Chinese New Year 2011 Family Trip

Chinese New Year 2011 Family Trip

Unlike the previous years of driving up to Taiping for Chinese New Year, my parents decided to do something different this year.

road trip

A family road trip to Kuala Lumpur instead!

In the beginning, I may be reluctant because I won’t get to collect ang pao this year. No ang pao = no extra money. But on second thought, it could be a great time going on a holiday with the family.


I also get to avoid common phrases such as “Ken, you big boy already!” and “When you getting married?”. Great escape!

Anyway, it was a 3 days 2 nights trip to Kuala Lumpur.

However, despite the 3 days duration, we didn’t get to utilize much of the hours – because on our way to KL from Ipoh, dad’s car couldn’t re-start after we stopped at a rest area.

car service centre

After a jump start by the PLUS patrol officers, we had to detour into Tanjung Malim – to get the car fixed.

The wait was almost 3 hours – they claimed to be searching high and low for the replacement part. But I think it’s a BS gimmick to charge us higher.

Eventually, dad paid a super heavy fee for that. Looks like the car service centre got a big BIG “red packet” for Chinese New Year eh?

hotel istana

Back on the journey, we checked in at Hotel Istana at Bukit Bintang. Nothing lavish about the hotel, but it was a comfortable place to rest and sleep.

So here’s what we managed to do on our family trip.

chinese yee sang

Yee Sang with the family at Little Yum Yum, Kota Damansara. According to the owner, it’s their homemade Yee Sang – tastes better than various restaurants out there.

Topped with chicken floss and salmon, I gotta agree with that statement. The bigger portion of crunchy condiments makes me like it even more. :)

chinese food

We also ordered a few dishes to accompany the Yee Sang – honey sesame chicken, stir-fried squid and my favourite special Thai style egg!

Simple yet delicious Chinese New Year lunch!

petronas twin towers upclose

On the next morning, we woke up early to get tickets to the Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge.

But our “early” wasn’t early enough because by the time we reached the ticket area, there’s already a long queue!

petronas twin towers skybridge visitors

And you know what, the tickets were already “Sold out” at 7.30am in the morning! We decided to go even earlier the next morning but that didn’t materialize – next time lah.

Since our plan of going to the Skybridge wasn’t successful that morning, we walked out to take some photos of the Twin Towers.

petronas twin towers

Still standing tall as Malaysia’s tallest skyscraper, I hope the upcoming Warisan Merdeka Tower will be as magnificent as the Twin Towers.

Then, off to Batu Caves…

batu caves view

It was my second visit, and most of my family members’ first visit. Went up and down the 272 steps again. Surprisingly it wasn’t as scary as the first time. I’m so proud of myself. :D

And remember on my first visit to Batu Caves, I saw a hot chick with sexy back?

This time I saw an attractive Chinese/Korean/Japanese girl…

cute girl

Cute girl camwhoring at Batu Caves! Me like!

Know what, my visits to Batu Caves have never been more interesting. :P

tugu negara

Next, we dropped by the Tugu Negara, or known as the National Monument in English. It’s to commemorate the soldiers who sacrificed themselves while defending the country during the World War.

It wasn’t my first visit, but I couldn’t recall when was the last time I came here. Maybe years ago when I was a kid.

thean hou temple

We also went to Thean Hou Temple, one of the largest Chinese temples around Malaysia. Admission is free so I went around taking photos.

temple praying

While my parents went inside the prayer hall to pray, I explored the area – eventually ended up at the place with Chinese zodiac animal statues.

chinese animal zodiac monkey

Looked around, and to my surprise – the animal statues are sculptured with proper details. Such proper details until the tiger’s balls are there as well…

tiger balls

And I thought many would omit the private parts when it comes to sculpturing animals. Interesting.

Anyway, at night – we embarked on a journey to Ampang Look Out Point!

ampang look out point

Even though I had Google Map directions printout, we sort of lost our way. But the determination continues and we finally reached the top!

The night view of Kuala Lumpur is nothing short of spectacular. But of course, not as spectacular as the night view of Paris’ cityscape lah.

putrajaya dataran putra

On the last day, we visited Putrajaya – drove along Dataran Wawasan and visited Dataran Putra. Nothing much to see during the day actually – just the Prime Minister Office, the Putra Mosque and sophisticated buildings.

But I definitely had fun taking photo with the Putra Mosque!

putra mosque jump flying

Look, a miracle – I can fly! :D

Anyway, glad that the weather was kind (despite a little warm) during the trip. Our outdoor plans were certainly successful – excluding the fact that we didn’t go up the Skybridge.

clear blue sky

As always, I love to see clear blue sky. It’s simply breathtaking.

Okay, time to get back to reality – work! I’ll be sooooo reluctant to go to work after my long break. :(

34 thoughts on “Chinese New Year 2011 Family Trip

  1. I waited in line for the skybridge tickets at 5.30 am in the morning. there were already 10 people in front of me. that’s how early you have to be to get the tickets.

  2. Hotel Istana? Jalan Sultan Ismail, near Bukit Bintang? Eeeee….that one five-star, where got not lavish? I wouldn’t be able to afford to stay there. Perhaps it is old already…been around a long time. Good proper maintenance very important.

    P.S. You have great taste in girls. Very pretty. When going to get one of your own? When marry hah? Muahahahaha!!!!

  3. I love seeing blue clouds too especially when there’s huge fluffy cloud. I’ve been staying for almost 2 yrs in KL yet I’ve never been to KLCC Skybridge, Batu Caves and Tugu Negara :P

  4. Hey…you miss out one place leh. The jenjarom temple. Every year they have very interesting decoration. Sad to say, I have yet to visit it after so many years.

    Kung Hei Fatt Choy..better fast fast collect more angpau leh..

  5. Hey,
    I have come to Malaysia 3-4 times and am trying to promote Malaysia on my site. I want more & more people to visit this beautiful country. You can check & give some more pointers.

    Or maybe you can write a guest post on my site.

    I can see you had lots of fun in KL. When I come to Ipoh next, will ask you what all to see there. :-)
    Thanks again.

  6. after so long reading your blog, i didn’t realize that you are from taiping or your dad is. i’m from taiping too so maybe i cold bump into you someday. maybe 2012 cny. anyway, its been a nice thing reading your blog. keep it up.

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