Hotel Istana at Bukit Bintang

Hotel Istana at Bukit Bintang

While my family was in Kuala Lumpur for the recent Chinese New Year, we stayed at Hotel Istana at Bukit Bintang.

hotel istana welcome card

Located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, no one can deny that it’s a happening place – surrounded by areas of attraction such as The Pavilion, Rum Jungle and Planet Hollywood.

But we only explored Bintang Walk and Jalan Alor during the night. When it’s bright and sunny, we were off at other places.

Anyway, this is gonna be a walk-through on how the room at Hotel Istana is like…

hotel istana room

I love staying in hotels – I must say. It’s like home away from home, albeit for just a few days – and no matter how messy the room gets, it’ll eventually be cleaned. :D

hotel room sofa

Like any other hotel, this room at Hotel Istana looks pretty cozy. Even though there’s a sofa and a coffee table, it’s still spacious. Oh, the beds are comfortable and wide as well.

The cool thing about the room is the big flat-screen television.

hotel television

With it, everyone can sit far away and still get to watch – unlike hotels that provide small CRT television, which I’d rather stare the view outside than to strain my eyes.

tall buildings

Anyway, here’s the outside view from our hotel room’s window. Tall skyscrapers surrounding the hotel.

Now, the toilet.

hotel bath tub

I still find it amusing that many hotels have a bath tub and a shower cubicle together. Perhaps to save time, you and your roomie can wash up together.

hotel toilet washroom

There’s also two sinks as well. Both can brush teeth and wash face at the same time – therefore, saving time too.

hotel toilet bowl

Within the toilet, there’s another cubicle with the toilet bowl inside. I like this concept because if you take a dump for a very long time, your roomie can still use the toilet for other purposes.

Also within the hotel room, is a refrigerator where drinks and snacks are placed.

hotel refrigerator

However tempting they are, I won’t take any because the hotel charge bloody expensive! But one tip, if you really can’t resist – just take, and then remember to buy from a nearby 7 Eleven store and put it back! ;)

There’s also a so-called “mini bar” in the room.

hotel mini bar

These sachets of coffee and mineral bottles are definitely complimentary. But honestly, I’d expect a variety of drinks from a “mini bar”. :/

Next, the cabinets – typical cabinets, but I find this compartment interesting.

hotel cabinet

It seems like there’s a built-in seat inside the cabinet. Who knows, maybe it’s comfortable enough for someone to actually sleep inside?

Oh yeah not forgetting, there’s a work desk as well – and an Internet cable! Yes!

Feeling excited that I can access the Internet inside the room, I quickly took out my laptop and plugged in the cable. But…

hotel internet access

Wah… RM15 for 1 hour?! Damn rip off wei!

No wonder it’s called Hotel Istana, which translates to Castle Hotel – where only the King can afford such pricey fee for the Internet!

Other than that, it was a great stay. The King didn’t visit us though. ;)

33 thoughts on “Hotel Istana at Bukit Bintang

  1. hey..i like your idea on replacing the things u take from the refrigerator.. never think bout it bro..buffet ramadhan at hotel istana was like walaweh! you better try!

  2. Lol. I remember when I was there for my violin exam last year. For about 15-30 minutes I was there and for 15-30 minutes of parking in Istana Hotel had charged me RM10. Fuuuuyooh.

  3. A so called 5 Star Castle Hotel charging RM15 for 1 hour at King’s price but a mamak or an ordinary kopi tiam is giving away free wifi services. So what went wrong actually?

  4. its expensive charge for wifi! extra charge if you take things from the refrigerator, waw a nice holiday right sitting in a hotel which rate about 5 star i guess

  5. Oo, near pavillion!
    Minibar drinks at G-hotel are complimentary^^ everyday re-fill about 8 cans FOC! Love it <3 Love blogging about hotels too, especially those with bath tubs^^

  6. But one question – are you sure the hotel does not know that you replace the food you take from the mini bar? Cos last time I stayed in a hotel, they put up a notice at the mini bar that reads something like this “We do not accept any items inside this minibar to be substituted with similar items bought from outside the hotel premises” : )

      1. Omigawd…I must be suffering from jetlag still. Let’s see if I get it right this time:
        istana = palace, not castle…
        I think I’ve got it now. LOL!!

  7. Btw, where did you get your information from?
    “…it’s a happening place – surrounded by areas of attraction such as The Pavilion, Rum Jungle and Planet Hollywood…”
    Planet Hollywood closed down long ago…and Rum Jungle isn’t that near – go up the road and turn right at the junction where Life Centre is – nearer to Concorde KL/Hard Rock Cafe. Dunno if it is still in business or not after the authorities imposed some restrictions on the night spots in that area sometime ago…

    Now the nightlife is at Changkat Bukit Bintang which is the lane behind Hotel Istana – walking distance. Some call it the “new Bangsar”.

  8. How long does it really take to walk from the hotel(istana) to pavillion? Am deciding if I shld stay in hotel istana or dorsett regency. Any advice?

    1. Pavilion is about 200m from Hotel Istana – just a walking distance away. I’ve only stayed at Istana and I think the stay was good. :)

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