My Personal Aspirations for 2011

My Personal Aspirations for 2011

For 2011, I’ve decided to list down my aspirations for the year.


You might think that they’re “resolutions” but they’re not. Resolutions are decisions to do or not to do something, while aspirations are hopes of achieving something. And yes, I have my hopes for this year.

Therefore in 2011, I aspire to…


1) Exercise frequently and keep my body in shape.

I am fat. No doubt about it and I require more workouts. While many resort to hitting the gym, I personally prefer to do self-exercise – for instance, swimming.

swimming in sea

And hopefully, get an awesome body like…

6 pack abs

But wait, if I want nice abs – must go to gym right? Damn…

Personal prediction: Fit body – highly achievable. Fit body with awesome abs – maybe not. :/

2) Continue my passion in playing music.


Ever since I graduated, I rarely play my Saxophone. It has been left to collect dust for quite some time, but I believe there are opportunities to come in Klang Valley.

Personal prediction: Attended an audition recently, seems promising.

3) Get an iPhone. Preferably the one coming out this year, be it iPhone 4G or iPhone 5.

An iPhone is my all-time top target. Despite that, I haven’t own one because it’s unnecessary. But I still want it because Steve Job said…

funny steve jobs iphone

Personal prediction: Unlikely unless it’s sponsored. Heh. :P

4) Upgrade my DSLR to Canon EOS 550D. Or similar new release that are within my budget.

canon 550d

Photography is, so far, just a hobby. I’ve never intend to take it to the next level. Furthermore, I seldom use my camera to the fullest.

Personal prediction: We’ll see along the way.

5) Buy my first property.


Fat hopes but it can be a good investment and it’d be nice to have my own home. A condo would be fine.

Personal prediction: If got strategic and well-managed condos within my budget, I’ll consider. But can’t put too much hopes on this.

6) Travel to at least 2 places within Malaysia and 1 other country.

redang island beach

Well, places in Malaysia don’t mean Ipoh or Penang lah. I was thinking maybe Sarawak and Sabah?

Perhaps exotic places where I can experience more of Malaysia.

sunset at beach

Personal prediction: Most likely to be achieved.

7) Keep blogging actively.

wordpress blogging

Blogging is, like photography, a hobby to me. I write because I like to share my experiences and thoughts. But will the inspiration and motivation keep coming? I hope so.

Personal prediction: to survive for another year.


Okay, by looking through the 7 aspirations, most of them involve money. I hope I don’t go “bankrupt” at the end of 2011, or else I’ll end up sleeping on the roadside…

sleeping on roadside

Touch wood!

Anyway, a tiny analysis shows that I’m only confident in 3 out of 7 points – which also mean 57% of my aspirations might not be fulfilled. Oh oh…

But as least this entry makes point 7 more achievable right? Stay tuned! :)

44 thoughts on “My Personal Aspirations for 2011

  1. Come…come to Sibu! Or Kuching – a nice place too… KK’s great but can be quite expensive. Let me know your plans – I may just join you there and show you around.

  2. hi..its like my 2nd post here…im still new here ^_^.. the last one is a good one..end up sleeping by the…no offense to those unfortunate, but u know what i mean..those that we are on the same page are -swimming, visit some islands, buy 1st property….get in shape, yeah, but for the picture u gave its a bit too much for me…haha..

    anyway, wish u luck..

  3. If you are going over to Sarawak, I could get my family members to take you in lol or maybe, I am back there to sort of bring you around, heh, we shall see!

    I have not come up with my aspirations yet. Still working on it hahaha!

    All the best to you achieving all the aspirations!

  4. i lived across Sabah for 9 months . Flew 20 times in a year within Sabah. SO i know Sabah. Ask me for info.
    I also lived 8 months in Sarawak. Flew about 12 times there in the past 2 years. So ask me about both. lol

  5. Yo!!!! Good luck with your rocking body to be, man XD Plus that phone, though I never really get the nessecity…still, it’d be a pretty cool thing to have XD Great blog btw! And happy new year…hope it doesn’t suck! (How’s THAT for a greeting?)

  6. If you’re lazy to hit the gym… Just do it on your own. Situps 100x daily.. Then do push-ups. You’ll see the results in no time. (am doing this lol and it’s showing results) :)

    Good luck and happy 2011! :D

  7. Am now free to stalk your older posts hahaha! Wait, I have so much to comment about this post, pls forgive me for making super loads of silly statements. hehe :D

    1. omg u can play the saxophone?! :O
    2. buy property? waa.. very ambitious leh… i wonder how much is there in ur treasure CHEST hahahaha
    3. eh, travelling to Kuching, you achieved already leh hehe..

    And thank goodness you just got RICHER (summor can buy me lunch tsk2 ;p). So, its an exact opposite of the thought that u might go bankrupt and end up sleeping on the roadside? hahahaha!

    Kk.. I wanna read ur aspirations for 2012! :)

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