CNY Buffet Dinner at Flavors Restaurant, Swiss Garden Hotel

CNY Buffet Dinner at Flavors Restaurant, Swiss Garden Hotel

Flavors Restaurant is also another place where I had Chinese New Year dinner recently. Located at the heart of KL, it’s certainly one of a kind.

flavors restaurant swiss garden hotel

Despite setting in a traditionally inspired atmosphere, the restaurant is well-decorated with Chinese New Year ornamentation – a sign to welcome the festive season.

flavors restaurant

All thanks to their invitation, I got the opportunity to attend the launch of their Chinese New Year “Year of the Rabbit” dinner buffet.

chinese new year yee sang ingredients

Once you step into the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by a grand table of Yee Sang ingredients.

Oh yeah, my first Yee Sang was at Shanghai Restaurant. So this was my second Yee Sang of 2011.

chinese new year yee sang

If you’re wondering why are there 3 plates of Yee Sang, it’s because there were many invited guests that night.

chiense new year lou sang

And as usual, the tossing and mixing of the Yee Sang ensued. The higher you toss, the more luck you’ll get for the new year!

The Yee Sang’s prices are up to RM48+ for half portion and up to RM78+ for full portion.

And with that done, it was time to help ourselves with the buffet spread.

buffet dinner

The food showcase is certainly presentable and neat. Categorization of the food also eases the food selection process.

Here are some of the main dishes served…

chinese buffer food

Clockwise from top left: Braised dry seafood with oyster sauce, Rendang daging, Steamed fish with black fungus and Salmon head curry.

salad table

Other than that, if you fancy salad, there’s a salad bar with various dressings and sauces.

cheese platter

My favourite “dish” would be the cheese platter! Prepared with various types of cheese, it’s a cheese heaven for cheese lovers! :)

ice kacang table

And if you like ice kacang, there’s a counter just for that! Prepared with a range of condiments, you can create your own ice kacang recipe!

sze chuan soup

As for the soup, I took the hot and sour Sze Chuan soup. The taste was not too sour, not too spicy – just nice.

seafood platter

For the seafood lovers, there’s a tray of oysters, prawns and mussels. They are fresh – the oyster is “juicy” and the prawn is simply tender! Didn’t try the mussels though. :)

cake and jelly dessert

And at the dessert section, there are a variation of small pieces of cakes and cups of jellies.

mini tart

Mini tarts served on spoons. Quite cute until not willing to eat it. :P

cheese cakes

Then, my favourite – cheese cake! Yes, say “yes” to cheese cakes! I had a few slices, it’s more delicious than Secret Recipe’s cheese cakes.

jelly jello

More bubbly bouncy jello.

assorted fruits table

And not forgetting the assorted cut fruits counter!

Besides that, Flavors Restaurant has their own version of nin gou, also known as glutinous rice cakes.

fried nin gou

Mixed with sweet potato, yam and pumpkin, the “modified” nin gou is wrapped with seaweed and coated with flour. Then, it’s deep fried to perfection.

This is how it looks inside…

fried nin gou eaten

Pretty tasty, I gotta say. Love the crunchiness on the outside, and the softness on the inside.

So that’s pretty much the choice of food I had during the buffet session.

Besides meeting the food, I had the opportunity to meet some notable bloggers around town as well. It was great meeting Jason (Mumbles), Witch and QuaChee! :)

food bloggers

Anyway, Flavors’ buffet dinner are available from 6.30pm till 10.30pm until 13 Feb 2011, and the rates are…

1) CNY Reunion Buffet (only on 2 Feb) – adult @ RM88+, child @ RM48+
2) CNY Buffet with “Yee Sang” – adult @ RM68+, child @ RM38+

Oh yeah, it was actually an invitation dinner for the “media” people – but instead of giving me the “blogger” title, the Corporate Communications Officer wrote “NST” on my parking ticket.

swiss garden hotel parking ticket

Wahhh.. See, I’m representing and also New Straits Times Press you know. ;)

Flavors Restaurant
1st Floor, Swiss Garden Hotel Kuala Lumpur,
117, Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours: Daily 0600 – 0100 the next day
GPS Coordinates: 3.1442, 101.7057
Tel: 03-21413333

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  1. Hey! How come yours is NST? Mine is ‘Travel & Food Mag’ wei! When you took that picture of the parking ticket, I thought you were amused because of the travel & food mag part.. mana tau yours is NST! :D

  2. Wah you representing NST already now! So wonderful! Hehehe.. It was great to meet you for the first time Ken! Looking forward to more meetings with you in the future! ;)

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