Guide to Ladies Mood with Bra Colours

Guide to Ladies Mood with Bra Colours

Let’s face it, the ladies wear bras. In fact, the selection of bra has a wide range of colors to choose from.


I bet every morning when a girl thinks of what to wear, the choice of bra color depends on her mood. Correct? No?

Anyway, here is’s guide into the insight secrets to the mood and feelings of women based on their bra colour. So sit back, and enjoy the bra gallery.


If a lady wears a white bra, she’s feeling pure and innocent.

white bra

On second thought, it might not be totally pure and innocent. Have to see the personality of the lady first.

If a lady wears a beige bra, she’s just being normal.

beige bra

Based on a research done by, beige is a common color worn by majority of the ladies. Wearing it usually don’t depict any extraordinary mood.

If a lady wears a yellow bra, she’s being cheerful.

yellow bra

Just like the shiny sun, she feels as though as she’s bright and happy.

If a lady wears a pink bra, she’s being girlish.

pink bra

To them, it’s a cute and adorable colour and it makes them feel more youthful and lively.

If a lady wears a red bra, she’s either being flirty, in love or aggressive.

red bra

Red normally symbolizes love. And when a single girl with red bra approaches you, she’s gonna portray herself as a flirty hot chick! Or if she’s in a relationship, she’s totally in love.

Also, red can mean aggression and dominance. So beware!

If a lady wears a maroon bra, she’s being matured.

maroon bra

The colour tone makes it more grown up.

If a lady wears a blue bra, she’s in an emotional state.

blue bra

She’s probably being moody and dwelling on a certain issue – just like the sea waves, her emotions are ever changing.

If a lady wears a purple bra, she’s being glamorous, yet mysterious.

purple bra

Why? I also don’t know. Feeling lah.

If a lady wears a green bra, she wants to Go Green.

green bra

Green represents nature. Enough said.

If a lady wears a colorful bra, she’s feeling joyful and fun.

colourful bra

Words can never describe her level of happiness. Her bra does the talk.

If a lady wears a brown bra, she’s being dull.

brown bra

Brown, the color of the wood – is sort of boring.

If a lady wears a black bra, she’s being sexy!

black bra

I bet everyone is gonna agree on this! Right?

And finally, if a lady wears an orange bra, she’s feeling awesome!

orange bra

Orange is such a striking color and an orange bra definitely boost the confidence and self-esteem of the ladies wearing it.

Furthermore, a lady who wears an orange bra are most likely to think of…



gemma atkinson orange bra

See, even sexy model Gemma Atkinson thinks of when she wears an orange bra! Oh yeah…! ;)


Alright, that’s all on the guide to ladies’ mood with their bra colour. Guys, now you get to understand the female species better. Great!

By the way, I don’t own any of those bras shown okay. They all belong to Ms. Google. :)

51 thoughts on “Guide to Ladies Mood with Bra Colours

  1. Lol, why the green bra so ‘penyet’.

    Anyhows, haha kinda true to a certain extent.. but I dont agree tt blue means she feeling blue leh… blue is a nice colour!

  2. hahahah!

    entertaining. but then not all true because there are a lot of things to be considered when we girls choose a bra to wear. sometimes because its the most convenient/comfy one, sometimes the one to suit the occasion, sometimes it’s design and cutting is sexy?

    i bet you cannot tell a guy’s mood through color of their boxers/briefs right?

  3. i have to agree to some of it, but colorful bra like in the picture a definately NO NO for me.. hehe. seems like it was paste with M&M’s chocolate

  4. Darn. I’m the boring one. (Usually beige for me) haha xD
    Yeah, idzwan brought up something interesting ! Why don’t you do, as a follow up, a post about guys’ moods in relation to their boxers/underwear? Now, THAT, would be extra interestingggg :P

  5. Haaa!!! This is such an interesting post!!! Well, im reali not too sure about coloured bras depicting a woman’s mood!! And actually most of the colours you have listed, I DUN have!! LOL… =P

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