Berjaya Langkawi Resort

Berjaya Langkawi Resort

While my friends and I were at Langkawi Island, we stayed at Berjaya Langkawi Resort.

berjaya langkawi slippers

Oh wait, Langkawi again?! Don’t worry, this is gonna be the last plug on Langkawi. I promise!

Alright, let’s get started.

berjaya langkawi resort beach

Over here, the rooms are called chalets and they don’t have any high-rise building. I believe Berjaya Langkawi is renowned for its chalets, especially the ones on water.

We didn’t stay at the chalet on water though.

berjaya langkawi resort chalet

Instead, the chalet we stayed in is built within the rain forest, featuring the essence of early Malay architecture.

The cheapest price you can get for a chalet is RM460 a night, but we got it cheaper because is visiting my friend has an uncle working with Berjaya Group.

berjaya langkawi resort chalet on water

To be honest, I thought if we’re staying in the chalet on water, it’ll be so cool! But that would cost RM1,360++ a night! o.O

Anyway, there are quite a number of entertainments around the resort lobby.

berjaya langkawi rimba lounge

There’s a place called Rimba Lounge. Sounds groovy.

berjaya langkawi entertainment

You get to play Foosball, Play Station 3, sing karaoke and chill out at a bar. There’s a mini Internet cafe too.

But nothing is free here, you gotta pay to use the facilities.

berjaya langkawi swimming pool

A swimming pool is available as well. For this, you don’t have to pay lah.

As you walk further in, you’ll be heading to Berjaya Langkawi Resort’s own personal beach.

berjaya langkawi beach signboard

Even though there are sports activities provided here, we didn’t try them out here.

berjaya langkawi water activity

Instead, we went to Pantai Cenang because the water-sports activities there are cheaper.

The beach is like any other ordinary beach, but you get to see the row of chalets on water from the beach.

berjaya langkawi beach sunset

You can’t see the chalets on water because their lights weren’t turned on when I took this photo.

Other than that, not many people around. Everyone probably went to other beaches.

Anyway, the only free meal we get here is the buffet breakfast at Dayang Cafe, which is situated at the lobby.

berjaya langkawi breakfast voucher

The selection of food available is simple and delicious.

berjaya langkawi buffet breakfast

Visitors get to make their own nasi lemak, toast their own bread and prepare their own mixed rice.

You can basically have most of the food to yourself because the visitors are mostly foreigners, and they’re not as greedy as us Malaysians – typical Malaysians will wallop all!

berjaya langkawi dayang cafe

Cleanliness and presentation wise, I’d rate it as “Excellent”. Customer service by the staffs is commendable as well.

Anyway, back at our chalet – we were told that we’re not allowed to feed wandering monkeys. It is bad for their health and over time they will lose the ability to find their own food in the wild.

We didn’t get any monkey-visit actually, but on the last day…

king kong roar

King Kong visited us!

Huh wait, sorry wrong picture. Actually is this monkey…

berjaya langkawi monkey

This monkey is smart. It tried to open the slide door and grab one of our backpacks.

But we are smarter – we latched the door! The monkey then kept waiting and showed us this facial expression…

berjaya langkawi monkey eyes

Anyway, no pictures of how the room looks like – it was pretty messy. So, imagine a room with queen-size bed and sofa bed okay?

And that’s it. Pretty much everything about the experiences during my recent trip to Langkawi.

Stay tuned – usual entries will be back!

56 thoughts on “Berjaya Langkawi Resort

  1. You shouldn’t have stayed in Berjaya Hotel. Pantai Cenang has way much more better and cheaper hotels!!

    Owh, I saw monkey f*cking in public. Everyone was watching them! Monkeys in Langkawi no shame!

  2. I’ve yet to visit Langkawi but it’s definitely in my must-visit list.

    I’ve stayed in a water chalet in Maldives tho’. It was one of the most beautiful experience in my life. It must be, cause it costs US$600 per nite & that was ages ago! Ouch!

  3. nice blog and nice photos you have !!
    it’s been a long time since last time i visited langkawi, it’s the day when tsunami happened from what i still remembered~
    changed alot huh this place!!

  4. haha the puppy eyes of monkey remind me the cat in shrek la hahahahaha. the chalet on water is really cool but the jungle one also not bad. whatever la not that i can afford any of them…*sobsob*

  5. Langkawi… would love to go there again.
    Usually it will be packed on school holidays…
    I think most people love to go to Langkawi to do some shopping… I love the beach and… shopping. haha.

  6. This is superb! My family is raring to go and my daughter thinks monkeys are cuddly!! Well, we are a swimming family and will chose a serene Langkawi hotel with a pool and let life float by!

  7. seems like a nice trip kenwooi. how about the staff customer service there? how many stars do you rates them? and above all how many tourist are there enjoying the trip. glad to receive input from you.

    1. Hi! Yeap, it was a good trip. The customer service was commendable, I’d rate them 4/5. But frankly, I didn’t interact much with the staffs there. :)

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