Malaysians Celebrate Festivals with Clubbing

Malaysians Celebrate Festivals with Clubbing

It’s a well-known fact that Malaysians love to enjoy festival seasons – thanks to the cultural diversity and most importantly, the influence of Western festivals.

To narrow down the topic, this entry is generally about most Malaysians celebrating certain festivals, especially the foreign Western ones, …

celebration fireworks

…by partying at the club. No?

Let’s face it. In the beginning of ever year, typical Malaysians celebrate the New Year by clubbing.

kuala lumpur clubbing

During St. Patrick’s Day, the Westerners gather, wear green, dance and drink beer. That’s how they describe it.

st patrick's day

But generally for Malaysians, they go “clubbing” during St. Patrick’s Day.

Next, Merdeka Day. Historically, our independence day has nothing to do with “clubbing” at all.

merdeka coutdown party

But why do some Malaysians “countdown and celebrate” Merdeka Day at the clubs?

And during Christmas as well, some celebrate with “clubbing”. Furthermore, traffic jam would be everywhere throughout the whole day.

But Christmas in London is different – it makes the roads quite empty.

london palace of westminster

That’s what I saw when I was in London during Christmas Day.

Contrary to the ways Malaysia celebrates Christmas, most people in London stay at home. For them, it’s a day where they spend time with their family.

christmas family dinner

Typical Malaysians would go countdown on Christmas Eve and then hit the club, right?

And recently, it was Halloween Day and the common activities include trick-or-treating, wearing costumes and attending costume parties, carving jack-o’-lanterns, ghost tours, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, telling ghost stories and watching horror films.

halloween pumpkin

One thing Malaysians did generally right is “wearing costumes” and it’ll be definitely be accompanied by “clubbing”.

Personally, I believe it’s fun to celebrate festivals – but somehow Malaysians don’t see the true meaning of certain Western festivals. Because to them, it’s all about partying at the club.

japan penis festival

The photo above is a Penis Festival held in Japan. I certainly hope it doesn’t come to Malaysia because Malaysians will just go clubbing instead of enjoying penises.

Anyway, back to Halloween – if you go around trick-or-treating in Malaysia, you’ll definitely get the trick…


talk to the hand

The “talk to the hand” trick.

Take note – this entry is not in any way against the clubbing culture of the Malaysians. It’s totally fine to go clubbing. The point is, understanding the true purpose of the festivals would make the celebration more memorable – rather than another “let’s celebrate with clubbing” session.

So now, I will start the proper Halloween activity.

red socks

Oh damn, I mixed up Halloween and Christmas!

45 thoughts on “Malaysians Celebrate Festivals with Clubbing

  1. haha. Ok, I’m a clubbing person. But I don’t celebrate Halloween coz it has no significance to our country. But hey, isn’t this entry better be posted on Xmas? :-P LOL

  2. Malaysia boleh mah…clubbing all year long, pocket kosong…flashy cars, dressed in style…credit cards by the dozen, every month pay the minimum while the total accumulates…that seems to be the yuppies’ lifestyle these days. Really pathetic…

  3. I think it’s not so much the celebration of the festivals but more so just as a social/unwinding/get-together session where friends come together to have a good time or to celebrate an occasion or even to celebrate the weekend. All’s good, I’m sure.

    However, the smoke level can be a bother for some. Oh well, the music and fun can be a trade-off. Happy clubbing! Cheers!

  4. “Clubbing” can also mean a thickening of the flesh under the toenails and fingernails haha. Have fun in clubbing but just be careful not to be ‘clubbed’ by polis when they do random raids..heard of unhappy experience of ‘clubbers’ being mishandled..berhati hati di Jalan Clubbing..hehe

  5. I’m alsop not be a ‘typical Malaysian’ because I have celebrated all festival in my home or with my friends…
    no clubbing in my life..hehehehe

  6. So true so true. It’s the same with Singapore. I wish we’re more colourful. But then again, having celebrations on the road will have to take 7239871298 approval emails back and forth. ):

  7. malaysians assume clubbing as ‘daily needs’ nowadays, more and more clubs are opened, and yet each and every one of them is still packed with people!

  8. Hello! Got your link off nuffnang. Congrats on being featured blogger.

    I’m a Malaysian too, from IPOH as well and I’m currently studying in the UK and let me tell u something, if u think M’sians club like crazy, you’re wrong.

    Yes, for Christmas, people over here stay at home. But other than that, it’s all about getting drunk. You never really know until you live here for yourself.

    To say that it’s a M’sian thing to go clubbing and stuff, is overgeneralising things.

    People here get drunk during WEEKDAYS and WEEKENDS as well. They drink like there’s no tomorrow. It’s nuts.

    M’sians go clubbing mostly on weekends only and from experience, I’d have to say that M’sians are way more in touch with their traditions.

  9. Long long ago, I celebrate Christmas by exchanging presents with friends. It’s quite fun and meaningful moment. However, it is very hard to find those meaningful moment nowadays.

    I celebrate new year eve in clubbing before also but hardly find the real meaning of that except having fun and release stress.

    Some people do celebrate Christmas and new year eve by spraying foam everywhere, to every car and to everyone…

  10. I’m still a clubbing virgin actually. Hahahaha…
    I’ve never been to any clubs cause it just doesn’t convince me with it’s ‘cool’ factor. I just find it to be life draining and acts as cut-bigger-hole-in-wallet. :S

  11. i think clubbing takes away the true meaning of a celebration especially traditional ones like merdeka, christmas .. days that are suppose to be though through, not drunk through.

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