Things That Are Beautiful To Me

Things That Are Beautiful To Me

In life, we have different perceptions over what is beautiful in the world. Normally, the term “beautiful” is used only for the ladies.

you are beautiful

But to me, “beautiful” can be referred to many more things – and they are…


1) Beautiful scenery.

harewood beautiful view

2) Beautiful flower.

beautiful flower

3) Beautiful insect.

butterfly with flower

Well to be honest, not all insects are beautiful. Some may think cockroaches are beautiful.

madagascar hissing cockroach


4) Beautiful goal.

berbatov goal

Dimitar Berbatov’s beautiful overhead goal against Liverpool!

5) Beautiful music.

music notes

6) Beautiful landmark.

paris eiffel tower

7) Beautiful sky.

cloudy blur sky

8) Beautiful family.

family guy picnic

9) Beautiful girls.

sean kingston

Oh wait, wrong photo! Not the song Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston.

What I mean is this…

beautiful ladies

Oh yeah, sexy and hot! And when it comes to ladies, the next beautiful thing is…

10) Beautiful boobs.

In-conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, would like to urge everyone to admire the beauty of boobs.

pink ribbon marshmallow

Remember to practice breast self-exam regularly and take proper care of them. Take note – without boobs, men will certainly go insane. It’s proven!

Oh yeah, according to ahbing, is the “Ultimate Source for Perfect Boobs™” (WOW!) – but you wonder, where are the boobs?

You want to see pictures of beautiful boobs? Fine, here you go…


naked drawing

My boobs drawing also beautiful what, right? :)

48 thoughts on “Things That Are Beautiful To Me

  1. lol, u draw the boobs?
    oppsss, don’t be naughty,hak3

    btw, good advice to all people especially girls/ladies/women outside there
    don’t forget, man also can suffer with the breast cancer

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