Write a Testimonial for kenwooi.com

Write a Testimonial for kenwooi.com

Hello everyone!

Being on the Internet for 2 years plus, kenwooi.com has been progressing positively and generating readers over the time.

Know what, even the current President of the United States, Barack Obama, reads kenwooi.com!

barack obama with computer

He has been actively following the Malaysia Budget 2011 topic on my blog. Awesome or not? :P

Anyway, I will not be writing long. Instead, it’s YOUR turn to write something on kenwooi.com.

Here’s the thing – write a testimonial for kenwooi.com in less than 50 words at the comment section. For instant – what do you think about kenwooi.com, why do you like reading it or anything you like!


The best 5 testimonials (or more if they’re awesome ones) will be featured on a “secret project” soon! It’d be great to hear from you.

What are you waiting for, write away! Stay tuned. :)

58 thoughts on “Write a Testimonial for kenwooi.com

  1. at first i just like ur story about UK.But then i find your blog becomes more ‘alluring’,lol, coz you used sarcastic words yet funny to present your article about some topic.. also u quite wise about some idea..the pictures that you edit,just brilliant…wah! hahaha…

    anyway just love your blog,u know what,i left my blog about 2/3 months,then suddenly your blog disappeared..totally frustrated..huhu…

    p/s:the longest comment i ever wrote at here lol..

  2. loving the Obama-reading-kenwooi.com picca. =DD been following ur blog since BloggerUnited.com (unfortunately its closed down) and i musta said, u have the shit! XD even funnier than kennysia.com in ur previous blog post bout kenwooi and kennysia comparison. Kudos to u Ken and keep the humor going! =))

  3. Barack Obama reads your blog? How sure are you? What’s this secret project of yours?

    I like your posts so I come here. Sometimes your posts are really fun lah.. Once in a while I need these funny posts.

  4. you are among those who ‘visit’ my blog during its perinatal period and since then i came to kenwooi.com for its interesting and funny but with good point entries..
    good luck and keep on blogging

  5. wow!!!
    secret project? menarik ni…

    testimonial untuk kenwooi.com:
    bagi dni, kenwooi.com sangat menarik kerana idea penulisnya sangat bernas dan kreatif sekaligus mampu memikat hati para pembaca. penulis juga gemar berjenaka membuatkan pembaca rasa senang dengannya ;)

  6. With his satirical sense of humor and unique outlook on life and all things Malaysian, KenWooi remains a dominating force in the Malaysian blogging scene since 2008. With more page hits than Chedet & Najib’s blog combined,Mr KenWooi is definitely on his was to Tun-ship in our ever entertaining blog nation.

  7. hi ken.. been stalking at ur blog for quite a while.

    i like ur blog especially if there is an entry about boobs, cleavage, woman or anything regarding sex. whenever there is an entry about it i became so sexcited.

    hahahaha… another thing is ..eventhough u are not handsome or good looking, but your writing skills can make me laugh so badly. errr… apa kaitannya dengan muka hensem dan ketawa?

    lastly, please choose me as a winner.

  8. I’m a silent reader of kenwooi.com, ’cause my english not good.
    Why I like kenwooi.com?
    1. SIMPLICITY – the simple design of kenwooi.com..very clean..(hate it when a blogger design his/her blog with glitter, background picture and weird stuffs)
    2. FUNNY ARTICLES & PICTURES – make me laugh everytime I read it
    3. CREATIVITY – kenwooi.com can make a simple thing become interesting
    4. BOLD – the owner of kenwooi.com never afraid to speak out his mind (in my opinion :P)

  9. Frankly speaking, i just know kenwooi.com few months ago and seldomly visiting here.. First and foremost i would like to congratulate to the webmaster for being able to keep kenwooi.com moving forwards in this past 2 years. I think kenwooi.com is a great resources in order to search for various information. Just by reading this latest article of yours made me think that you’re someone who loved to give opinions directly, sincere opinion I should say, maybe that’s how you express yourself. Keep on blogging.

    p/s: I’m not planning my comment to be selected as one the best testimonial here, so I break the rule of yours…I’ve written more than 50 words I guess.. :) Happy blogging okay.

