What Women Want from Men: The 5 As

What Women Want from Men: The 5 As

Move aside 5 Cs, which consist of Car, Condominium, Credit Card, Cash and Career.

Also, move away 5 Bs, which consist of BMW, Bungalow, Billionaire, Bank, Boss, Body, Brain or Bastard.

Your time is up because right now, kenwooi.com is out with the new, more realistic and less materialistic 5 As!

1) Apartment.

Frankly, condominiums and bungalows can be really costly and not every guy can afford that. But an apartment is quite affordable.

malaysia apartments

As long as can stay in, cozy and comfy, it’s fine right?

2) Appetite.

A well-known fact – ladies like to eat, and then complain they’re fat even though it’s just 50kg.

malacca melaka nyonya food

Anyway, the point it – it’s an attractive feature when a guy loves to go on eating sessions. Food do bring people together, so feed her well.

But if she complains fat later on, both can exercise together.

3) Ambitious.

Wanting a guy to have a successful career, be a billionaire and own a bank is… err… kinda acceptable. But usually those super successful guys are in their 40s and 50s. If you’re a young lady, I’m quite sure you’re looking for younger men right?

Unless you don’t mind lah.

ambition thoughts

Therefore, guys with focused and determined ambitions are one level higher than the rest.

4) Adventurous.

Girls prefer their guy to be outgoing and adventurous. Guys who stays at home ALL the time being a coach potato will never generate interest from the female species.

genting roller coaster corkscrew

Go on road trips, holidays or vacations – and your girl will be contented.

5) Awesome.

When a guy is awesome, he’ll acquire great admiration from the ladies.

taylor lautner in suit

Taylor Lautner is a perfect example but unfortunately you can’t have him.

But being awesome doesn’t necessary mean being cool and macho. A nerd can be awesome as well!

nerdy boy in nerd glasses

Awesome or not? No?

Okay not awesome, but a geek is awesome also what…

fat computer geek

Ladies, presenting Mr. Computer Geek. This dude will solve your every computer problems! How awesome is that?

No? Or this type of geek…

geek calender fabio de bernardi

No also?

You know what, no matter if it’s ABC, XYZ or any other alphabets – it’s not easy to understand what women want after all…

59 thoughts on “What Women Want from Men: The 5 As

  1. hahah…u’re rite ken…
    and I got to say i totally agree on the “Food do bring people together,…” part…
    not to forget the “But if she complains fat later on, both can exercise together.” part…
    thumbs up for this post!!!

  2. hahaha nice one! those 5As are what we should stick to. since we were small we were told to get 5As for UPSR, why changed to 5Bs or 5Cs when we became adults? =P

  3. haha very interesting post..
    havent heard about the ABC’s of what women want till now..
    btw some of the 5 A’s are true fr only some girls la ;)

  4. Women like men with 5A,B,C’s….. but, when i have have 5 A,B,C’s i wont like my Wont like my women anymore…Guyz, jump out of the pond and into the sea.

  5. haha i agree with ur A’s. definitely more realistic. :D and real lol. i noe a couple of frens who love guys who have a great appetite, is ambitious n adventurous. not bad eh u noe d opposite sex well. lol but then rite…no matter wat characteristics a gurl lists out…most of time, d one she chooses will be….d only exception. ;)

  6. hi kenwooi..haha!!for me,girl 50kg considered HEAVY AR!! hahhaa.. and i wont pick taylor the wolf man..haha,i want edward cullen!! Hehehhehee… == and nowadays woman can’t solely depend on man…haha..for me, i need to earn myself..and beBILLIONAIRE ==AHAHA!!!

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