Badly Organized Contest by AirAsia

Badly Organized Contest by AirAsia

No funny stuff this time. Instead, it’s a personal rant regarding a recent contest organized by AirAsia on Twitter.

airasia plane

In August 2010, AirAsia organized a contest called “AirAsia Rocks Hadyai” and the requirement to win is…

airasia contest

Just tweet why you want a free flight to Hat Yai, together the following keywords. As easy as that.

And the prize for 50 winners…

airasia prize

Actually it’s not entirely free, winners and their guests will still need to pay for other taxes and fees.

But it’s so professionally written. Should have just written it like this…

airasia tax

More understandable right?

Anyway, I decided to try my tiny luck and just tweeted once.

airasia tweet

And as promised, the winners list was announced on September 3.

airasia twitter

The amusing thing about this announcement is that it was tweeted just ONCE. Since I didn’t receive any Direct Message (DM) from them on Twitter, I assume they didn’t DM the 50 winners as well.

As we all know, if you’re not viewing your Twitter timeline when it was announced – you’ll definitely miss it right?

Without proper information (Direct Message in this case) to the winners, I guess AirAsia was hoping that some winners missed the tweet and totally forgot about it? Then they don’t have to give out all 50 x 2 free return flights. Smart move.

airasia winners

Fortunately for me, I was on Twitter, checked the link and saw my name!

airasia winner

I felt so excited because never in my life I’d expect winning a flight. And I’m finally able to fulfill my wishes of visiting Hat Yai as well!

airasia email 1

So on September 4, I sent the required email to them, stating the necessary details of my guest and I.

airasia email 2

4 days later, on September 8, they replied with an email asking for more details and most importantly, the preferred travel dates.

airasia email 3

Okay, I replied on September 10 and picked the last 3 days of the month (September), which is virtually the last dates to travel/redeem the prize.

But after that, there wasn’t any response from them anymore. So on September 20, I emailed them again.

airasia email 4

Still no reply. How come? If the travel dates are not available, at least have the courtesy to inform me right?

Then I went on AirAsia’s Facebook page and commented on the contest thread, hoping for a confirmation.

airasia facebook

One of the other winners replied me. No response from AirAsia Facebook team at all.

Then September went by without any news and confirmation from AirAsia. So I gave up and decided to forget about it.

But just recently, in October 2010, I got another email.

airasia email 5


This is absurd. They didn’t even confirm anything, no proper response, left me hanging without knowing whether I’m getting to fly or not and now asking me about a trip that didn’t even happen?

Thai massage, shopping spree and mouth delicious Southern Thai cuisine? Hell no!

And so I replied…

airasia email 6

Then, Mr Low replied…

airasia email 7

Yes, I also have no idea what happened and I understand that there’s nothing else I can do, except to blog about it.

Anyway, I know the prize is not THAT expensive coz it only costs about RM200 (2 return flights). Some of you might even think I should just forget about it.

But hey, it’s a contest organized by AirAsia – known as the world’s best low-cost airline in 2009 and 2010! How can they grant someone a prize and do nothing about it?

airasia now everyone can fly

AirAsia, why organize such contest when your team can’t handle it properly and fulfill the winners’ prize? Where is your credibility?

Yes, everyone can fly – but not always right?

84 thoughts on “Badly Organized Contest by AirAsia

  1. euww..that is soo evil of them and very unprofessional… by overlooking it as the said person who was supposed to be in charge has resign is NOT an acceptable excuse. They should at least give you refund or something. Moral of the not trust airasia as they always have something hidden undr their sleeves. thanx for sharing the info!;) and so sorry for you not having ur tickets.

  2. I thought they got angry because you asked about hotel arrangement when it was obviously a free-flight contest. Apparently it was a managemnet problem then. Walaweii. Shits happen.

  3. this is shit, just apologize and hoping that you’ll understand? Highly unprofessional management, you should sue them until they give you a free trip or something. haha!

  4. Malaysia boleh true and true. Same ol’ excuse – I just took over, someone else was handling this… I’m sure if it involves them getting a million ringgit, never mind who’s handling it…they would get it done properly.

    I never bother joining these contests. All a gimmick to promote their business, never mind the fact that there are people winning – good luck to them. If I want something, I’d work hard…and pay for it myself.

  5. i keep on saying ‘sial…sial’as i read thru. true its famous for low-cost airline but d service mostly are super bad. dey shud give u another alternative ticket flight dat almost d same as Hadyai but no. very disappointed. shud hv to confirmed it from d Airasia counter if i were u :) but hepi dat u post ds. 8lis ppl reli aware of Airasia contest nxt tym. huhu

  6. omg i feel super angry for you! you should keep pestering them until you get what you deserve! after all if there’s no prize for a winner of the competition, what is the competition for? it’s just absurd.

