A Month into Kuala Lumpur

A Month into Kuala Lumpur

It has been a month since I settled down in Kuala Lumpur with my new job.

Well, not exactly in KL. More of Petaling Jaya – that’s where I currently reside and work.

ken damansara

Hmm… How come got condominiums named after my name ah?

Anyway, friends asked about my life since venturing into the ‘coolest’ (according to them) place in Malaysia.

I’d say it’s pretty much the normal life. Just more time spent in traffic jams and money spent on petrol.

shell petrol station

Being here gave me certain exposures. Although I’m not interested in the common lifestyle (shopping, eating out, clubbing) possessed by most people in KL, I can say I’m doing fine.

So in this entry, I’d like to elaborate more on my presence in KL.


How’s work?

Work has been good so far. Lots of new IT systems and tools to be learned and thankfully, I’m able to pick up rapidly.

office work desk

Working environment is conducive. Colleagues are great. Learning opportunities are just fine. Career development and advancement, on the other hand, might be a little tight. :/

I hope my boss doesn’t know I have a blog!


What about clubbing?

To many, it’s called “life” in KL! Am I right?


However, I’m always reluctant when I get invited to go “clubbing”. Frankly, it’s not my cup of tea. Many people perceive it as socializing and a fun way to release stress. But personally, I think it’s a waste of money and time.

I’d rather ‘club’ at home…

funny sleeping position

So much more fun, comfy and cozy!

P/S: Please ignore the bed sheet.


Who have you met?

Well, I met a few bloggers (for the first time) in the movie screening of The Social Network at Mid Valley recently. Oh yeah, thanks to Nuffnang for the complimentary tickets.

nuffnang bloggers

This is the only picture I got so far. From left to right – Rabiatul, Red Buttockz (I don’t know why) & Nicole aka MsXeroz.

Other than them, I finally got to interact verbally (no more just online blog comments) with the big shots – Timothy Tiah, Red Mummy and a few more.


Making big money?

What big money? Don’t have lah… Just look at my wallet!

empty wallet

RM6 only. I’m poor… donations please?


So yeah, I’m doing great over here in the big city. Many dreams and wishes, and hopefully I can fulfill them in the near future.

There are lots more to explore and climb in life.

petronas twin towers attack

Remember this from an earlier entry?

Yeah, still aiming for it! ;)

58 thoughts on “A Month into Kuala Lumpur

  1. Hey! You met me first!!! Love your bedsheet – where did you buy that? I want!!! LOL!!! Agree with you 100% about clubbing! That’s why many KL yuppies – look good, pocket kosong…owe credit card lots and pay minimum amount every month as the interest mounts.

  2. hope u enjoy living in the ‘coolest’ (according to them) place in Malaysia.. LOL! but it make us appreciate where we come from even more.. like going to kg every weekend & public holidays.. ~nice bedsheet Ken!!

  3. lol. you are so funny. wouldn’t have noticed the bedsheet if you didn’t mention.

    welcome to KL and hopefully you’ll find many success here in this city some deemed the ‘coolest’..:)

  4. actually ppl have always misinterpret KL ppl or Selangor ppl to be mostly clubbers which is kind of not true…Just coz we have some of the best clubs in Malaysia but that doesn’t mean all of us are hardcore clubbers..in fact, there are actually a lot of non-KL and non-Selangor ppl in the clubs here.

    Welcome to KL life and may you conquer the Twin Tower one day…lol XD

  5. LOL on the clubbing part.
    And I think your boss mightttttt find out about ur blog soon. But then again, if I were your boss, I’d be proud to hv u ard as long as u dun blog bad stuffs abt my company hehehe! Can get u to do PR for the company too, so yea.
    – zazabong.blogspot.com

  6. Welcome to PJ! Which is BTW, indeed the coolest place EVAR!!

    I’m not a clubber – I’m too cheap; which is great, because I’ve got shopaholic tendencies -___-”


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