Getting Red for Chinese New Year

Getting Red for Chinese New Year

In a popular Chinese belief, the colour red symbolizes happiness, wealth and longevity – especially during Chinese New Year.

chinese new year dragon

Or does red means “RAWR!”, just like the dragon above? I think it’s more like “HUAT!”.

Anyway, during the Chinese New year, it’s more or less about being red. Wherever you go, you see red, red and more red.

chinese new year red lanterns

Most Chinese houses are decorated with simple red lanterns, especially around the home compound.

But for the Chinese temples, they are THE lantern fanatics!

chinese new year lanterns

Wah, lines and lines of lanterns. I must admit, it’s definitely a great effort + amazing scene.

Back at my home in Ipoh, red is noticeable everywhere.

red sofa

The sofa cover has changed to red.

red carpet

The living room has been covered with red carpet. Now I can sit more comfortably on the floor. :)

chinese new year biscuits

Even Chinese New Year biscuits and tidbits are in typical containers with red covers. Can’t stop eating them, especially the pineapple tarts!

At my frequent food consumption rate right now, I foresee that I’ll gain some extra weight after the holiday! :/

chinese new year mandarin oranges

More and more juicy Mandarin Oranges to be eaten. They come in red-coloured boxes too!

chinese new year card

Chinese New Year greeting cards are also commonly red. In case you’re not aware, it’s the year of the bunnies!

chinese new year red packet

Red envelopes, also known as ang pao, are usually given out at social and family gatherings. Can’t wait to get my hands on more of these.

紅包拿來! :D

chinese new year firecrackers

Firecrackers are red in colour as well. Boom boom pow!

And on the personal appearance, some would decide to dye their hair red.

red hair

This is how my hair would look like if I dye it red. Cool or not?

Oh by the way, I got injured while putting up Chinese New Year decorations at home…

red blood injury

Blood also red ah! Huat!

And for the Chinese New Year clothing…

red shirt

Everyone starts wearing red. So I prepare my red-coloured cloths as well.

chinese new year red shirt

Doesn’t look matching, but still it’s red – so can lah.

red socks

Red socks. This makes me think of Christmas though.

Anyway, some people believe that wearing red undergarments at the stroke of midnight of Chinese New Year, coupled with red pajamas, will bring them good luck and prosperity. Even the men are getting red underwear.

Fortunately for myself, I have a new piece of red underwear. Let me show you my lucky underwear for 2011…

red underwear

Gonna keep it for the the midnight of Chinese New Year. I’m gonna be so lucky and prosperous this year.

But since I want to avoid any wardrobe malfunction, I tested the underwear…

superman red underwear

Eh, looks like I’ll be Superman during Chinese New Year!


41 thoughts on “Getting Red for Chinese New Year

  1. Huat Ahhh! LoL! U Superman! Muahahahahaha.. thank goodness I was not drinking water or you’ll have to ganti rugi for the damage done to my PC! :P

  2. huwaaa!!!
    when i read that you’re going to show your red undies, i thought, it couldn’t be real.
    then there it was!!!
    like seriously ken!!

  3. Kenwooi with underwear? What? Nooooooo! ;p
    Just noticed that you were featured blogger for the month of November 2010. Hehe~ Congrate lor (Not so late right? Now, Feb 2011 what)
    And Happy Chinese New Year. Where’s my angpau uncle Kenwooi? =D

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