Winter with Snow Expected in Malaysia

Winter with Snow Expected in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: With the cool atmosphere surrounding Malaysia, it’s expected that snow will occur soon. Local scientists said that frequent drops of temperature will eventually lead to a new season in Malaysia – Winter!

cloudy kl

According to a local weather specialist, Ken Wooi of Malaysian Meteorological Department, the Malaysia climate change has been drastic these days. “It’s always cool, cloudy sky and little sun ray. I think it’s gonna snow!”

As a result of this research, precautions have been taken to prevent transportation disruptions in Malaysia. Albeit the lack of experience when dealing with Winter, the Ministry of Defense released a statement: “Malaysia Boleh Survive!”

kuala lumpur snow

A blogger-cum-artist impression of heavy snow over Kuala Lumpur.

With freezing temperatures expected to arrive, safety measures are soon to be implemented to protect the citizens. It’s important because the Malaysians know how to complain only.

For many, the snowfall will be welcomed because typical Malaysians are crazy over snow. “Snow is coming to Malaysia? Oh my god, OMG ZOMG OMGomgzz OMG!” shrieked an excited Malaysian teenager.


MAS Airlines and AirAsia are expected to suffer from the weather as well. Most Malaysians are worries that they won’t be able to execute their traveling plans.

klia airport snow

A blogger-cum-artist impression of heavy snow over Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Both the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) are in discussions of implementing changes to keep up with the traveling needs. Forcing thousands to camp out in terminals will be insane, and will cause more complaints.

In a recent conference, AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes said “Don’t worry. Everyone can still fly. Just pay for our brand new “Winter Flight” package for RM99 and you’re good to go!”

tony fernandes speech

At the end of the conference, Tony revealed the latest AirAsia promotion.

airasia promotion poster


Malaysia, a country with warm climate all year round, is expecting a rapid rise in the sales of heaters. However, many don’t know where to get it.

electric heater

To solve this matter, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said “You want to know where to buy heaters? Just tweet me your question with #tanyanajib hashtag.”

najib speech tanyanajib

“I’ll try my best to answer.”, he continued.

Meanwhile, Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah told fellow citizens to be careful with the snow, especially snowballs.

seri rosmah hair

With that, all Malaysians are urged to purchase Winter clothing to adapt the weather. They are sold at all major stores.

Now everyone can dress up like a Teletubby in Malaysia.

leeds german night market

That’s all the updates for now. Stay tuned for more breaking news – only on

– Ken Wooi of Malaysian Meteorological Department signing off.

– This news is brought to you by Kenwooi News Network (KNN).

54 thoughts on “Winter with Snow Expected in Malaysia

  1. Sure, sure! Everyone can fly! Can fly in the winter? Just heavy rain, already crashed…like in Kuching just recently…and as a result, airport closed, and everybody could not fly for over a day! Chesh!!!

  2. hey Ken from Meteorogical department, please pm me when winter comes to malaysian,. i got to buy thermal clothing.. been sick for nearly a month since coming back from winter korea!

  3. LOL…and it will save a lot of major shopping complex a bomb from putting up all those fake snow…hmmm…i wonder Sunway Pyramid will be having an outdoor ice skating ring or not if like that :p

  4. Brilliant snowy broadcast good to think out of the box and expect the worst who know it may happen though chances are quite slim. Think most Malaysian are not ready and well prepared and many would perish in the cold without proper warm clothings, no heater etc and not talking about road accidents as all have no experience driving on icy slippery roads. Great post.

  5. Perhaps this could be too soon for posting but could give you some time to collect your thoughts and come out with idea of Twin Towers collapsing, the highways in Klang Valley opened up and warped, etc etc when 2012 strikes Malaysia haha. You are pretty good and creative man he don’t need any further tips..Happy cracking ~;).

  6. “It’s important because the Malaysians know how to complain only.” –> LOLed hard at this. XD

    i love snow. but please, not in malaysia. i love malaysia’s climate just the way it is. :)

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