Penang Toy Museum

Penang Toy Museum

Located on the Penang Island, the Toy Museum is definitely one of the attractions available. I’ve always wanted to visit this museum ever since I heard about it.

penang toy museum

An entrance costs Malaysian citizens RM10 while it’s sightly higher for foreign visitors. I wonder why. Hmm…

Anyway, I personally think this museum is boring and I hope this entry won’t bore you. I just wanna share some insights about this museum.

penang toy museum exhibition

The museum has a few categories, but they are not divided into different sections. In fact, all the toys are displayed in one big hall.

Once you enter the museum, you’ll feel that it’s like a maze. The routes are quite messy.

batman figurine

As expected, you get to see cool superhero figurines.

ironman and superman

My favourite Iron Man, with Superman. I don’t understand why they put Mickey Mouse in the same exhibition compartment. So not cool.

Besides that, they have Barbie dolls as well.

barbie dolls

My beautiful girlfriend, in the middle, with her hot girl friends!

godzilla toy

Mini Godzilla. Rawr!

darth vader toy

For the Star Wars fans, this is Darth Vader unmasked.

Seeing him reminds me of this…

darth vader condom

It’s a Darth Vader condom. It means “I will NOT be your father!” in French.

Next, some cool Ultramans!

ultraman toy

I used to love watching them when I was a little kid.

lara croft and stitch

This is Lara and Stitch. Yes, Lara Croft is so much hotter – move aside Lilo.

Besides all that I’ve shown here, there are actually plenty of other toys on display. It’s said that the museum houses over 100,000 toys, dolls and others fun collectibles.

Anyway, regarding the place – it’s quite obvious that the museum is quite badly maintained.

bad maintenance

Especially the footpaths inside the museum. Some places are squeaky, some are bouncy and the protruding edges of the glassed tiles are pretty dangerous.

All they do is just stick yellow tapes as a caution sign. Some improvements should be done right?

And by the way, there’s also the Chamber of Horror.

penang toy museum horror

Frankly, it’s neither horrifying nor scary. But if Chucky and his friends are “alive”, then I’ll sure run away lah!

Alright, overall – the place is not bad. If you’ve never been there, visit it. But one visit is sufficient, really.

Oh yeah, I would like to mention the section I like the most – the Japanese Anime Dolls section. Just look at the cool collection of anime dolls.

sexy anime toy

I like the bow and arrows. And her white hair is cute. So kawaii!

sexy anime figurine

This one, her hair style very nice hor? Cute face too!

sexy boobs

This girl’s hair is so brown, also very nice!

Tell me, don’t you just adore their cool hair styles? I do! ;)

63 thoughts on “Penang Toy Museum

  1. many things to say..

    1. i like the caption on the condom cover.

    2. can only see the toys??cannot play with it??no fun are supposed to be loved and played with.

    3. i dont think you like the japanese anime figurines because of the nice hair ho??:p its because it has such huge and looks like real silicones boobs..:pconfess la…ehehehe

    4. honestly speaking..everything in msia is like that..meaning..very bad maintenance..we have the idea..but not really good in maintaining what we already have and instead,focus on other projects yang tah pape pulak. i’ll post an entry on something that shud have been well maintained cause it attracts tourists but is not just poorly maintained but they do not maintain at all. sigh..:[

  2. i went there b4 too…
    i ord knew or can guess it u sure love those manga or comic girls with BIG boobs. hahaha..
    i know u, bro! hahahahha….
    happy day, peace.

  3. So early in the post tell us it’s boring?! How to keep on reading like this? But I did!! What’s wrong with me?!!

    Haha! I like that Darth Vader condom. Cute!

    Aiyo! So badly maintained the place!! Malaysia Boleh!

    Eh, the last few pics, you are focusing on their hair or their boobs? : D

  4. The place is so poorly maintained! Luckily I didn’t go visit.. but I’m not a fan of toys anyway. And I’m sure you’re focusing on something else and NOT the hair in the last few pics! LOL!

  5. Its one of my fav place in msia. But do u know not many people know bout this, even local malaysians. Considering the fact that its the biggest toy museum/collection i n the world. I think the place is badly ,maintained becoz of financial problem.

    That place needs more promotion. And new layout.

  6. looks like a cramp place… may be not enough budget for a bigger site… not even able to properly maintain it… what a waste if no action is taken to make it good again…

  7. wow never heard this place before. thanx for sharing.hope one day will get there

    chucky n frens are ver scary…memang kalau hidup semua lari maaa..:))

  8. went to penang quite some times
    heard of this toy museum but never wanted to visit there, such a waste of money.
    heard my friends said those toys are not good quality and they rather go visit those toy shops at times square there.

    p/s hellraiser is so cool~

  9. nyeh…the warehouse sure are badly maintained but if dey put an effort to built a background to the toy story it’ll come much more lively rather den display dem lyk dat. i think dey dun have more space dats y dey put mickey mouse wif superman and iron man :) hehehe

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