Polis Diraja Malaysia on Pathetic Facebook

Polis Diraja Malaysia on Pathetic Facebook

Quite recently, the Royal Malaysia Force (PDRM) has launched a new media center and a new page on Facebook.

According to the Star Online, the media center – equipped with high-speed broadband computers for quick access to the Internet and response to queries – costs RM200,000.

pdrm media center

But… how come so expensive?

Let’s do some calculation here. Let’s say the best Internet broadband costs about RM200. I’m sure they didn’t build a new building, and Facebook is totally free!

Assuming they have 20 laptops (which is more than enough) and each costs RM3,000 each. It’ll just cost RM60,000.

Now how come it costs a whopping RM200,000? Hmm…

alienware laptop

Don’t tell me they bought Alienware laptops just to play Facebook okay? That would be absurd!

Anyway, with people so addicted with Facebook and doing funny things on it, no wonder PDRM disabled the content-posting permission from people who “Like” their page.

Or else, I think something like this would happen on their Wall…

police report

Translation: PDRM! Got people steal my bra! BASTARD! Catch themmm!

Crime reports done on Facebook instead of dialing 999. Amusing huh?

Or this…

police coffee

Translation: Yo PDRM! Wanna drink coffee?

We Malaysians totally know what it means right? ;)

Besides that, “fans” would even upload photos related to PDRM as well – if the permission is allowed. For example…

police car

PDRM’s police car in action!

Despite all that, having PDRM on Facebook is definitely a good thing as it’s capable of reaching out to the ever-increasing Internet users, particularly on Facebook.

missing people

On their page, they even announce people that are reported missing – hoping that they can be found.

But as pathetic as Facebook users can be, this is how some people respond…

missing people like

People go missing also you “Like”!? Maybe the kidnappers are the ones who “Like” the album?

And this one, I don’t mean disrespect, but…

hantu hilang

With that ghostly photo, how are we suppose to recognize her? They should at least have the initiative to put up a better photo right? =/

All in all, being on Facebook does being certain benefits to the police force, but I believe that Facebook is always dedicated for silly stuff.

44 thoughts on “Polis Diraja Malaysia on Pathetic Facebook

  1. I know this post was meant as a joke but RM200,000 is pretty normal for broadband in companies.

    Its not a fair comparison to say that broadband is RM200. That is broadband from third party companies like TM. If you’re running internet in a company where information is extremely confidential, like the police, then you need to set up your own server. Which means yes, they have to build a new building. Or at least a large room for their servers. And wiring would be quite expensive as well as high speed broadband uses fibre optics.

    So yes, RM200,000 isn’t that great.

  2. 200,000 is still expensive even if they build a new network for this. I guess they never compare the quotations. They should have do tendering.. Hmmm..
    With 200,000 they can have full spec highend network which is comparable to hotel guest network d.

  3. I saw one notice by PDRM:
    – Saksi dikehendaki for murder.
    they put the face up there. with ic and address.

    NOT logic rite because later the murderer go kill the saksi how?

  4. not sure whether it is a good idea to go one FB for PDRM.

    coz the things r official, serious matters.. FB is more like an informal social networking website. hmm..

    though ur post is amusing.. erm.. hmm , the person is missing.. leh.. u label as ‘erm’.. like not appropriate ba?! no offence.. nice post though ken..

  5. LOL! Didn’t know PDRM has a facebook now. YEah, although facebook MEANT to be an informal social networking at first but it has now been largely used by many gov departments.

  6. Wonder will the polis be busy facebooking everyday from 8-4pm stuck or rather addicted to the games etc instead of doing what they are supposed to do??? Yet to be faced..haha

  7. Haha.. expensive? don’t know about that.. maybe it’s not just the laptop..

    i thought so (comment disabled).. some people are “less intelligence” will post something that is very unrelated or stupid (pardon me for being a lil’ bit rude – like in your pic) to the group a.k.a facebook wall “contamination”

    and WTH is wrong with these ppl.. i saw some posts about dead people and they LIKED it??? LIKED it?? LOL!! Do you “LIKE” news about dead people?

  8. bwahahahaha can’t stop laughing. but really, they should have enabled wall posting, it would be very “convenient” for fb users to “communicate” with them. and I wonder how they gonna confront problems regarding trolls. what? trust me, trolls will always be around, even in a freakin dang cop page, just wait and see. he he =_O

  9. I take it positive.

    PDRM should have tools or medium for people to get the info but we can suggest to them what ever we thinks better than what they are having now.

    Look stupid on Facebook but careful they are watching us. Our IP and Our BB Emei No. and Computer SN and Emei they can detect anytime.

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