Looking for Noob Bloggers

Looking for Noob Bloggers

Quite recently I bumped into an advertisement.

It’s a CIMB advertisement to be exact and they’re looking for people to fill up a job position.

cimb facebook advert

To summarize, they’re looking for a Facebook addict to manage their Facebook account. Pretty amusing huh?

Frankly, I’d totally want that job. It sounds so cool that you play Facebook for work!

As a result, it got me thinking – can kenwooi.com do something like that as well? You know, getting people to write blog entries for the blog.

kenwooi blogging advert

So, anyone interested?

It would certainly lighten my burden of brainstorming for noob stuffs to write about – I think I need a break! If anyone is interested, contact me!

And when I manage to ‘hire’ that blogger, I can finally spend time playing with my toys – Star Wars: Darth Vader VS Evil Deer!

darth vader toy


On second thought, only the CIMB advertisement is true. Give it a try if you’re interested.

So yeah, this is just a filler entry. Stay tuned alright. =)

38 thoughts on “Looking for Noob Bloggers

  1. Sometimes, we could just found the preceding job in Asianpartime.com. What we need to do is writing the post for the employer and it’s about Rm8 per post which contains 200 to 300 words.

  2. Daymm.. LOL!! haha..

    CIMB want to expand their market using FB? Hmmm…

    but if Kenwooi want to that, then it’ll become a front page story.. :P

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