My Childhood Superhero: Ultraman

My Childhood Superhero: Ultraman

When I was a young kid, I used to love Ultraman – like a lot!


Whenever Ultraman was shown on the television, I’d go like “WOAHHHH!”.

Well, that was years ago. Nevertheless, watching Ultraman at my current age still gives me fond memories of my heroic childhood.

ultraman ace

I used to watch Ultraman Ace series constantly. It was always shown on the TV and my mum used to buy Ultraman tapes back for us.

Watching him fight with monsters was just so cool!

ultraman ace fight

Woah, look! So incredible! He sliced the alien into half!

I don’t know where are the tapes anymore. Probably stacked at the storeroom, or worse – thrown away!

Oh yeah, not forgetting his band of brothers that assists him once in a while. To name some – Ultraman Seven, Taro, Jack and err… cannot remember already.

ultraman brothers

I always excited when they get together to fight with monsters. :D

Besides Ultraman Ace and his brothers, I also loved to see Ultraman Father in action.

ultraman father

He looks so macho with this big beautiful horns.

Anyway, back then, the versions of Ultraman used to be simple – red and silver, that’s all.

ultraman brother

But at the present moment, there are more new Ultraman with more colours – blue and gold to be exact.

ultraman powered

Ultraman Dyna, Mebius and Cosmos – to mention some. Somehow, I prefer the traditional versions.

You know, when I was younger – I sometimes hoped to be an Ultraman. Or to be able to meet them in person, like this…

ultraman king

Holding hand in hand with the ultimate heroes would certainly brighten up my day. But of course, that didn’t materialize. Oh well…

I also used to wonder, does Ultraman really exist. If they do, why don’t the monsters appear in Malaysia?

ultraman monsters

If they do, Ultraman will definitely fly down, kick the monster’s ass, use his power skill and save the city.

It’d be so cool to see them fighting in Kuala Lumpur!

ultraman vs monster


Anyway, as my generation is getting over such interest, I realize that the younger generations are still so much in love with Ultraman.

ultraman power

This hand action has been Ultraman’s trademark that has been passed on and on. In case you don’t know, it’s the ultimate killer power against bad monsters. Honestly, I used imitate that action. Heh. :P

Right now, even the little kids are doing it! Just like this boy…

ultraman kid

He’s even more into Ultraman than I was. This little Ultraman fanatic owns over 40 difference Ultraman figurines! o.O

But that killer power has been improvised over time. New modern Ultramans now have their own unique killer power, instead of the original trademark, to eliminate monsters.

As a result, take a look at this video…

Hmm… perhaps there are too many killer trademarks these days – until the Ultraman can’t remember which one to use! LOL!

Well, I guess that all about my childhood superhero. What about yours?

Oh yeah, guess what – since kids love Ultraman so much, one day I’ll be papa Ultraman…

daddy ultraman

I’m gonna be so awesome! Call me Ultraman Awesome. ;)

54 thoughts on “My Childhood Superhero: Ultraman

  1. i love tomatoman very much. and smurf, and captain planet, superman, ultraman, gaban, transformers, thundercats etc… etc…

    and also power rangers. in their very first version.

    huhu… good old days :)

    btw, i’m quite excited to wait for smurfs 3D…

  2. I used to like Power Ranger (1st version), X-men. i dunno why i feel ultraman a little bit stupid. maybe becoz of the dubbing (tv1 and tv2), the actor tak kacak (maaf, taste terlalu tinggi even though im 6yrs old), monster yang tak logic, and the killer moves is so lousy (the red light must lighten up only can use the skill)

  3. apparently, theres some agreement somewhere stated that every monster must be in japan and every alien must land in US, u might thinks its funny but theres something fishy here,huhu….

  4. cool… i also like Ultraman when i was a kid.. i particularly liked an episode where Ultraman battled a seemingly undefeated nemesis.. no matter what Ultraman did, the other monster will not die!! hahaha.. in the end.. it was a draw!!!

  5. my nephew loves ultraman a lot.. he even cry if he cant wear ultraman t-shirt..
    but, i hate it.. because he became a bit aggresive kot sejak gilakan ultraman.. huh!

  6. dude, u watch “Ultra Legend” already or not?
    damn nice, all Ultraman also have.
    In the movie, it also shows that Ultramans with blue colour is actually younger generation ultraman.

    And they also have “The Chosen One”, just like Matrix.
    That is Ultraman Zero, the son of Ultraman Seven.

  7. aaahhh… ultraman. such a nostalgic memory. He (or they) were never my heroe(s) (it is probably due to the bad voice overs – it still is until now). My childhood heroes are from sketchy cartoons from anime (some I don’t remember the name)and power rangers. but I remember my brother absolutely loved Ultraman. You can pair up with him. (he even have the whole set of the ultraman family doll – there is no more trace left of it though)

    btw, I love your picture editing. Ultraman in KL. how cool is that!

  8. haha…forgot the skill is really2 weird..hehe…act i also watch it but i dunno what are the name of the father,mother,son,daughter,king or else maybe..too many ultraman untill japan too crowded now..hehe.

  9. ken… ada typo di situ…

    bukan ultraman nine… but ultra seven

    i also love ultraman,,, but now i didn’t like the new ultraman… bosan n xbest jalan ceritanya…

    tak macam zamn kita kecik2 dulu

  10. i love ultraman too, those days. but now i think it runs in the family as my little cousins love ultraman a lot. they even have those toys and memorize each of their names. whoa!

  11. The makers of Ultraman should learn for the handphone companies in extending the ‘power’ of Ultraman to last longer than after merely a few minutes of fighting with the monsters the red button at his chest starts to blink indicating ‘battery’ or power low..haha ~;)

  12. I used to think like you too, wondering why the ultraman is not in Malaysia~~~ Actually before ultraman won, he would run out of time, and his light will start beeping. then he would use the power to split the monster. The story line always same.

  13. HOHOHO.. i googled “ultraman names” then i saw ur post. Yeah, i used to watch Ultraman Ace also. How much we have grown. I watch through TV1 leh last time! haha U so lucky u got VCR tapes.

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