Types of Girl I Won’t Couple With

Types of Girl I Won’t Couple With

Every guy has their own preferences when it comes to picking their own partner. Beautiful and smart are some of the favourable personalities.

lovely couple

On the other hand, there are certain traits and characteristics of a girl that would certainly be a big turn off. Well, this is my list of types of girl I won’t couple with…


1) Aggressive, snobbish and rude bit*h.

angry girl middle finger

Possesses the tendency to curse and thinks the world revolves around her. The biggest turn off ever!

2) Clubbing girl.

girls clubbing

I don’t like clubbing at all. Therefore, I can’t be together with a girl who likes to go wild at night clubs.

3) A hardcore blogger.

female blogger

Yes, it’s true. A hardcore girl blogger always blog about things that happens in her life, every single ups and downs – and that includes the love life.

I don’t want our relationship stories to be up on the Internet. Can’t imagine reading “I went dating with Ken. He kiss me, I kiss him. We cuddly bubbly woggly shuggly together”.


4) Guy-pay-everything mentality.

rich guy

To be financially dependent is another big turn off. If a woman needs a financial shoulder to lean on, it should be her own. A man is not a financial plan.

5) With excessive make up.

model make up

Although it makes her prettier and more attractive, make ups are forever deceiving. Honestly, I prefer girls with natural beauty.

6) Very materialistic.


It’s alright to want things every now and then. But insisting on getting expensive stuffs and shopping all the time is a big turn off to me.

7) A total bimbo.

hot bimbo

A bimbo friend is fine, but a bimbo girlfriend is not. Why?

It’s because bimbos think too highly on themselves. I can’t handle such supremacy and egoism.

8) Likes to reveal skin with sexy clothings.

elly tran sexy

Yes, you’re sizzling hot and attractive. You like to show off your assets, but I prefer my girl to keep them to herself – and also only to me lah. ;)

9) Always feeling negative and emotional.

emo girl

She always think it’s the end of the world and her life is meaningless. You know what, being emotional and depressed would suck the life out of me too.

10) A camwhore fanatic.

self-portrait photography

Actually it’s totally alright to be vain and to take photos of herself all the time.

But to see my girl being like that, cannot lah. What if her photos end up like this…

camwhore fail

camwhore fail

camwhore fail

Wahhh.. cannot lah!


Okay, that’s it. The types of girls that I won’t couple with.

And you know what, writing some of the points made me feels like I’m describing the personalities that GUYS usually don’t possess.

Damn, I think ‘coupling’ with guys is so much easier, lesser worries and more fun…


Bromance is the best. ;)

angry girl middle finger

134 thoughts on “Types of Girl I Won’t Couple With

  1. “To be financially dependent is another big turn off. If a woman needs a financial shoulder to lean on, it should be her own. A man is not a financial plan.”

    So agree with you.

  2. wow!well done Ken !! and i was thinking am i one of those B*tches (yea i do call myself like that sometimes…)thank God i was not qualified enough (i guess?)

  3. ER.. I think there are many girls who aren’t the above lor.. mood swings.. have to give and take a little la..

    especially when it’s near their menses time.. it’s not like they want to, but hormones do go crazy u know..

    but it’s nice to know that u re not that shallow =p

    waitamin.. u blogged about the kind of girls u DON’T WANT.. how abt the kind that U WANT?

  4. LOL, beware Ken, u might be in love a girl that has one of in this list kinda attitude. It would be so hard to actually get a good quality girl nowadays, i always think that i’m the last one around. LMFAO. joking! but yeah, i guess my bf too scratched all of what u just said out one time ago and he got me. LOL. sounds like a boaster but i swear i have nothing in common with any one of what u’ve just mentioned :p I am aggressive but i don’t curse anymore, thank my bf for controlling the very bad habit of cursing in me ( i blame peers for that LOL)

    Good luck in searching good girls :)

    As what i’ve heard, good guy gets good girl ;) and i know you are one (you are right?)

