Settling Down in Kuala Lumpur

Settling Down in Kuala Lumpur

All my life, I was born and raised in Ipoh, and continued my tertiary studies in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.

I’ve never lived in KL. Well, perhaps just short visits for a day or two.

kuala lumpur view

Oh wait, regarding to the title above – settling down doesn’t mean getting married, raise a family and having kids in KL okay?

No, not this…

farmhouse drawing

Definitely not.

Settling down actually means venturing into a new segment of life in Malaysia’s capital and most happening city.

To me, KL is the place in Malaysia with the most skyscrapers.

kuala lumpur city

The place with the most horrible traffic jam.

traffic jam

A place where rich Malaysians reside, grow their business and for some – party with international celebrities.

jho low and paris hilton

I think I’m gonna gain some weight to score sexy chicks like Paris Hilton!

Also, it’s the only place where Malaysia’s Internet service provider, TM Net, ventures into a new business.

tm net car wash

Car wash biz – for extra income huh?

That’s probably what make Kuala Lumpur so special to Malaysia. And I believe there are much more to discover.

So yeah, I’m finally settling down in KL and sooner or later – I’m gonna conquer the city!

petronas twin towers attack

Watch out Kuala Lumpur!

64 thoughts on “Settling Down in Kuala Lumpur

  1. Going to work in KL? I’ll be there next weekend…but you’re the new kid in town. Dunno if you know your way around…if you’re keen on meeting up with a fellow-blogger.

  2. good luck Ken. I spent too many years there so I’m not gonna go there anytime soon. Oh well, hopefully. It’s the most stressful city in Malaysia. LOL

  3. wow.. big move.. I still don’t like KL anyway.. Not a place for me to settle down.. If it’s just for work then it’s not too bad.. but to have a life?.. It’s really not my type of life for a long term.. maybe I’m just not so city like afterall.. hmm…

  4. Wow..ur coming to KL.Speaking as an Ipoh girl who has spent 2 wonderful years here,I’d say there will be many new b exciting things waiting for u to discover in this upbeat makes up for the stress n hectic-ness.I love Ipoh but don’t want to leave KL yet.:)

    So,welcome to KL kenwooi,n enjoy all the eye-candy!!KL is full of high fashioned,well groomed girls! =P

  5. ah. A lot of people said that they would never get used to the jam and the city stuff but really, you will get used to it. It’s interesting you know. The sights, the people, a different atmosphere. Very exciting! Good luck :D

  6. hahahah why must barbie…

    well, welcome to KL..dont party a lot okey..i know every thursday,friday,saturday, the clubs are so ‘merry2 christmas’ and always make traffic jam there..i even saw someone wearing Reaper clothes with ‘sabit'(apa entah nama benda yang pancung kepala orang tu) on Halloween day, eventhough i dunt know when is halloween…

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