Nagomi Hinagiku Buffet Lunch

Nagomi Hinagiku Buffet Lunch

Firstly, I’m not a fan of buffet meals. It’s pricey and I always force myself to eat as much as I can to make it worth. Also, it makes me fatter.

But recently I went for a buffet lunch at Nagomi Japanese Restaurant.

nagomi japanese restaurant

It was my first time there and the Hinagiku buffet lunch costs RM44 per person inclusive of taxes. Now, on to the food…

The main dish is called Shabu-Shabu – it’s basically hot pot which comes with thin slices of various meat.

nagomi hot pot

The choices of meat are Chicken, Duck and Australia Striploin (Beef). However, it’s limited to only 1 portion per person. Not so “buffet” eh?

nagomi hot pot meat

Besides that, the Shabu-Shabu comes with a plate of assorted vegetables.

nagomi assorted vegetables

Personally, I think the main dish is just okay. Nothing so special about it.

Other than the main dish, there are side dishes as well. Here are some of the side dishes we had during the lunch.

nagomi garlic fried rice

A small bowl of garlic fried rice that comes along with the other dishes.

eating rice

Since I was pretty hungry, I started eating whatever food served without thinking twice. Nom nom nom.

Personally, I like the deep fried Pumpkin Croquette.

nagomi pumpkin croquette

They look like hash browns but they’re actually made of pumpkins.

nagomi ika geso fried squid

The Ika Geso is definitely my top favourite dish. It’s fried squids with mayonnaise.

eating fried squid

So I ordered a plate all for myself. Crunchy and yummy!

nagomi california handroll sushi

Also, we ordered the Temaki Handroll Sushi. Actually there’s a variety of handroll sushis but we only had the California handroll.

nagomi sushi roll

And some other normal sushi roll as well.

nagomi chicken karaage

The deep fried Chicken Karaage was also on our list. Somehow fried food are always delicious right?

eating fried chicken

I got a plate for myself too! Just keep eating, nom nom nom!

nagomi chicken teriyaki

Next, the Chicken Teriyaki came a little late but I was still able to eat it.

nagomi chawan mushi egg custard

Finally, each of us were served with Chawan Mushi – an egg custard dish steamed in a tea cup.

By the time I eat my egg custard, my tummy was almost bloated. My eating speed decreased.

eating egg custard

But I kept eating. I eat as much as I can. No regrets!

For the selection of beverages, one can have hot/cold green tea, Coke or 7-up. Despite the tempting soft drinks, we opted for green tea.

nagomi green tea

Since there are so much fried food, it’s better to drink something less trashy right? :)

Overall, the selection of food is certainly worth the price paid for – delicious food, good service and fatter tummy. I wished I could’ve eaten more and skip my dinner, but there’s a limit.

Towards the end of the buffet, I couldn’t take it anymore. Ate too much.

eat sleeping

You know, buffet meals are always a killer. Can eat until die.

And I sort of died at the end…

eat until full


45 thoughts on “Nagomi Hinagiku Buffet Lunch

  1. How tempting when you not only take the pictures of the food, but you enjoying the food.. aww.. btw, i did follow your twitter.. Have a nice FULL day ahead.. XD

  2. Rm44 per person is pretty reasonable for a jap buffet.. :) At least you can force food down your tummy to make it worth while.. buffet is not the thing I love.. I can only eat that much and it’s a waste to treat me to a buffet meal.. lol..

  3. Hey! Why you did not invite me to go? Hehehehehehe!!! RM44 nett or ++? I think the RM30++ one that I went to is cheaper and nicer – also has a sushi counter but I did not go for it. Not into Nippon food…

  4. you are a good eater!!! envy* I can’t eat much ever since I was admitted to the hops during my summer break..
    *now its n more worthy for me to go for any buffets ,I don’t eat much :((

  5. Tomorrow newspaper headline:


    haha moral of the story – eat less is better!

    P/s: woahh the foods look delicious… so heaven..superb lorrr

  6. i luv buffet! haha.. it’s the freedom and choices of food that attracts me.. seems like you have a great buffet.. at the end of a buffet, it’ll always make up fatter.. anyway, enjoy 1st, think later..LOL..

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