12 Remarks on Malaysia Budget 2011

12 Remarks on Malaysia Budget 2011

Out of the many points highlighted by our Prime Minister during the presentation of Malaysia’s Budget 2011, I have my thoughts on 12 points.

malaysia prime minister najib razak

For the rest, it’s either I’m okay with it, seems reasonable or I simply don’t understand.


1) Greater KL MRT to be implemented from 2011. When completed, public transport utilisation rate is expected to rise to at least 40%.

This sounds like a great improvement but I seriously hope they don’t blindly come up with ideas like special coaches for lesbians and transgenders.

transgender newspaper

Or even buying the usage rights of Hello Kitty images to indicate female coaches.

hello kitty pink train

Hello KTM?

2) A new landmark, Warisan Merdeka, is expected to be completed in 2020. It will include a 100-storey tower, the tallest in Malaysia.

What’s the point of building another skyscraper, when only the Malaysia Book of Records will acknowledge it? The money should be used at other sectors instead of fame.

burj khalifa dubai

Now, what can it do for the country? Oh wait, contracts – which will lead to more income!

3) The Govt proposes that import duty on approximately 300 goods preferred by tourists and locals, at 5% to 30%, be abolished.

The “goods” include daily use products such as shampoos, handbags, hair colouring, powders, lamps, shirts and especially – undergarments, lingerie, nightwear, perfumes.

Oh wait, sexy stuff cheaper price right?

sexy lingerie

Then more Malaysian ladies will have better night outfit. Not a bad thing. ;)

4) The Government proposes that the rate of service tax be increased from 5% to 6%.

Although it’s just a tiny 1% increment, it’s 100% troublesome for us when having meals with a group of friends. This may be petty, but it’ll be harder to calculate and split the bill.

receipt government tax

Why not reduce the 10% Service Charge to 9% to balance it up?

5) The Govt will establish a Talent Corporation under the Prime Minister’s Office in early 2011.

What talent? Malaysia’s Got Talent competition?

6) RM213mil is allocated to reward high-performance schools.

In my humble opinion, the money should be allocated to improvements and upgrading of poor schools.

7) RM213mil is allocated to enhance proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia, strengthen the English Language.

Many would believe that the Education Ministry is gonna spend the money on language courses and campaigns. Well, that’s a good thing.

But – with any campaigns, comes free food. And a whole lot money would be eventually spent on food itself.

language week banner

One of my teachers used to say “Go courses just eat whole day only, learn nothing wan”.

8) The 1Malaysia Training Program will commence in January 2011 with an allocation of RM500mil.

What is 1Malaysia Training Program all about? With RM500mil? Wow that’s seriously a huge sum of money!

What are they gonna train? Learn how to sing 1Malaysia song?

Wait, is this the official 1Malaysia song? Seriously, I don’t even know! Maybe the program will benefit me.


9) To develop football, the Govt will establish a Football Academy in Pahang with RM20mil to produce quality football players.

I personally think this is unnecessary. You can certainly figure out why.

But, I’m actually a footballer too, so can I join in and become a quality football player like Cristiano Ronaldo?

malaysia football team jersey

This upcoming Football Academy will certainly fulfill my footballing dreams! Real Madrid is so gonna buy me then! :)

10) First-time house buyers will be given stamp duty exemption of 50% on instruments of transfer on a house price not exceeding RM350,000.

k buildings

In Kuala Lumpur, where to get houses at RM350,000?

11) RM350mil is allocated to implement various programs to combat crime, including burglary, motorcycle and car thefts.

Okay, reasonable implementations. But what about combating Mat Rempits?

mat rempit stunt

Don’t forget your beloved Pahang state government wastefully grant RM20,000 in cash for the slowest Mat Rempit!

12) 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad) will provide RM20mil to the 1Malaysia Youth Fund. This fund will be utilized to instill the 1Malaysia spirit.

To be frank, I don’t believe that money is the solution in instilling a certain spirit to youths. Money can’t buy that.

But since they insist on doing so, what are they gonna do?

najib razak youths

Yo PM. This would be a great effort!


So, what do you think about the 2011 Malaysian Budget?

60 thoughts on “12 Remarks on Malaysia Budget 2011

  1. lols. u’ve got some points there. but i’d like to put one remark on one thing..

    “The Govt will establish a Talent Corporation under the Prime Minister’s Office in early 2011.”

    maybe talent to become the next PM? lols

  2. I’ll be one of those people hoping that the import tax on #3 be abolished, LOL. In the mean time, I don’t buy anything like that lar :P

    Maybe they SHOULD put the Hello Kitty decals to stop men (perv or otherwise) from getting on the women-only coaches. Just saying.

  3. hahaha.. good review from kenwooi himself.. the next prime disaster of malaysia.. kekeke..

    i didn’t understand most of it (budget 2011).. oh well.. as long as it doesn’t mess up with my life.. that’s enuf 4 me..

  4. ‘One of my teachers used to say “Go courses just eat whole day only, learn nothing wan”…’ VERY TRUE! CHOGM – cheap holiday on government’s money.

  5. people said this is the people’s budget..but for me..hell no…if it is..there should be bonuses, increments of salary, cheaper food prices such as rice, sugar..fundamental needs to survive lorr!!!this budget is mainly targeting to get back money from the people to fund gov’s project… but on the other sides..maybe its a good investment for the Malaysian future right?

  6. Malaysia’s Got Talent competition. Maybe they are planning to do “Malaysian Minister Idol” kot? Those not popular will be eliminated.

    On the serious side. 100% loan for house costing RM350K and below? Very dangerous. If a house buyer does not even have money for the downpayment (10%), how to expect him to meet the loan repayment. You just check with banks. The risk of loan default for low income group that take 100 or 110% loan is very high as compared to those who takes 90% loan.

    Non-performing Loan(NPL) rates would increase. Then when economy drop again BNM gonna reclassify loan to turn NPL from 6mths to 3mths. More bankruptcy cases.

  7. i cant say im not happy with the budget since i was kinda shouting yayyy for the no tax for designers bag etc. and mobile phones :P

    and cuti bersalin 90days! i am soooo wanna keje gov after this. hahaha

  8. Talent corporation? What a joke, a company can’t do everything to bring our M’sians abroad back! If the respect to these professionals can’t be done, I’d think twice about coming back.

  9. kah kah kah i like the last pic.. our PM can rap yoo..

    i can say that this budget is not really good.. why not we focus on education. maybe student at university don’t have to pay for yuran..adoii gov has lot lot lot of money.. where was it gone?

  10. both 100-storey building and KL MRT arent practical after all, they may as well allocate less money on everything and of course to reduce the tax charged on us, poor citizens!

  11. Ken, this one –>> What’s the point of building another skyscraper, when only the Malaysia Book of Records will acknowledge it? <<— I AM TOTALLY AGREE with u. What's the point, kan? waste of money je

  12. Talking about the female KTM coaches.. I took it once.. and it was HELL!… when it’s just ladies, they just squeeze and push.. I think having guys in the train will at least prevent ladies from being sooooooo ROUGH!.. I’m SHOCKED!

    1. Well at least it proves ladies in KL can very much handle themselves well.

      The crowd can’t really be help, but at least it is pushing among woman.

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