Getaway to Langkawi Island

Getaway to Langkawi Island

As one of the top attractions, Langkawi Island is definitely on my must-visit place in Malaysia.

love langkawi

So do I love Langkawi? Well, to be honest – not really.

Anyway, if you’ve been following me on Twitter, you would definitely know I was there just recently. Thanks to my friends for organizing it. I kinda tagged along.

airasia boarding pass

And it was my first time on an AirAsia flight! The experience – what you pay is what you get lah.

langkawi car rental

Upon reaching Langkawi International Airport, you’ll be greeted with lots of car rental counters. The advice I got is not to accept the first few offers – you gotta keep bargaining and skip counters.

langkawi map brochures

Then, visitors will be given a stack of brochures and maps, for free.

langkawi van rental

Anyway, one of the guys got this 11-seater van at RM250 for 3 days. With 10 of us on board, every one pays RM25 – that’s not including petrol though.

langkawi oriental village

One of the places we visited is the Oriental Village. It’s the home to the Langkawi Cable Car, probably the best attraction in Langkawi and I told myself I must go there!

You’ll need to walk through the “village” in order to get to the cable car station.

langkawi oriental village view

To be honest, there’s nothing so “oriental” about Oriental Village. More of a tiny town with modern buildings.

langkawi cable car

Unfortunately on that day, the cable car station was closed due to maintenance. It definitely sucks not to be able to experience that!

Never mind, I’ll visit again one day.

langkawi crocodile farm

Next stop is the Langkawi Crocodile Farm. Based on the Langkawi websites, the must-see during a visit is the crocodile feeding session.

It’s RM10 per entry and fortunately enough, it was feeding time when we just got there.

langkawi crocodile farm inside

And this is how the feeder feeds the huge crocodiles…

langkawi crocodile feeding session

Thoughts ran through our minds wondering whether the hungry crocodiles will eat that dude if he doesn’t give them enough food.

langkawi crocodile feeding

But once the food is finished, the guy blew his whistle and the crocodiles moved away from the guy. It’s like they understood “No more food!”.

Amazing huh? But it’s surely because the crocodiles were brought up with such a method.

langkawi crocodile

Other than that, the Crocodile Farm didn’t generate much interest from us. Walked around and left to another destination.

langkawi pantai cenang

We headed to Pantai Cenang area. It doesn’t have many sightseeing attractions but the Langkawi Underwater World is located there.

It’s where most of the cheaper hotels and motels are located.

langkawi best motel

And every accommodation claiming themselves as the best.

langkawi best star resort

Really best or not, I don’t know because we stayed at Berjaya Langkawi Resort, which is located at the very west of the island.

langkawi pantai cenang beach

The Cenang beach, or also known as Pantai Cenang, is worth visiting. There are lots of beach-side restaurants and water-sports operators everywhere.

langkawi parasailing

Over there, parasialing is one the activities available and it was my first time experiencing it! It was super awesome when you get to see stunning aerial view!

Too bad I didn’t bring my camera along when I was up in the sky.

langkawi kuah town

Anyway, another well-known destination is Kuah town. Kuah is more of a commercial center and shopping zone where you can get alcoholic drinks and chocolates with duty tax free.

langkawi carlsberg

A can of Carlsberg beer is just RM1.60 when it’s about RM6.00 at stores near you.

langkawi kuah town alcoholic liqour

And various choices of alcoholic liquors at cheaper prices – cheaper than the price at KLIA I think.

If you’re not a fan of alcoholic beverages, you can always opt for chocolates.

langkawi airport chocolate

And since it’s usually hot in Langkawi, it’s better to keep your chocs cool or else it will melt.

langkawi dataran helang

The most famous landmark at Kuah is undoubtedly the eagle statue at the Eagle Square, or locally known as Dataran Helang.

langkawi sea

Nothing much to do there – just look at boats, admire the sea surrounding the statue and take photos.

langkawi eagle statue

Stare and be amazed by the huge eagle statue, which is a symbol of Langkawi.

And it makes you wanna fly…

langkawi eagle flying

Look, I’m flying! Woohoo!

Anyway, more Langkawi updates to come! Stay tuned! =)

48 thoughts on “Getaway to Langkawi Island

  1. lol ken, last picture you look so cute… haha

    I’ve been to langkawi too much, but truth been told, I’ve never been to the crocodile park – never been interested.

    Next time in Langkawi, I seriously suggest you take the cable car. And don’t forget your camera! Oh, and take the boat cruise to Dayang Bunting, and other Islands. It would be worth your $$$

    1. Me, too. Last visit was in Dec, 2007. Miss the duty-free booze, chocolates, cheap cashew nuts and of course, the gorgeous scenery. Nice food, too.

  2. Oh yeah, your posts on Langkawi might make my decision-making more easier Ken. I’m gonna be in Penang sometimes soon and I’m still considering if it’s worth to take a little bit of detour to Langkawi. Looking forward to your next updates. Thanks. :-)

  3. Langkawi changed so much from the last time i went. Cheap la the van rental RM250 for 3 days.

    Did you try the Carlsberg there? I have tried before but not nice. Taste flat. Friends said must be fake one or something

  4. Langkawi! Nice place and love the pictures especially the one taken at the beach, very mesmerizing. Ken on holiday already! Keep them coming!

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  6. I was in Langkawi with bunch of my friends last year! Langkawi is really a place to hook out with alcohol and friends! hahaha..Same as you! the Cable Car was under maintanance..only available the next day i visited.

  7. langkawi – eagle statue….
    so if you went to kuching sarawak….don’t forget to take pic with the kitten statue……and act so cute and adorable….hehehe

  8. wah, the crocodiles very obedient one hah, listen to the man very well, i thought when the man whistle to them, they will eat the man as well as there’s not enough food for them.. haha

  9. Your first AirAsia flight? R u kidding me??? Hahahaha… Apparently not everyone has flown, then…

    Parasailing looks awesome man. RM60 doesn’t seem too expensive actually. I think it would cost more if you did it overseas. Glad you had a good trip though =)

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