Photo Journey with My DSLR

Photo Journey with My DSLR

Ever since I got my DSLR over a year ago, I’ve been enjoying taking photos. Occasionally, not always.

canon eos 1000d

Well, if you’re wondering what camera it is – I own a Canon EOS 1000D.

paris la seine river

To be honest, after experiencing photo-shooting with the DSLR, I realize that the quality of the photos is so much better compared to a compact camera.

crystal ball fancy decoration

Since the EOS 1000D is one of the cheapest by Canon, I believe many perceive that it wouldn’t take photos as good as the other better, more expensive DSLRs.

However, it doesn’t disappoint me at all. In fact, I always believe that photographers are the ones that make photos, not cameras.

harewood house leeds

Even though I had my fair share of bad photos, it’s capable of capturing amazing moments as well. There’s always 2 sides to everything right?

dried leaves

The first photography adventure I experienced was during my first trip to Europe, and many more when I’m in Malaysia too.

eiffel tower paris

With so many interesting views and scenery around, my camera is always right beside me.

And because of the piling collection of photos, I’ve always have the urge to start a photo blog and share some nice photos with everyone.

maple leaf

And it has finally come true!

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to official announce that I have a new photo blog!

kenwooi photo blog

I’ll be adding photos from time to time. Take note that the photos are not edited and enhanced – only watermark is added.

Alright, feel free to check it out ya. Stay tuned!

53 thoughts on “Photo Journey with My DSLR

  1. wow, very nice pics you’ve got there Ken. Yupp, I think it’s a good idea to have a photo blog. Photos are meant to be shared. Errr, unless may be those that bare too much of your flesh lehh. Keep ’em no thanks. LOL

  2. Congrats for having a photoblog! I <3 photography too but don't plan on doing one photoblog yet. Need to improve improve first baru can do one hehe. Nice pics yo! Cheerios~

  3. congrats on the new blog..
    and wow…for the awesomely snapped photos..
    and i agree on the fact thatphotographers are the ones who makes the photo and not the camera…

  4. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    I own a DSLR too. Bought before I went to a photography course. There, I learned how to take great pictures, no matter how great or how compact the camera is. The most important is that u know what you are doing. ^_^

    I can say that most DSLR users do not know how to utilize the camera they have fully. Worse, some don’t even bother to learn how to use it, and prefers the auto function.

    Besides, most of the time I just use my Sony Ericcsson Cybershot series (3.2 mega pixel camera phone) to take pictures. And they turn out great too! Even better that I can use it anytime I want. (Couldnt bring the DSLR everywhere everytime, right?)

    Keep on learning the technique!!!

  5. wow. paris my dream place for vacation!!!! I hope to go there with my love one as my honeymoon trip==!!! Hahahaha…Jealous you le already been there ..hahaha..

  6. very nice, my partner got a SONY DSLR and I kinda dumb because every time he starts teaching me about the functions and angles i kinda blur away. . . hahaha, good to see all the pics taken, keep them coming ya. . .

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