  7. That totally sucks! there shouldn’t be excuses such as “another person taking care of it” I mean, come on, they are a freaking big company! they should at least have a back up person to also take a look of the competition. And even if they don’t, they need to compensate the winners. I bet Ananda Krishnan would be highly upset if he found out about this.

  8. Erm…I really hope they compensate you. I mean, I know you wouldn’t mind but you deserve it.
    I work in a line where we have promotions/contest every month and just a little tip, you can actually take this to the consumer right.
    But I think you wouldn’t do such thing but still, I hope AirAsia will rectify this.

  9. Shold lodge a complaint against AirAsia for this unprofessional treatment of contest and winners. Perhaps you should consider bringing the case to consumer tribunal if things aren’t resolved?

  10. WTH with “i have no idea what happened to you”
    oh, come on, be professional.
    you should at least do something before you replied.

    i’m sorry for you, ken.
    i think you really should bring this up to the tribunal.

  11. i can feel like they are come they can do like that..poor the winners have to wait and so excited about their prize..anyway,Air Asia – KNS =.=

  12. If I were them,it’s easy to handle this problem. Just at least, give away free tickets as compensation to u,right? It’s not going to cost much. Credibility is more valuable. Somebody is not using common sense up in the air asia office.

  13. hahaha XD so it’s a contest you need to pay except for the return hehehe…

    anyway congrats on winning even thought they didn’t treat you well

  14. I’ve heard my sister complained to me abt the bad services she had in airasia, but i didn’t expect it to turn out that lousy. Well, send this article to newspapaer, i think most ppl feel the same as u do.
    Lousy Air Asia!!!

  15. that person who handled it previously must make sure that everything was fine regarding the contest before he left the company.

  16. That is not an excuse. His colleague resigned it’s their company’s problem. Not yours and should not have left you hanging there. They should have had proper hand over when someone resign.

    Same goes to my apartment’s Management. The lift kaput-ed. Then said nobody can sign approval to fix it. Kick me here and ther like a ball.I got mad and bombard their FB with request to fix the lift in all their new project launching advertisement. Needless to saythe lift was fixed soon after that. *evil grinz*

  17. KEN!
    The colleague went to Hadyai using ur tickets and never came back (the unforeseen circumstances). WTF!!!

    Somemore the so called manager have the guts to email. No COMPENSATION? or even an APOLOGY? I think the Mr Low should call immediately upon sensing something amiss. Instead he chose to type these words ” I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU. HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND” Now, who is the victim? You or him?

  18. or rather “Now everyone can lie” – that’s really unprofessional of them. Knowing it was an error on their part and not yours they should make it up to you, not just sorry too bad – what the! Twitter Tony, send him this Blog link, who knows if lucky, Tony himself follow you to Hadyai and give you thai massage…haha

  19. Oh man, this is bullshit! AirAsia still owe me money. I called the call centre so many times but none of them able to attend to my inquiry. I was so upset and emailed the team and flamed them gao-gao until one of their supervisor or whatsoever attended to me and promised to refund my money back. Umm it’s been 3 months and I receive no money from them AT ALL. Ken, I admire you for being polite to them because I can’t even stand for any second because of their stupidity.

  20. AirAsia is VERY STINGY when sponsoring or giving prizes. I got similar dilemma earlier this year. I won a blog writing competition sponsored by AirAsia. I was supposed to be given multiple pairs of return tickets. But I decided to turned them down after reading their ‘fine print’ – ALL THE HIDDEN Ts & Cs.

    Shame on you AirAsia!

  21. my friend just lost her netbook and she complained even getting a piece of shitty report form is damn hard plus the staffs attitude are shitty as well. in the end she got nothing back, not even a single cent on her lost.

    air asia fucking sucks so much.

  22. Yes, I had the same as well from AirAsia! They wrote me a mail confirming a credit shell refund to me, but after I provide them the necessary details, no news at all! Tried contacting them several times, and all I’ve got were:
    “We are sorry for the delay, we will look upon your request and get back to you A.s.a.p.”.

    As expected, they never get back to me until today. It has been months. I gave up!


  23. I think AirAsia seriously need to be very strict in selecting/hiring their workers for each of the departments. These people really don’t have responsibility at all…*hopeless*

  24. i think if one never experience sh** then one will not know…..its times when we have bad experience then we only realize the situation……..bad to to hear from u was they any follow up after that or they considered case close?

    im sure if u tweet/mail mr tony nice he would look into this matter….just my 2cents ;)

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