Road Trip for Klang Food

Road Trip for Klang Food

Klang is famous for two things.

Firstly, the busiest port in the country, Port Klang, which greatly influences the economic progress of Malaysia.

port klang

And secondly, the food – Bah Kut Teh.

Well, it was a public holiday and my friends decided to go to Klang for Bah Kut Teh and also other local food. Hence, the road trip!

Alright, let’s get started with our 1-day food adventure in Klang.

klang fong keow pottery bah kut teh

First destination in the morning is Fong Keow (Pottery) Bah Kut Teh Restaurant at Jalan Batai Laut.

The presentation of this restaurant is unlike the ordinary outlets we usually see, this restaurant looks a little more “modern”, I guess.

klang fong keow tea packets

For the tea selection, there’s a basket with a variety of tea packets. I can’t remember what we chose though. Anyway, tea will always be tea.

Now, on to the main course for breakfast!

klang fong keow bah kut teh

A big bowl of Bah Kut Teh with vegetables that costs RM10.00 per person. We add-on golden mushrooms and meat balls for RM5.00 each.

klang fong keow food

Other side dishes on the order list were yu char kueh (RM1.50), lo bak (RM3.00 each) and lettuce with oyster sauce (RM10.00).

On a personal opinion, the Bah Kut Teh serving was good and the rest of the dishes were satisfying. Great breakfast.

klang bah kut teh

Next on the menu is Klang’s very own version of Cendol. It’s located along Jalan Nanas.

cendol klang

Personally, I think the best Cendol I’ve had is from Penang Road. And I’ve never come across any other Cendol which is as good, if not better, than the one at Penang.

So this is the chance to try out Klang’s Cendol.

klang cendol

Each normal bowl costs RM1.70 whereas it’s RM2.20 for an extra scoop of ice-cream.

My opinion? Well, no doubt it’s delicious – but still not as good as Penang Road’s famous Cendol. It lacks the sweetness, to be exact.

After the dessert, we headed to Tanjung Harapan to look for seafood restaurants for lunch.

klang bagan seafood

After searching high and low for the place, we finally reached Bagan Seafood Restaurant at Jalan Bagan Hailam.

klang seafood tidbits

Tidbits were served, but we eventually asked the waiter to take back.

klang seafood dishes

For the dishes, we ordered Kangkung Balacan (RM10.00), Bamboo Shell (RM11.00) and Fried Squid (10.00).

Oh yeah, when we stepped into the restaurant, the first thing we ordered is crab! I’ve never had crab for a very long time already.

klang seafood crab

A plate of local crabs costs RM39.00/kg. We only ordered 1kg – seems little, but it’s enough to feed 5 hungry souls.

klang seafood crab meat

The crabs served were slightly disappointing due to the fact that they weren’t fresh. Nevertheless, it was still tasty.

Overall, the seafood dishes were a little pricey and the dining experience was just satisfactory. Basically, the portion of the dishes doesn’t reflect the amount we paid for. The crabs were just okay.

But the best thing about eating crab is…

klang crab dirty hands

No matter how dirty you get, no one’s gonna comment “KEN YOU DIRTY BOY! THIS IS HOW YOU EAT AH?”.

Anyway, I was asked – what do I think about Klang? Well, just another city but with a wide selection of food to choose from. Will definitely have another food trip there. :)

37 thoughts on “Road Trip for Klang Food

  1. walawei. Not a good idea to read this in the middle of the night. Now I’m hungry as hell. hehe. BTW, isn’t BKT too heavy for breakfast? :-P

  2. Next time I go KL, you take me there, ok? But the crabs…not cheaper than here leh? The way everyone seems to enjoy eating crabs, I thought must be so very cheap there…

  3. Klang’s the best! ( but I’m so biased,being a Klangite! ;) )

    Fong Keow’s good? Hmmmm must try then. Alwiz go to Wing Heong when around the area.

    2 thumbs up for Cendol Klang. Like the fact that the owner is a very charitable person as he donates lots of his profits back to the community :)

    Well done, good review! ^_^

  4. I love the BKT from Fong Keow too! Had it before during night time.. very satisfying! And the seafood looked quite small portion and expensive to me actually.. next time I bring you to eat nicer and bigger crabs lah! :)

  5. Agree with Clarissa. You should definitely try dry bah kut teh! There’s an awesome bah kut teh restaurant near my house. It is the best I’ve eaten so far! Even better than the famous restaurants! =P

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  7. hey…i stayed in port klang for 20 yrs+++…you’ve been there? honestly i don’t like the famous cendol klang…i prefered Kuala Kangsar cendol..never try penang one.

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