A Tamil Movie Is Not One Unless It Has…

A Tamil Movie Is Not One Unless It Has…

1) The phrase “ayoyo” is used every now and then.

indian blur face

It’s special when it comes with an Indian accent.

2) Rhythmic music that makes you wanna dance.

slumdog millionaire jai ho dance

Yeah, I know Jai Ho is not a Tamil movie, but you get the point. :)

3) Happy and joyous moments…

tamil movie song

…that always burst into a song and dance.

4) Both good and bad guys dance together all of a sudden, especially in a spacious meadow.

tamil movie dance

Additionally, a group of extra dancers appear out of no where too.

5) During hand-to-hand fights, the hero will somehow roll on the mud and end up getting his white shirt covered with dirt, sweat and blood.

tamil movie fight

6) Macho dudes in shades all the time – even during stunts.

tamil movie cool couple

It just won’t fall off!

tamil movie couple

7) Objections from the father.

tamil movie father family

Especially when it’s about his children’s relationships or weddings.

8) Super attractive and beautiful daughters.

tamil movie beauty

As a result, they’re usually the cause of arguments and conflicts between many parties.

Then, she sings and dances along with a bunch of horny guys.

tamil movie group dance

9) An ending where the nemesis turns out to be related to the hero, for instance – dad or long-lost brother.

tamil movie brothers

10) A head of police with thick moustache.

tamil movie police

So does the villain.

tamil movie villain


Alright, it’s obvious – kenwooi.com wishes Happy Deepavali to everyone, especially to the Hindu community.

Enjoy the holiday and have a Bollywood-ful fun! :)

52 thoughts on “A Tamil Movie Is Not One Unless It Has…

  1. Happy Deevali to all the Indian frenz! I wish to add some points here. It’s a norm for a scene that Bollywood actors hide themselves behind the tree during the dancing part. Ahaa..

  2. haha, u forgot to mention 1, couple chasing each other around pillars or trees or running at the huge meadows while singing almost like the sound of the music scene(maria singing the hills are alive~) XD

    happy holidays to you

  3. nice!!…..the sound effect from fighting….dush2!! even the hero is so out of shape…hehehe…he still can fight a dozen people even fly!!

  4. lol.. yeah..

    it seems the male lead must have a mustach.


    no misai.. then its not a tamil movie, or that is not the lead actor or villain

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