Nuffnang Featured Blogger for November!

Nuffnang Featured Blogger for November!

Hey know what, the author of is Nuffnang’s Featured Blogger of the Month for November 2010!

Remember the testimonial request for a “secret project”? Well, THIS is the project and I’ve featured certain readers’ testimonials.

nuffnang magazine cover

Go ahead and read the featured blogger article on Nuffnang website.

Anyway, I received lots of wishes for that. So I’m taking this opportunity to thank you all – every comment, message and reader has made this journey for me all the more rewarding! Appreciate that!

Oh yeah, check out sengkangbabies’ entry – “About” too.

Alright, stay tuned! :)

84 thoughts on “Nuffnang Featured Blogger for November!

  1. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???
    tak percaya! nama dni ado kat atas tu.. wohooo teruja! dni tumpang berbangga dengan kejayaan kenwooi.

    tahniah kenwooi! :D
    (nampak tak dni sedang tepuk tangan ni? hehe)

    p/s: terbaik ^__^

  2. Wow! Congratz Bro. You deserve it. Yo know what, i just like after reading the peranakan entry. You should be also one of Malaysian Best Malaysian tourists promoter. hehehe. anyway…best of luc bro :)

  3. Tahniah!

    suka singgah blog en.ken sebab ada tarikan tersendiri dengan jokes dan gambar super imposed yg memang boleh buat sy senyum je! hehehe..

    i salute for u!

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