Wonder Why Sex Sells

Wonder Why Sex Sells

Every now and then, we come across various advertisements – some can be dull, some target certain audience and some can be really creative.

And I wonder – if sexual features are incorporated within an advert, is it considered as “creative” as well?

wonderbra advert

Believe it or not, many companies are doing their best to produce advertisements that can attract people and make them potential customers. Hoping to gain better return on their publicity investments.

But these days, some eye-grabbing advertisements with “sexuality” in them aren’t exactly meant for gaining profit. Hence the phrase “Sex Sells”, and not “Product Sells”.

Before continuing, let’s browse through some interesting “sex sells” advertisements I’ve found.

dolce & gabbana sexy advert

Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian luxury fashion house but on this advertisement – the lady is being pinned to the ground by the half naked man while the other men looks on. What does it actually imply?

jbs naked lady underwear advert

Men don’t want to look at naked men. So JBS Mens Underwear put up a naked lady with a male underwear.

alicia silverstone naked advert

Alicia Silverstone is a vegetarian, so she gets naked. I’m a carnivore, so I get to put on cloths. Heh!

calvin klein sexy advert

Calvin Klein promotes their underwear with a seductive lady in lace lingerie. Oh also, glossy skin.

sony ericsson boobs advert

Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot with stunning picture perfect advert. Something else is more stunning in the poster. Hint – to the middle left!

pantene boobs advert

Pantene. Look at her gorgeous boobs hair!

nikon camera sexy advert

Nikon S60 face detection feature. Two girls “having fun” while the camera detects other onlooking perverted faces.

burger king 7 incher advert

Burger King will blow your mind away! 7 inches long and it surely tastes better huh?

Alright, after going through the sample advertisements above, it’s obvious that the money spent doesn’t worth such publicity. If you love eating Burger King, blow job or not – you’ll still dine in. If you like JBS Mens Underwear, naked lady or not – you’ll still get a few pairs. Right?

So after much thoughts, these are some explanation on why sex sells…

1) Men are attracted to boobs, boobs and boobs. Give a man an ad that features boobs – his brain focuses onto the target and he tells himself, “Look – nice boobs!”

new york fried big boobs advert

Look – nice boobs!

2) Women are attracted to other woman’s physique as well.

reebok naked kelly advert

A lovely body curve on a billboard is more likely to hold a guy’s attention than an iPhone, regardless of how cool it is. Even the ladies are drawn to them, perhaps with the admiration of such beautiful features.

3) Mentioned earlier, big companies have huge marketing budget. Since they’re already renown, creating advertisements are no longer meant for selling the product – it’s just to attract people. Perhaps they have just too much money to spare.

If Steve Jobs wants his Apple to do the same, it’s so easy!

apple facetime advert boobs

Look – nice boobs!

Actually it’s quite a waste of money for a company, but the big boys can afford it.

4) It’s human nature. While the men are interested in such appealing presentation, the women may feel uneasy. Either way, it’s still able to gain attention from the general public as they will discuss about it.

dolce & gabbana perfume advert

For example, perfumes and fragrances – do you put them on to smell good, or to be seductive?

5) Body, boobs and butts are always available. They don’t need a specific season to be “marketed”. Even without advertisements, humans are consistently talking about this topic, anywhere anytime.

xbox boobs advert

Look – nice boobs! Forget about the Xbox.

So yeah, this trend has been around for quite some time and it’s successful in gaining one’s attention. You may be amazed or disgusted, but it’s all about marketing and “trying” to sell the products.

Know what, kenwooi.com should have a similar marketing strategy too. I’d love to get more readers to my blog.

japanese orange bikini

Nice right? Oh crap, someone just said “Look – nice boobs”!

My advertisement failed. Screw you sexy ads!

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  1. haha joker la u.. but it’s true.. these days sexuality is bombarded in your face – left, right, centre… and you can see the result of it in the decay of society

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