  10. Wow…sounds interesting :-)

    Ken…i really love your blog…therefore you have got an award from me!!! Your blog is so so so hilariously funny!!!

  11. i started knowing kenwooi.com after you presented your ideas of comparing yourself to kenny sia. and then i read your blog, but on and off, because of my slow internet connection. however, once i read your post, i would never stop, because i would have the tendency to click on the older posts.i love your words, sarcastic yet funny at the same time, plus the edited pics, cracked me up every time i’m here.

    but the thing is, because you’re ken, that’s why kenwooi.com is here. and thanks to your friendliness too, you gain more and more readers coming to kenwooi.com.

    i don’t think i’m up to your contest, because i’ve been writing so long, but that’s what i felt.

    thank you for everything~~

  12. Who’s kenwooi? I thought you are subsidiary of kenwood corp selling car radio with catchy buttons.

    When I click the link kenwooi.com, ah shit, it is another blog on the web!

    I got time, I did a little surf. Mak ai… he posted boobs! And lengthened my life about 60minutes more, he said. haha. He’s another pervert guy on line.

    That’s fact.

    But, it is not fair to judge him pervert because of a few pervertised posts. Most posts are good ones and when you finished laughing your monitor off here, you can go back to the boobs post and lengthen you life another 60 minutes. lol!!

  13. Barrack Obama also follow this blog. Impressive :D

    But then this have always been an impressive blog. Always with a hint of humour. WHat’s more is the you are not stuck up. WOuld also visit your reader’s blog and leave comments

  14. Most of the posts are funny and amusing!!
    and the post that got me vividly in mind is the post where you showed us how to be a famous blogger.. those pictures are much amusing and interesting :))

    I ♥ kenwooi.com :))

  15. I like kenwooi.com! (so gay. :P). I think i love all your post. especially the boobs entry. HAHA… btw, i dislike all the entry about your trip to london. why? because i think i will never set my foot in london la! :(

  16. My reasons for liking to read your blog:

    -Your sarcasm + humour
    -Funny pictures/dialogues
    -Simple language; easy to understand..don’t have to crack the head so much..
    -You’re so rajin to find new issues to blog about
    -You always try to make each post & picture interesting (just browsing at the pictures & no need to read the words is enough, LOL)
    -You’re never afraid to speak out your mind (but of course still under certain rules & regulations to avoid from being detained)

    The next Kenny Sia perhaps? :P

  17. you’ve got such a great sense of humour! even the least funny entry from kenwooi.com will make me smile all the way i read. plus, the owner is very friendly.never leave without comment. thanks! ehh. :D

  18. the ABOUT section caught my attention, and it still makes me laugh…

    I guess that’s when I know that this is really… something.

    And indeed, it is =)

  19. Dear Kenwooi,

    ..ken,is the FIRST person leaving a comment at my blog..Kenwooi is the FIRST blog that i’ve came to pay some review..my FIRST revision about Kenwooi,’wah, this what we call a ‘blog’!!..starting from kenwooi page,i motivated to run my own blog continuosly..and my FIRST comment at 20 august,2010 at 4.55pm @Kenwooi page is…….


    your sincerely,saQura..

  20. Kenwooi dot com is da place,
    Second coolest site after the book of face,
    Receive higher ratings than the Amazing Race,
    You’ll really ROFL if you catch kenwooi’s pace.

    Kenwooi dot com isn’t just for fun,
    It will make you laugh until you cannot run,
    With all the simple words and the funny puns,
    It’s almost impossible and crazy if you do not un.

    Kenwooi dot com is all about humour,
    All so damn hilarious your brain will grow a tumour,
    But don’t worry it’s not cancer nor a disease in your femur,
    It’s just swelling coz you laugh until your head knock the monitor.

    Kenwooi dot com is full of parody,
    All written for the sake of sheer comedy,
    His ideas, effort and commitment is so thoroughly,
    I’d rather read his blog than listen to Jay Chou’s melody.

    It is stated the word limit is only fifty,
    But I know you know kenwooi is not so thrifty,
    Testimonial with 50 words only where got pretty?
    I want to write kenwooi dot com the best ever testi!

