Giving Yourself Fruity Names

Giving Yourself Fruity Names

Every now and then, we meet different people with different names. Some are easy to remember, especially with English names. Some aren’t, for example – Chinese names.

Interestingly, names are easier to remember when they have…


Fruits as their name!

Alright, I’m not gonna stereotype here – but generally, girls are the ones who give themselves fruity English names. Am I right?

To list down a few, here are some well-known fruity names…



red apple



Peach, Peaches or Peachy.


Also, Berry or Berries. Perhaps some have “Strawberry” as their name, but I have yet to meet one.

To think of it, most of the fruity names are from red-coloured fruit. Fruits with other colours can’t possibly used as English names.

Nevertheless, giving yourself a fruit name seems cute, adorable and maybe… delicious as well?

wild girls

I don’t know the ladies in the picture – but let’s give them fruity names. Ladies and gentleman, meet Cherry, Peach and Apple.

Obviously, it’s easy to remember when you start imagining them as their name. Like this…

wild girls fruit

Now you will never ever forget their names! You might just get lucky with them. ;)

Well, in case you don’t know, “Ken” is not my self-given English name. You’ll know if you’ve read my About Me entry.

But if I were to give myself an English name, it’d be “Banana”.

banana guy

Call me Banana Wooi!

Anyway, back in uni, my friends and I used to briefly know this girl. Her name is Apple Tan.

apple girl

She was sort of well-known and many people talk about her. So one day, she became a conversation topic between my friend and I.

I was wondering whether Apple Tan has a brother or not…

fruit talk 1

fruit talk 2

fruit talk 3

fruit talk 4

fruit talk 5

fruit talk 6

Remember, don’t ever give your son “Rambu” as his English name if your surname is Tan!

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  1. I cant stop giggling when i think of the name “Nelson Tan”.. because in Mandarin, it sounds like “Bird lays egg” (niao sheng dan).. Very sorry to whoever name Nelson Tan..

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