Ken Wooi Launches His Own iPhone App

Ken Wooi Launches His Own iPhone App

KUALA LUMPUR: Smart handsome Ken Wooi is the second Malaysian not-so-celebrity to have his own iPhone application. That’s after Hannah Tan being the first.

Wooi, who has more than 1,000 fans on Facebook, hoped that his fans would support his latest venture.

kenwooi with iphone

Not-so-Apple fan: Wooi showing his iPhone application.

“I became a fan of such applications even though I never buy iPhone apps of Justin Bieber, William Hung and Britney Spears. The app makes fans more crazy about you.”

On the app, there are updates from his blog.

kenwooi on iphone

Photo sharing from his photo blog at, which Wooi believes that many readers are not aware of.

kenwooi photo on iphone

And since boobs are good for men, the iPhone app has photos of hot babes with hot boobs as well.

boobs on iphone

According to a source, men ogling at breasts for 10 minutes a day is equivalent to a 30 minutes gym workout. So stop wasting your money on gyms, and start downloading Ken Wooi’s iPhone app!

Besides that, there are photos of hot dudes with hot abs included too.

abs on iphone

Wooi is not a big fan of other guys’ abs but for the sake of the female readers, he decided to publish photo of abs.

Also, there are special exclusive photos of never seen before scenes of Ken Wooi. For instance, him digging his nose.

dig nose on iphone

“All in all, they (the fans) can carry me around. It’s so damn cool, I can hide in their pockets!”, he said at the app launch recently.

The application has already been downloaded by people in the Ipoh, Penang, Ulu Klang, Banting and other states in Malaysia. Fans can download it for free from the iTunes store.

The application allows fans to access his blog, pictures, exclusive images, abs, boobs and more boobs.

triple boobs on iphone

Even rare photos of triple boobs are available! Triboobs!

So, get it now free (before it becomes chargeable) on iTunes!


Okay enough of crap, the iPhone app doesn’t exist at all. Don’t go searching on iTunes alright?

Even though this blog is not made an iPhone app, yet – Nokia Ovi Store has a app available in it.

nokia ovi store download

But err… I think it’s for users with compatible Nokia phones only? Nevertheless, download and keep in touch with lah! :)

39 thoughts on “Ken Wooi Launches His Own iPhone App

  1. hahaha…how abt really create one but only for the 10mins boobs? Got what I mean? Can start free then charge 99cents (US dollar). Fellow bloggers no cost required, k ?

  2. Lol!!!
    the title really got me! perasan lah u got apps! hehe
    i got ovi for my blog too, but i myself not using nokia phone, so i dont download it either for my phone! hehehe

  3. wow.. you’re so boobstive.. ops sorry i mean so creative. It is look so real applicaboobs.. err i mean application. Anyway, nice bootry.. hurmmm entry..

    Why ha.. suddenly i make a lot of tyboobs error.. oh no, i mean typing error? … lol

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