Those Were The Days in Leeds

Those Were The Days in Leeds

Every now and then, I reminisce about the place I stayed the longest during my recent trip to Europe.

leeds train station

It was Leeds and yes, I miss the times I was there.

Although it’s not as mighty as London, Paris and Dublin, it gave me a sense of belonging. Being there makes me feel like home – even though it was just roughly a month.

leeds hyde park

Why Leeds for such a long time? Well, it’s because I stayed with my friends who were in their final year in Leeds University. By now, everyone has graduated.

When I was there, walking to and fro the city center is quite a normal daily routine.

leeds city

During Winter, the sun rarely appear. But when it does, I’ll cherish the warm sun – unlike here in Malaysia, we curse it.

Anyway, to shop for clothing, we head to Primark.

leeds primark

The only thing I bought from there is a Winter jacket, nothing else.

leeds primark shirts

Buying cloths over here in UK will definitely burn a deep hole in my pocket. I had to stick to my budget limit, unfortunately.

To buy groceries and household items, we shop at the Morrisons.

leeds morrisons

One of our favourite dining places is The Library.

leeds the library pub

Yeap it’s called “The Library” – but no one studies here! People fill up their tummy instead.

leeds the library pub fish and chips

My favourite meal is definitely Fish and Chips, costing about ₤3 (RM15). It’s probably everyone’s favourite around here – wherever you go, confirm Fish and Chips is available.

Anyway, the day gets completely dark at 4pm everyday in UK – it happens during Winter.

leeds city night

One of the most remembered night was the outing to the German Christmas Night Market.

There, I dressed up like a Teletubby.

leeds german night market

Cute or not?

Actually I’m not as fat as the photo okay – it’s because of the 3 inner layers of cloths and a thick Winter jacket!

german sausage hotdog

Also, I got to taste probably the best German Sausage hotdog, topped with chili sauce and mayonnaise! Yummy!

On any other nights, my friends and I usually head home early.

leeds hostel road

Staying out during the night is a bad idea because it’d be super freezing cold out there! Imagine less than 0° Celsius!

playing with snow

This photo was taken right outside the house. It was a quick photo session – I looked fine right, but actually I was very cold!

And this is what we see every morning when we come out.

leeds snow during winter

Snow, glorious snow! Lovely isn’t it?

One thing I miss about being there is having milkshake! There’s an outlet called “Shaky Jakes”.

leeds shaky jakes chocolates

Just look at the stash of chocolates they have! There’s a huge variety of choices and you can pick any flavour.

leeds shaky jakes milkshake

On my first try, I loved it. Loved it so much until I thought of starting a milkshake business in Malaysia!

And when I’m back in Malaysia, I tried making my own milkshake several times but all attempts failed! My dream of owning a milkshake biz has melted ever since.

leeds river

Anyway, dining out is definitely an expensive thing to do while being in UK. Just image the amount spent when converted back to Malaysian Ringgit.

home cook rice

One of the ways to save is to cook at home.

The thing I realized is that my friends don’t only get a Degree in their respective courses in UK – they’re also getting a “Degree in Cooking” as well!

Don’t play play. Just look at the delicious home-cook food they (I also got help okay) prepared.

home cook food

Can open a restaurant already hor?

But if that’s not enough, or getting hungry during midnight…

indomie indo mee

My friends and I can always satisfy our “mamak” needs by having a plate of Indo Mee with fried egg and a cup of Milo! Delicious right?

Anyway, like I said, all my friends in Leeds have graduated by now – everyone has left Leeds for good.

It was a great stay and I would like to thank them for their hospitality and providing me a free place to stay!

leeds students friends

Thanks everyone!

Know what, one day I’m gonna visit Leeds again!

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  1. everytime you convert duit when buying something in Europe, memang rasa nak nangis :p
    my big sis blajar medic in Leeds years ago :) but I havent been there yet

  2. i remember their fish and chip very huge portion so i bought it for dinner and kept it for breakfast oso..budget travel oso maaa hahahaa

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