My 2010

My 2010

Year 2010 has just ended and it’s time to reflect on what I’ve gone through over the past one year.

year 2010

At the beginning of the 2010, exactly a year ago, I celebrated New Year at a place where I’ve never thought I’d be – in Leeds, United Kingdom.

leeds board

Yeap, my 2010 started off so differently. Being in the cold with my friends and ushering the new year feels just like yesterday. Time really flies…

Also, I got to visit Dublin – the home of Guinness! – while I was still in Europe.

dublin pass card

Well, Dublin is not as grand as London and Paris (visited in December 2009 so it’s not counted), but the experience was always memorable.

Then, I managed to visit my all-time favourite football team’s stadium – Manchester United’s Old Trafford!

manchester united old trafford stadium

It was like a dream come true to have finally able to visit this amazing stadium! :D

You know, the best thing about the start of my 2010 is that I got to play with snow! Real snow, for the first time.

kenwooi at paris

Oops! I think I went overboard when having fun with frozen snow. The car owner must be shocked to see that! :P

Anyway, it was obvious that I was having the time of my life over there. But eventually, all good things will come to an end. In February, I finally flew back to Malaysia.

I had a flight transit at Dubai International Airport. Even though I didn’t step out of the airport, does that mean I had a short visit to Dubai as well?

flight to kuala lumpur

Back in Malaysia, things was pretty ordinary throughout the whole year – as always. I hope you don’t get bored once you read beyond this point.

I was back in time for Chinese New Year and as usual, my family and I went to visit our relatives.

highway sky view

The one and only most frequent phrase heard every CNY is – “Ah Ken, big already ah!”.

I bet it’ll be the same in 2011.

Later on, I got to visit a property launch in Ipoh itself. Deemed as the highest structure in Ipoh when it completes in 2013, I was expecting to see something spectacular at The Haven. Just like what was shown on the brochure…

the haven ipoh brochure

But to my dismay, I only see tombstones…

the haven ipoh progress

The Haven really resembles the heaven huh?

In May, celebrated its 2nd birthday. My baby blog sure do grow up fast.

kenwooi birthday cake

Then, I got my first ever invitations by Nuffnang to an event – Caught in the Middle Part IV at PJ Laugh Fest.

caught in the middle tickets

Next in June, I applied for a job position in Shell. Managed to get into the Shell Recruitment Day (more like an evaluation day) but unfortunately I wasn’t successful.

Oh well, at least I got to stay at a posh Hotel Nikko fully paid by Shell during the night before the Recruitment Day.

hotel nikko bed

See the bed damn big – all for myself!

After that, I participated in my former university’s annual ball – the INTI Ball 2010 – for the 5th time consecutively.

inti ball 2010 backdrop

No, I was no longer a student. But my former student council mates took that chance to have a reunion by attending the ball.

They asked me what I was doing, I told them I was Iron Man.

iron man headgear

Anyway, July 2010 was another exciting month. I organized a contest for the first time in-conjunction with July – the month of my birthday.

ipod shuffle engraving

Decided to give out an Apple iPod Shuffle worth RM229 to the most creative birthday plan submission entry. With an engraved “Specially from” limited edition, it’s the first ever thing given out on my blog.

Then, with Paul the Octopus successfully predicted the World Cup 2010 matches, I got Paul to make more predictions – which included a prediction for as well.

kenwooi vs kennysia

And wow, unbelievable! Paul is awesome. 8-tentacles up! ;)

On the last day of July, it was my birthday and I didn’t get any cool iPhone or Play Station. Instead, I got a pack of underwears.

schwarzenegger underwear

It makes me feel like Arnold Schw… forget it, I don’t know how to spell his name!

In August, I made my first every trip to Colmar Tropicale at Bukit Tinggi.

colmar tropicale bukit tinggi

Attracted by the photos seen on blogs, it was a place that I’ve always wanted to go to. However, there’s nothing much attractive. It’s worth only one visit. That’s all.

On the same month, I also visited another local attraction in Malaysia – Langkawi Island.

langkawi eagle statue

Went there with my friends thinking I could visit various places on the island, but it ended up as a relax + drink trip.

alcoholic liquor

Just look at the amount of alcohol liquors bought! o.O

At the end of August, Malaysia celebrates its 53rd Merdeka Day. Being a Malaysian, I wrote you know you’re a Malaysian when…

malaysia merdeka 1957

One of them is – the only historical information you remember is the date of Malaysia’s Independence Day – 31st August 1957. Right or not?

Then in October, I sort of got “cheated” in a contest organized by AirAsia. They announced me as one of the winners but I didn’t get to redeem the prize.

airasia now everyone can fly

But after blogging about that, an AirAsia personnel contacted me and provided compensation in a form of a flight + accommodation package. But I couldn’t find the time to reschedule so it has been officially forfeited.

It’s alright actually. At least AirAsia was willing to take corrective actions.

Next in November, there were double good news! Firstly, I managed to get a new job in Klang Valley – in Petaling Jaya to be exact. So I’m finally settling down in the big city!

petronas twin towers attack

And the second one is, I finally (yeah like finally!) got selected as Nuffnang’s Blogger of the Month. :)

nuffnang blogger cover

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to those who have been supportive all these while. Without you, is nothing but a bunch of words and photos.

Frankly, it’s great having awesome readers like you guys. :)

And finally in December, Christmas came and passed by just like that – reminding us that it’s almost the end of yet another long year.

christmas presents

But whenever there’s an ending, be it a rewarding one or not, there will always be a new beginning.

And for this, the new beginning comes in a form of 2011.

happy new year

With that, wishes everyone a Happy New Year 2011. Have a wonderful and fulfilling year ahead and keep reading alright?

Cheers, and have fun! :)

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  1. Wish you happy new year, its a great year in 2010 but its going to get better in 2011. :D

    Keep up the good work, been enjoying your blog entry throughout the year. :)

  2. Happy New Year Ken and good luck in your new job and life in the ever crowded Klang Valley. Hehe. OH, and pls keep blogging and entertaining us.

  3. Haha. I totally get wat u mean when balik kampung then every1 said “wah u so big d ar etc etc”. its as tho they expect us to stay small forever. :/

  4. a great sum-up of your eventful 2010… belated congrats on being nuffnang’s featured blogger… & great news on your settling in KL with your new job. looking forward to more of’s humour in 2011!

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