Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House

Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House

The year is coming to a close and I bet that everyone is having the Christmas + New Year mood right now. So writing something unrelated can be kinda “potong stim” right?

Anyway, something very much related to Christmas is Winter. And just recently, I visited Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House branch at The Curve for the first time.

winter warmers tissue

Originated from Penang, this outlet at The Curve is currently the only branch in Klang Valley.

winter warmers the curve

Winter Warmers seems to have adopted the English concept that provides a tranquil environment for the customers to relax and enjoy.

Located within the outlet, there are China tea sets arranged on showcases. Despite being on display, they’re actually meant for sale.

winter warmers showcase

Even though the ambiance relates to the English concept, most of food concept are sort of based from Taiwan.

Nevertheless, it’s something new to try out.

winter warmers menu

The menu is quite simple and the illustrations are well depicted. Makes it easy to browse and select the desired meal.

A set meal by Winter Warmers consists of an appetizer, a main dish, a pot of hot black/green tea and a simple dessert. These set lunch and dinner meals are only available from 12pm to 3pm and 6pm to 9pm.

Anyway, if you don’t fancy hot black/green tea, you can opt for other beverages by topping up RM1.

winter warmers iced cocktail

Well, I added RM1 for iced tea. Iced mixed-fruit cocktail to be exact.

For appetizer, salad.

winter warmers appetizer

Just normal salad, nothing extraordinary. But it’s well-presented.

For the 2 main dishes, the first one is a plate of waffle. It’s RM17.90 for the set meal.

winter warmers smoked chicken waffle

This waffle is not your usual waffle with ice-cream, chocolate or honey topping. Winter Warmers has waffles that are topped with meat. The one we ordered was Smoked Chicken Waffle.

winter warmers waffle

Quite unique and it tastes delicious.

The other main dish is Cheese Baked. Among the selection of set meals, this one is the most expensive with RM21.90.

winter warmers cheese baked

Being a cheese lover, the golden layer of cheese sure look tempting.

On the inside is everyone’s all-time favourite food – spaghetti, mixed with Bolognese sauce.

winter warmers cheese baked cocktail

Pretty much the normal spaghetti we have.

The final dish of the set meal is dessert. Pudding with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

winter warmers pudding dessert

Again, the presentation is nice but it’s just normal pudding.

Other than the 2 set meals, we also ordered a Kids Meal Pasta. It’s an a la carte dish and costs RM10.90.

It’s really for kids, just look at how it’s presented…

winter warmers kids meal pasta

Err… Is this how Mr. Winter Warmers look like when he was a kid? The fries moustache doesn’t seem right huh?

Since we were still not full, we began defacing the pasta. Warning, what you’re about to witness is quite gruesome…

It started with the eyes and nose being plucked off…

winter warmers kids meal pasta ate

Then it continues with the hair and the face.

And in the end…

winter warmers kids meal pasta finished

Mr. Winter Warmers, we’re sorry to have done that to your face – but honestly, the dining experience was satisfying. :)

35 thoughts on “Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House

  1. I used to eat at this place in Penang last time. Love the waffles.. and I loved the cheese on the pasta.. very chewy and fragrant! But I don’t remember it being so expensive for the set .. I think it was only RM16.90 back then… inflation..

  2. I love this restaurant.. I tried them the 1st time in Penang and then only try the one at the Curve..never know it originates from Penang though.. but the Ice tea really nice.. ^^

  3. For a while thought you gonna post about the warmers that we wear in winter and not food haha. Likey the ‘design’ of Mr Winter Warmers haha. Hey guys you cold blooded murderers killing Warmers mercilessly..~;)

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