1Malaysia Warisan Merdeka Tower

1Malaysia Warisan Merdeka Tower

Recently the Malaysia Budget 2011 mentioned a new Malaysia landmark, the Warisan Merdeka, is expected to be completed in 2020.

It includes a 100-storey tower and will be the tallest structure in Malaysia.

malaysia flag jalur gemilang

According to the news, this RM5bil project will change the city skyline. Yeap, RM5bil just for a landmark with an erection – cool huh?

Anyway right now, kenwooi.com will bring you exclusive information about the upcoming Warisan Merdeka Tower.

1malaysia najib razak

Malaysia’s current Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, is always committed to his 1Malaysia slogan, a program to promote unity started back in 2008.

As a result, it’s common to find billboard advertisements everywhere in Malaysia by local companies displaying the incorporated 1Malaysia logo.

1malaysia banner

Even the citizen is well-versed with the slogan 1Malaysia.

1malaysia support

Eh bro, you wantMalaysia ah? Sure lah want! Everybody also wantMalaysia!

And therefore, with the wide usage of 1Malaysia, the proposed architectural design of new Warisan Merdeka 100-storey tower will be…

1malaysia logo

…in the shape of the number 1.

And now, here are the exclusive artist impressions of the future Warisan Merdeka Tower – illustrated together with the rest of the structures in Kuala Lumpur.

Presenting to you, the future of Malaysia…

warisan merdeka tower

The magnificent Warisan Merdeka Tower during the day – with Petronas Twin Towers nearby.

1malaysia warisan merdeka tower

Warisan Merdeka Tower, lighted up, during the night.

Oh, if you’re wondering why the face of the tower can be seen from different angles – it’s because of the suggested “rotating tower”. More unique and awesome!

The image shown below is the height comparison of the skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur.

malaysia towers comparison

The Warisan Merdeka Tower will be taller than the Petronas Twin Towers by a few meters, making it the tallest, most significant structure in Malaysia.

And finally, this is the illustration of all 3 skyscrapers in Kuala Lumper during the sunset, changing the city skyline once and for all.

kl skyscrapers

This vision will fulfill Malaysia’s ultimate dream of achieving 1Malaysia. The 1-shaped tower will certainly remind everyone about being united as ONE, don’t you think so?

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84 thoughts on “1Malaysia Warisan Merdeka Tower

  1. I “like” the building design in “1” shape, it made me laugh non stop, when i graduate, i think i gonna propose it to the contractor whoever build this funny landmark. hahaha… ^.^

  2. I guess it is meant to provide job opportunities, reduce unemployment and boost the economy…but in the end, they all hire those illegal immigrants. Heads they win, tails you lose!

  3. Just a month or two ago baru boo hoo pasal Msia going to be Bankrupt soon and now they wanna build that tower? WHere the money will be coming from?

    1. it is called business investment. u don’t make money without investing. with buildings, we can sell or rent office spaces, not to mention all the job opportunities coming from it. if evrything goes right, it should be a long-termed benefits.

      btw, its a company called PNB that proposes it. the building would be funded by the company. in other words, all the money funded for education, medical expenses and others (which originate from our taxes) would not be used to build this tower. it is the same for what Petronas did to build KLCC and Sepang. of course, the federal goverment would have the authorities on the project, but they would not mingle with our money to build this tower.

  4. thank you for posting something that is easy and non-racial but still very funny posting. i’m tired of everything politicalized out there.

  5. What..? Such a solid building with no ventilation..haha..The facade(outer surface that cover the building) was not aesthetic..but the no. 1 shape looks unique.

  6. Two stadiums, one big one small, namely Stadium Merdeka and Stadium Negara situated there. Then we have one 100-sty building paid by PNB ie EPF ie rakyat’s money sticking out in middle of no where.

    Once completed, zoomed in from the outer space using Google Earth.

    Oh boy, sign of dooms day!

  7. World highest building Burj Dubai someone mentioned ‘only’ Usd1.5 billion. Why in Malaysia we always want to break Guinness Book of Record for the most expensive government expenditures be it furniture, laptops, submarines, coppers, trains, military tankers etc etc.

    Business investment?

    What a cheap sales talk?

    Just tell us how many government projects tat make money? What is the ROI?

    It is a common sense in the construction industry that the higher the building, the lower the sense of economy ie lower ROI, higher operating and capital cost etc etc.

    Pure human PRIDE to build 100 stories tower! Zero economic sense!

    PNB money is our money ie EPF money!

  8. Patriot leaders would not simply waste rakyat’s money.

    Patriot leaders would look at rakyat’s plight, rakyat that suffer daily on the roads, rakyat that live in dilapidated flats or on the street not far from the proposed 100 stories tower.

    Guess majority yet to knock some sense from their distorted minds.

  9. nanti najib dah berambos , ada lagi ke PM after him nak samabung generasi 1 mesia neh?? mesti la dia nak come out dengan idea baru lak, haihh , ketandusan idea betul PM mesia neh ..

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