My Christmas One Year Ago

My Christmas One Year Ago

As much as I could recall, my Christmas last year was definitely the most special Christmas in my life, so far.

christmas tree

If you’ve been following my blog for the past year, you should know that I was in the United Kingdom during Christmas 2009. Well, in London to be exact.

It was quite an experience to be there at that time. To enjoy the Christmas mood and see the ang mohs prepare for the festival were certainly fun.

christmas decoration

Almost everything there gave me this perception of “this is Christmas in London”. It was just wonderful.

To add to that, there was snow as well! It’s undoubtedly icing on the cake.

christmas snow

Besides all the hype about having Christmas over there, I managed to experience a traditional Christmas dinner.

christmas dinner table

I’ve never celebrated Christmas night with a special dinner before. It was my first time.

christmas meal

We had turkey meat, turkey stuffing, carrot, Brussels sprouts and parsnips with olive oil as our main course.

christmas mince pie

And for dessert, we had mince pie. It’s a small British sweet pie traditionally served during the Christmas season.

Oh yeah, we had champagne as well – which I really don’t like, but still took a photo with it…

christmas champagne

And I was sort of ‘forced’ to wear a golden paper crown! Never mind, I shall call myself the King of the Champagne!

P/S: Aunty Winni, if you’re reading this. Thank you very much for the wonderful dinner! (Yes, I know it’s 1 year ago!)

So basically, that’s pretty much the Christmas I had over a year ago in London. Over there, Christmas is so well celebrated that even Harry Potter wishes everyone a Harry Christmas…

christmas harry potter

So last year, I couldn’t have had a better Christmas wish than to be celebrating it in London. I couldn’t have asked for more.

However, since I’ll be having Christmas here in Malaysia this year, I’m gonna make a wish…

christmas wish card

Honestly, who doesn’t wish for that?

But Winter season is getting worse in Europe year after year. I doubt Santa would fulfill my wish. Hmm…

23 thoughts on “My Christmas One Year Ago

  1. Well, what you say is true – winter season are getting worse in Europe. So rather than being caught in a blizzard, better stay in hot Malaysia la and check out Santa losing pounds coz of the heat :D

  2. well..maybe you can recreate that moment by having christmas dinner with ur family…say, in a western restaurant…n don’t forget the champagne…u’re the king…LOL

  3. Nothing like Christmas in the UK – can really feel the mood. But going to be a freezing White Christmas this year… Certainly do not envy them. Btw, I saw minced pies at Cold Storage in Penang – should be able to get those in KL though. Not really a fan – fruit jam inside. I prefer meat. Hehehehehe!!!

  4. Aaron was in London too during Christmas last year.. heavy snow too, I was worried he couldnt get back to Rome on the 26th and flying back to MY on the 27th.. it was quite crucial then.. this year, i hope for better health so that i can have my appetite back to eat and eat..

  5. As long as you’re happy, anywhere you are, it will be a great christmas after all.. That is why christmas happens annually, it let us be in different place but for the same celebration every year to have fun =)

    Advanced Merry Christmas, Ken!

  6. Yeah, u did indeed reminds me you’re in Europe last year as I was reading your blog. How time flies! And Merry Xmas to you and family! Im sure Ipoh is nothing compare to Europe..haha.. but do enjoy with your loved ones!

  7. haha. don’t go to London for Christmas lehh Ken. You’ll be stranded in the snow. Heard it’s so terrible it is even spoiling the Christmas mood of the people there. Celebrate it in the sunny Malaysia better lehh.

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