Classroom Duty Roster Asshole

Classroom Duty Roster Asshole

This was a funny situation that happened back when I was in high school.

Remember back then, a duty roster will be created by the class monitor and pinned up at the notice board at the back of the class?

Okay, I’m sure you do.

messy classroom

So there was a day when the class was messy, therefore the teacher wanted to call the students in-charged of sweeping the floor.

Coincidentally, the 2 floor sweepers were Lam Kay Chee and Lee Sim Hoe. (Not real names, but correct initials)

But due to the limited space on the manila card, their name on the duty roster was shortened to “Lam” and “S. Hoe”.

classroom duty roster

So our teacher looked all the way back to the notice board. And he read out…

teacher lam

Paused for a while and continued…

teacher asshole

Surprisingly, the whole class never noticed that ‘mistake’ and immediately burst into laughter! I’m not sure whether it’s an unintentional insult towards (Lam) Kay Chee, Sim Hoe or both!

And yeah, that’s how out friend, Sim Hoe, got his new nickname – Asshole!

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  1. i think i know who’s that mr lam! hahahahahha!!! he used to be in inti right?!?!?! =DDDD there’s not many LAMs in your class in high school!

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