Sightseeing at Batu Caves

Sightseeing at Batu Caves

So far, I’ve only been to Batu Caves once. Yes, just once, and these are the pictures from the sightseeing at the famous limestone hill.

batu caves lord murugan statue

To be honest, I was very fascinated by the huge statue. It’s known as the tallest statue of Lord Murugan in the world. To know how huge it is, you gotta see it for yourself!

batu caves steps up

Batu Caves is usually the main focus of the Hindu community’s yearly festival – Thaipusam. During that time, devotees make their way to the Temple Cave and climb 272 steps to the top with remarkable endurance.

batu caves steps

When I was there, it wasn’t Thaipusam. There were lots of visitors around, especially foreigners.

batu caves sculptures

On the way to the top, visitors are bound to see various painted sculptures on arches.

Along the way there are several monkeys waiting to be given food too. I didn’t take the chance to snap photos of them – don’t want my camera to snatched away!

Anyway, after 272 steps (that seem to take forever to reach)…

batu caves top view

I finally made it! My first time reaching the entrance at the top of the Temple Cave! *proud*

batu caves entrance

Here’s what you’ll be greeted once you reached the top. A number of stalls, photo-with-snake booth – just to mention some.

As you walk inside the cave, there will be a spacious area.

batu caves inside

Really spacious and the cave ceiling is approximately 100m above the ground. Also, it’s lighted by daylight from several holes in the ceiling.

batu caves shrine

Further inside the Temple Cave, it features a shrine and it’s visited by many devotees throughout the year. At this area, you’re able to see the sky above as well – due to the huge hole above.

Well, that’s roughly all about the Temple Cave, and as I headed back out – I had to endure another 272 steps down. It wasn’t an easy task as I was a little, just a little, afraid of the height! :/

batu caves steps down

Damn high you know! :/

Anyway, I spotted many foreigners when I was at Batu Caves. No wonder it’s claimed one of the well-known attractions near Kuala Lumpur.

Since there was nothing much to see over there, I sight-see the visitors as well. Firstly, I saw Middle Eastern visitors with their family.

middle eastern visitors

I saw typical Western tourists with cool shades.

western visitors

I saw young Asians with their friends.

asian visitors

And I saw…

sexy back

Woah… sexy back with tan lines! :D

30 thoughts on “Sightseeing at Batu Caves

  1. saw only that? hehehe…

    hey, got head to Pan Heong to eat the Sang Har Mee or not? Just nearby only. Got to know about it through your town mate, Reanaclaire. Memang yummy leh

  2. I prefer chasing the pigeons when I’m there.. lol… That place seems to be visited even when it’s not Thaipusam.. when any hindu festive day approaches, it’s sure crowded there..

  3. Oh 272 steps guess how many stops Bananaz will need before reaching the top. When come to Thaipusam think you may not have the space to stand haha. Really Lord Muruga’s statue is the highest in the world, not aware of it now I know. Like pixz of steps taken from bottom tQ.

  4. Sexy back with tan lines ! woot. Haha.

    I’ve never been to batu caves, and I live just 15 minutes drive away. Omg, got to go there one of these days just for the experience.

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