Beach Activities at Pantai Cenang

Beach Activities at Pantai Cenang

Pantai Cenang is a great beach to visit in Langkawi Island.

langkawi beach

It has beach-side restaurants, spas and water-sports operators everywhere so you don’t have to walk far to get anything.

pantai cenang langkawi

Honestly, Cenang Beach wasn’t in our initial itinerary but I’m glad we visited the place.

beach sand

The beach is clean and the sand is soft and smooth.

Anyway, a visit to a beach isn’t complete when you just play at the seaside, build sand castles and stare across the deep blue sea.

parasailing takeoff

There are more excitement offered there. For example, parasailing!


Here, I did parasailing for the first time and one word to describe the experience is – Amazing! The price is not amazing though – it costs RM60 per person!

Before getting pulled up to the sky, I was kinda nervous. You know, being up in the air and the only thing that keeps you going is the speed boat.

beach parasailing

But once I’m up, the feeling was just great!

The aerial view of the vicinity was simply fascinating and breathtaking! Unfortunately I didn’t bring along my camera, so no photos to describe how awesome it was.

parasailing langkawi

Almost everyone in my group went for parasailing and although it’s kinda pricey, we enjoyed the ride. Perhaps we should have bargained in the beginning. Oh well…

beach banana boat

Besides that, the banana boat is another fun activity at the beach. It costs RM15 per person.

Considered cheap but I don’t really like getting wet. But my friends, on the other hand, like getting wet.

beach people

Other than that, jet ski rides are available but none of use took that because it’s really costly.

Apparently, Pantai Cenang is a place for the volleyball lovers, but on the day I was there – I don’t see any.

frisbee at beach

To kill time, some went for a stroll along the beach, some played Frisbee and I took photos.

Oh yeah, if you’re expecting pictures of sexy girls in bikinis – I’m sorry, I didn’t spot any bikini girls there.

pantai cenang beach sunset

Wait a minute, I think some of you guys are pretty disappointed with not being able to see any bikini girls here huh?

Okay lah, fine.

I’m adding a sexy bikini girl picture just for the sake of you – readers. Enjoy it!

sexy red bikini girl

Satisfied now? Okay, back to the topic.

There’s a very special atmosphere here at sunset. People playing in the seaside and strolling everywhere, especially the lovers.

langkawi beach sunset

Even though it’s almost dark, some parasailing operators are still doing business. Bet the aerial view is much more amazing because it’s sunset!

beach sunset at langkawi

And as the sun disappears from the view, you can marvel at the sunset with beautiful red and orange coloured clouds.

beautiful beach sunset

Beautiful right? You can get this at Pantai Cenang!

Anyway, do you know how much the operator charged us for 9 parasailing and 6 banana boat rides?

beach sports operator

A whopping RM630! So imagine how much they earn every single day, considering there are lots of visitors each day.

I can’t guess the exact amount but I’m certainly sure they make big bucks!

Maybe I will consider moving to Langkawi and start a water-sports business at some beach as well. And if I do…

beach dude

Don’t forget to visit me in Langkawi alright!

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  1. I did parasailing before too, in Penang Batu Ferringhi. After much negotiation, we got the price down from RM70 to RM50. And it was a 2km ride apparently, with the guy letting us dip the water in the middle of the sea. It was really fun!

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