First Space Outing for Malaysian Blogger

First Space Outing for Malaysian Blogger

KUALA LUMPUR: With the latest news on a second Malaysian heading out to space, Malaysia also plans to have its first blogger to space and the mission is likely to take place soon.

space sunset

National Space Agency director-general Dr Mustafa Subari said that they have already worked out the preparation details and negotiation process with potential collaborators.

The blogger-cum-astronaut will be staying in the International Space Station (ISS) for months.

space station

The Government has already given the program a nod, considering the benefits it would bring to the Malaysian blogging community.

space shuttle launch

Mustafa said he estimated that at least US$20mil (RM62.5mil) was needed to fund the project. Yes, RM62.5mil for a space project!

Unlike the first astronaut mission by Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, Malaysia plans to send its first blogger on a longer mission to the ISS. And the first Malaysian blogger-cum-astronaut to ever go to space is…


Your all-time favourite blogger – Ken Wooi!

malaysian astronaut

“I’m gonna do Malaysia proud and spend the Government’s enormous RM62.5mil wisely alright? Blast off on a spaceship, do some cool experiments, lepak and I’ll be back!”, Ken said on a recent interview.

Anyway, for this mission, Ken Wooi will stay in the ISS so that he can carry out certain experiments.

Some of the experiments would be…

1) Blogging in space.

space blogging

2) Assisting technical astronauts at ISS to set up a Malaysian web hosting service in space.

space web hosting

space web hosting

space web hosting

space web hosting

After the project is completed, it will be declared as the first Space Web Hosting under the Malaysia Book of Records.

3) Test the wireless broadband speed of Malaysian Streamyx from the space station.

streamyx testing

4) Stick 1Malaysia logo stickers on the solar panels of the ISS.

1malaysia space station

The 1Malaysia dream will be finally in space! Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will be so proud!

5) Perform Malaysian’s favourite Teh Tarik stunt in space.

teh tarik in space

Another entry into the Malaysia Book of Records!

6) Plant Malaysia’s Jalur Gemilang flag on the moon.

malaysia flag on moon

Once again, let’s not forget that at least US$20mil (RM62.5mil) is needed to fund the project. What a way to spend the Government’s money and why so much?

Well, it’s because…

malaysian astronaut in space

No one can deny that!

Okay, jokes aside. What do you think? RM62.5mil just for just a space project?

bored astronaut

But wait a minute, if you disagree – Astronaut Ken Wooi will be jobless.

So think wisely alright?

– This news is brought to you by Kenwooi News Network (KNN).

55 thoughts on “First Space Outing for Malaysian Blogger

  1. IMHO, it’s ridiculous. It’s best they focus on the country’s development. It’s like a baby who hasn’t even know how to stand wanted to learn running.

  2. I would rather they put the money into other better use like helping the poor Malaysians or improving the healthcare system. We already had one ‘astronaut’. Now another one? For what? Not like we have overflowing of budget with nowhere else better to spend.

  3. kahkahkah cool!! well, u can make a vlog there, floating in da space with shooting stars at da back.wahaha just like a science ficion movie LOL then u kidnapped by the aliens & u become their experimental victim.hahaha jokes. btw nice entry! :)

  4. Dude, I don’t know how you come up with this stuff! It’s brilliant! LOL!

    Oh, you can also test what effects a fart resulting from a Malaysian mamak-rich diet has on astronauts in space. Very important for the safety of future astronauts if Malaysia is planning to send more up there ;-)

  5. To be honest, I would prefer if the government giving me funding on my aerospace project rather than just send human to the space without bring back much research result.

    I need funding for my rocket fuel and the rocket engine!
    I need unlimited supply of N3800-LW and F52 for my damn prototype!
    Why the damn gov never give me the funding which is so low budget!!!

    But anyway, Major Dr Faiz Khaleed is worth to be sent to the space as he always planned to do aerodynamic experiments on the space in order to design our own space shuttle and rocket booster. Which it is good, much better than that Dr. Shit.

  6. oh, by the way, setting up a hosting server in the space will be like suicide.
    coz the extreme heat in the space will coz the CPU overheat and KO easily.
    this is why satellites all got aluminum foil to cover the body of the satellites

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