Merry Christmas with Presents Exchange!

Merry Christmas with Presents Exchange!

I don’t always get to celebrate Christmas all the time. However this year, with my new company – my department organized a simple Christmas party.

christmas tree

With minor decorations and a small Christmas tree by the corner with the water dispenser, it was pretty much an easy-going party with food.

christmas party food

Earlier on, everyone is required to buy a present and place it below the Christmas tree. Then, the presents were individually labeled with numbers.

christmas presents

So after some light eating, the main highlight of the celebration party was the presents exchange period. Each of us picked a number, and took the respective presents.

So here are some presents my colleagues bought and exchanged…

christmas winnie pooh

A Winnie the Pooh bowl with spoon.

christmas snow globe

A snow globe on a blue sleigh.

christmas scent fragrance

Some fragrance scents.

christmas red packet

Surprisingly, a Chinese New Year red packet! Someone might have mistaken Christmas with Chinese New Year!

christmas gifts

Various gifts featuring Santa Claus.

christmas box

And more Santa Claus gifts. With his loyal reindeer this time.

christmas bowl

A bowl with a happy snowman.

christmas couple cup

A pair of couple cup – which is more suitable for Valentine’s Day.

christmas bear

Also, a brown teddy bear.

And for myself, I got this present with the number 15.

christmas gift

Since it looked like a pyramid, I was expecting a present that comes with 2 gifts. And I was right…

christmas present

I received a cup and a photo frame from Living Cabin! Finally I have a cup on my desk, but not sure what photo to display on the photo frame.

Besides all that, we had a Christmas cake as well. It was certainly delicious.

christmas cake

So yeah, a simple entry for a wonderful festival.

With that, wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! Enjoy! :)

35 thoughts on “Merry Christmas with Presents Exchange!

  1. hey…what a wonderful idea to exchange gifts in the office.. how I wish my office can do that..but i know it is simply impossible!!

    Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. Blessings for Christmas and throughout the coming year. Nice to celebrate with colleagues and friends…but nice with family too. For your photo frame…your wedding photo perhaps? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

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