  5. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH omfg, BROMANCE XD do u sing to Justin Bieber? XD kidding kidding.

    Anyways, I’m a girl and I get annoyed with some of the traits girls have in em as listed above. Heck! I know some ppl who are like dat. Oh, does it mean, I’m a dood?

  6. Aha!!! My daughter’s the perfect girl for you – none of the above…but after the last part/photo, I’m not sure whether I’d give my blessings. Hehehehehehe!!!!




  8. hahaha… so looks like you won’t be getting any girl for the time being as those are the types of girls that are currently available…. the other types are extinct…

  9. Wakakaka, I think you are going to stay single for quite some time then, bcos 90% girls in the world fulfil at least one of those criteria you mentioned above!

    Way to go for bromance!!

  10. 3) A hardcore blogger <— Why not? What if your gf happen to be like Xiaxue then you will be rich and you get to go for a free trip sponsor by nuffnang or whichever company now and then. Lol!

  11. haha…sooo to girls who has all of those personalities…better change it if u want to date with ken the hot blogger..hehehe :P

    –>> agree with u part the
    hardcore blogger. thats y i
    dont like to talk love life
    in internet. for me its a
    PRIVATE…too details about it
    would be a BIG NO NO :P

  12. hahaha. if u got the 3rd one. I really looking forward to read her blog.

    “ahh! today Ken touch my ****”
    “omg! Ken didnt wear underwear today, i can feel the ****”
    “i buy a shaver for ken”

    hahaha.. chill bro..

  13. Dude, you basically want to date a version of YOURSELF… but with a vagina. And I thought MY standards was high, LOL!!

    How many guys want to be with tomboys anyway?

    Just saying.

  14. I used to be a hardcore blogger, but I never curse in the blog lol. You know what? My bf will be so agree with u if he read this post! :D Well said

  15. Actually it is the same goes for the girl’s criteria to search for a partner. Til the end, the best is still being with my girlfriends.. haha XD Good one =)

  16. it’s such an irony ken

    u love to post sexy chick girl pics but u dun really like sexy girl

    i know what u’re thinking

    u like the sexiness be keep only to u right?

  17. but now i dun think is easy to find a gals with natural beauty(girls wanna be pretty ma~)and dislike camwhoring~
    all d best girlfriend hunting ya!!!

  18. ahaaahaa…i enjoy reading this :D
    but i can’t even stand to see GUYS camwhoring too! xD
    i saw this type of guy who is camwhoring and his pictures make me feels like *vomit* =__=

  19. This is interesting, haha. Girls are still, somehow, materialistic, well who doesn’t want to live a good life? ;)

    But good luck in finding someone you lav but make sure you won’t fall for one of those!

  20. haha..this is a funny post..bro..take it easy..all of us have our own criteria we look for, vice versa as well, it goes both ways.

    but in love..keep it open, dont limit yourself.let love come to u naturally, and if it so happens the girls has any of these qualities u dont like, trust me u will actually end up loving her for it =)

    through imperfection is where love comes from =)

  21. Good luck finding a chick. I’m sure you’ll end up with one that is boring, submissive and earns half the amount you do.. but is too timid to ask you for cash. and will end up leaving you for some rich dude.

  22. as always, you make my day! XD btw, I passed your list! I am a blogger, but not a hardcore one. And I Really don’t talk just about anything and everything that happen in my life. lols~

  23. totally support you guy, strongly agree with you, but about financial support, can borrow to girl but only with acceptable reason. hahaha :D

  24. I possess all you describe except #9. And I’m super proud of it cuz guys (except you who prefer bromance) saying that they don’t want a girlfriend like me are just s-o-u-r. They know they don’t have what it takes to be my boyfriend. LOL!!!

  25. I am totally qualified XD

    has never clubbed
    virgin face (never touch make up in my life)
    dun really like taking pictures (only post those nice ones)
    bimbo? o.O
    believer in love by good heart

    but taken =3=

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