  21. Kenwooi.com – I read it more than reading journals for my seminars. Read it even in between lectures. Read it while having constipation..witty, funny, sexy; he got it all. Yet he is still humble n down to earth. It is certainly one of my fav blog.:)

  22. wonder wat the secret project.. tehehe.. ken, can you change the ‘less than 50 words’ into ‘more than 500 words’? lol! alrite, i’ll squeeze it up.. here u go..

    my testimonial:
    knowing kenwooi.com since 2009 (obviously i’m stalking kenwooi.com 4 more than 1 year oredy! lol)

    i like kenwooi.com cuz its rarely to see the blogger became iron man, mat rempit (with one hand upside down stun), and man in masturbation! xp

    in some entries, the pic may extremely-funny (sometime its make me hysterically laughed in the middle of the night, don’t mention!) but its full of eye-open messages. its make me think twice about certain issue. especially keRMha! lol

    i was impress when ken connecting his writing with the title of his previous entries! sometime, i cant believe the link is actually from ken’s other entry!

    i like cuz kenwooi.com is so transparent (in manner way) on his entry. btw, i like the pathetic facebook thing.. so true man!

    p/s: instead of write down 50 words, i wrote down 5 paragraph! LOL…

  23. I like this blog because of the colour – orange. Sometimes your entry look like so interesting and very fun because of the picture you use in your entry like this entry. The important things I’m so happy because I have blogger chinese friend. Keep it up and blogging forever! Although this testimonial is very short but all of this is from my honestly heart. Good Luck!

  24. Today, Kenwooi.com came to me,
    He said to keep up my work happily,
    Now Kenwooi.com is in front of me,
    And Kenwooi.com asked for a testimony,

    After stalking Kenwooi.com sometime,
    I found my interest in its entry,
    Reading and laughing every time,
    it makes my mind open widely,

    Thanks to Kenwooi.com :)

  25. well, here’s my testimonial. nth much, but i hope it serves it purpose.

    I first started reading kenwooi when I searched something about “UK”. Somehow I bumped to kenwooi and read about his story in leeds, manchester and even liverpool. Those stories inspired me, as a student (hopefully who’s going to the UK) to study even harder to experience myself what ken has experience himself at the land of England. Not only that, since reading his blog, I thought about making a blog too in which blogging has become one of my current hobbies at the moment! (Ken was one of the first persons who commented frequently on my blog).

    You inspire me to become a blogger, ken. =P. Your blog post are funny, sarcastic and sometimes sweet too.

    So, keep it up! :)

  26. laugher is the best medicine…when im sick…..i go to kenwooi…i have a good laugh….after a few days i will be so sick that i have to go to the doctor…..the doctor said why not come earlier?…….
    moral of the story is laugher is not the best medicine, an injection from a hot doctor is…..hehehe

  27. Okay, I’m not gonna try and kiss your ass, ken (lol*) but still, hats off for kenwooi.com, for all the effort thrown into making an entry more than mere reading material. I know I’m up for a surprise.

    Makes me go “ohmygod this fella really devote himself to blogging”, seriously.

  28. hahahaha.. nice one on the obama reading ur blog! ;p

    owh, if only i’m that good in writing reviews on websites. but all the best to all who’s gonna submit to this contest~! :D

    but personally, i like ur website n entries, because they r really cheesy n funny. u have ur own way to make it more interesting than the usual ;)

  29. I just read this post and hope still have time. I’ve been here for few times. Here’s mine:

    I like the way the author express himself to convey the message. It was an awesome idea, cool. Kenwooi, yeah, be yourself! With a very friendly theme and friendly author, kenwooi.com is in his own class! Yeah.

  30. kenwooi.com is the only ‘male blog’ i read. by this i meant, other ‘male blogs’ couldn’t keep me READING. they’re filled with vain pics of themselves like females do to attract people to read their blog. (oh yes the ‘female blogs’ i visit are usually filled with pics without words) it’s more like ‘sight-seeing’ blogs. you manage to make your readers READ what you write, not SEE what you write, coz you don’t just depend on ‘beautiful’ and ‘hensem’ pictures. instead you have interesting and relevant topics to blog with. you ‘put up pics to blog, not blog to put up pics’. if you get what i mean. anyway kenwooi.com rock my socks! ;)

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