such luxury. People actually compare the pricing and payment options between Maxis and Digi, and decide on which plan gives them better savings.

To be honest, if you really wanna save money so much – just buy a cheaper non-fruity phone lah, why the costly iPhone 4?

iphone 4 facetime advertisement

Anyway, Apple doesn’t need to come up with new sophisticated and attractive advertisements again when they come up with the new version of iPhone 4G or iPhone 5.

All Steve Jobs gotta say is that the iPhone is COOL!

iphone 4 wwdc presentation

steve jobs cool

steve jobs playing iphone 4

steve jobs with iphone 4

With all that coolness, Apple will definitely still hit, or even surpass, the targeted sales! It’s a fact that almost every Apple enthusiast wants to own an iPhone. Right or not?

And when the next iPhone, perhaps the iPhone 5, is developed. Its tag line can be as simple as this…

iphone 5 advertisement

Alright, I’m done with this iPhone 4 blog entry. So… anyone’s gonna sponsor me an iPhone 4? Maxis? Digi?

iGuess not.

84 thoughts on “Why Apple iPhone 4?

  1. iLike this post! : )

    I’m not getting this iPhone4 despite the improved features! I’ll wait for iPhone5 which special feature is the “beam me up” technology ala Star Trek. Hahaha!!

    But are you sure you are not getting the iPhone? You want me to sell you my iPhone 3GS? Going at a cheap price of RM1,300! : D

  2. And Maxis is rolling out a plan that makes the current 3GS or 3G user seemed kinda stupid to sign up in the first place.
    Where’s the customer loyalty petition?

  3. I agree with you, i just made the decision its a WANT and not a NEED.. and i scrolled down to comment, and guess what ad is at the bottom ! the BLOOODY iPhone by Digi ADD ! argghh ! tempting ! .

  4. haha.
    im currently study at newcastle upon tyne, uk. guess what, almost everybody here using the iphone or blackberry or other touchscreen hp.lol.then i feel like using one of the iphone too.but my mom wouldn’t allow me for sure.feel jealous somehow.

  5. Like this post!!! damn true!
    anyway i might be getting one.. and the reason of getting it is: love the solid feeling of the phone. (idiot reason i know..=p)
    not an apple fans, but i kinda like this one..

  6. hey ken. to be honest, i have heard about all the comments about iphone 4 has been really shitty. and apple company has to replace a new one for the consumers. so i would not suggest one to get iphone 4 but the advance version of iphone 4.

  7. This blog is not applicable in Singapore, because it is also iCheap now! Lol. Anyway it’s true that iPhone functions are cool and useful indeed! Try it! :P

  8. I were eager to get hands on that butt of that free hair,orange shirt and short pants (girl on second picture), even though i not a maniac & i phone user..he he he

  9. Nice post…
    Most people didn’t understand about NEED and DESIRE (WANT).
    Paying too much for something that you don’t need is quite common nowadays…

  10. great one. i got my iPhone 3GS not long ago and now 4 is out..i agree that it’s definitely a need, i am waiting for my contract to end and get myself a sony ericsson (doink doink, why did i change it to Apple in the first place).

  11. Very funny & interesting post!
    I really wanted an iPhone 4, but as you said, Apple may come out newer versions like iPhone 4G, iPhone 4G S or iPhone 5!

    Do visit my blog. :) TQ.

  12. hehe, everytime i stop by, i find you interesting and fascinating!

    Erm.. did any of you know if there is any iphone pc suite for window 7? need it to send sms via pc…

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