That Kenwooi on YouTube

That Kenwooi on YouTube

Is not me!

pug with tissue

I have a few people actually asking me whether that’s my YouTube account or not. Huh?

Absolutely not – I don’t even own a pug.

pug face

The funny thing about that Kenwooi on YouTube is that he calls himself “Fishman” but every single video he uploads is about his dog.

kenwooi on youtube

Should call himself “Pugman” right?

Anyway, in most of his videos, he shares on different ways to play with a pug. For example, massaging or tickling it with your feet. Hmm…

pug massage

In fact, I don’t even own a YouTube account – well, that’s until just now lah. Because NOW – I have my own YouTube account.

You know, I kinda love dogs as well. And I wanna introduce my dogs to you.

This is my female Boxer dog.

brown boxer dog

She is very obedient and innocent.

This is my male Miniature Pinscher dog.

brown miniature pinscher

He is very cunning and naughty.

Alright, that’s it with the doggy introductions. Now, I’m gonna show you… MY DOGS IN ACTION!

Now THE Kenwooi you know is on YouTube!


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