What’s So Special About Valentine’s Day?

What’s So Special About Valentine’s Day?

“Love is in the air” – the phrase that most people, especially couples, are feeling recently.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the gentlemen are busy planning on “interesting” things to do while the ladies are getting horny.

valentine day candy

Uhh.. that’s what Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) thinks lah.

Anyway, for me, Valentine’s Day has always been an ordinary day. On that so-called “special” day – I do my daily routine, live like normal and let the day pass by. Nothing lovey dovey.

Oh wait, it’s not that I don’t couple up – it’s just that Valentine’s Day is for Valentine. It’s not Ken’s Day after all, eh?

ken and barbie

Alright, let’s talk about the “special” activities that commonly happen on February 14 every year – and a few examples to explain why Valentine’s Day is not that “special” after all.

So sit back and relax, as kenwooi.com unveils the unknown secrets of the Day of Love.


Okay, so it’s Valentine’s Day – couples exchange lovely text messages to each other. I love you, you love me – we are happy couple on February 14.

love text message

Now think about it – does sharing lovely mushy text messages on a normal day makes it less “special” as compared to doing it on V-Day?

Next, men buy flowers for the ladies.


Now guys, think about it – do you give flowers just because it’s Valentine’s Day? What about the other 364 days?

Also, couples buy gifts and presents for each other.

valentine gift chocolate

Now think about it – what is the difference between giving a present during V-Day and during a non-V-Day day?

On Valentine’s Day, couples would take this opportunity to have a candlelight dinner together at some classy restaurant.

candlelight dinner

Now think about it – do you and your partner dine lavishly on any other days besides Valentine’s Day? If yes, what makes the V-Day dinner so special then?

Couples go on a “special” outing on Valentine’s Day.

couple at beach

Now think about it – is an outing on V-Day any different than the rest of the outings throughout the year?

Lastly, the ultimate one, it’s believed that couples will make love at the end of Valentine’s Day.

cannot be displayed

Now think about it – will sex on February 14 make it any special than the other sex sessions you and your partner have on any other day?


Well, the message of this entry is certainly not “Anti Valentine’s Day”. Definitely not.

If you think about those mentioned questions, you should realize that the main factor that makes a couple activity so special is actually all about the passion and love. Not just about Valentine’s Day.

When you are generous with your love, everyday could be a Valentine’s Day if you want to. And I think that lovers are encouraged to convey their utmost love all year round.

i love you all year

While Valentine’s Day could be a reminder for you to show your love to your loved ones, it shouldn’t be the only love climax of the year.

The line chart below is not recommendable.

love line chart 1

Personally, Valentine’s Day should be renamed to “Valentine’s Year” to imply that love should be shared all year round.

The following line chart is a better statistics.

love line chart 2

Know what, putting effort in making lovely surprises on unexpected days are always – in my opinion – more thoughtful and special. Valentine’s Day is predictable. Too predictable.

After all, it’s all about the passion and love for each other – not just about what you do on Feb 14 annually. Right?

And with that, my dear readers, concludes why Valentine’s Day is not so special after all. But I gotta say, I love you guys.

man in love

Flowers, gifts and kisses for everyone! ;)

45 thoughts on “What’s So Special About Valentine’s Day?

  1. 1 more..At shopping mall and other place u will see many couple wearing same colour…hehe..Wat about other day…heheheh. I dont celebrate VD.For me every day is LOVING day….love my mom, my family, my teacher…love every body…n love u 2…hehehehe

  2. Well, it’s same with the purpose of all other festive days – to remind us of what we should appreciate around us and don’t take it for granted. It’s never too late to love our beloved onces : )

  3. Good post! Over-commercialised…prices of flowers, dinners sky high!!! Don’t bother to celebrate… Absolutely meaningless. Love is not supposed to be materialistic like this…and as you say, love is for every day, not just one day.

  4. the graph for me and my wife is always at the peak…

    oh, if you plot the graph in days unit instead of months, it will peak up every thursday haha.

    oh, if your plot it in hourly unit instead of days, you will see it peak up in midnight… yeahhhh…

  5. ahaha..Agree with ur opinion on v-day vs non v-day. I guess..every single second (not day arr) is a love, passion & care day. Its either you show or shy to express the love.

    Back to Muslim, we are not anti V-day. Its just because V-day is Christian’s saint day, holy day or an exclusive occasion belongs to Christian and therefore its not suitable for Muslim to celebrate the V-day. (Read Wiki etc.)

    What JAKIM do, is they want to avoid love before marriage that cause buang bayi bla,bla,bla though it happen everyday. Seem likes Jakim produce their chart like u ken and its a strategic plan i guess..hoho..

    Besides, guy..the flower during V-day is much more expensive lorrr..so u better express your love..the rest 364 days..haha..

  6. I agree bro, they should make it a valentine year, quarter or month. There shouldn’t be a specific month to express our love for our loved ones.

    Anyway this year’s Valentine Day would be extra special for me because it’s the day of my ROM (registration of marriage) :)

    Funny love level graph you have there! ;) The peak is on december as well because of the end year bonus we get?? $$ = more love for the Mrs.

  7. Nice one! Quite agree with your opinions ’cause I don’t really think that we should react according to the date or events. It should be sincerely through our heart all the time~

    I think no one would want a lover who just being nice during Valentine’s Day but not all the time… (Seems like roller coaster I guess..hehe ^^)

  8. I love you. You love me.
    We’re a happy family.
    With a great big hug and and a kiss from me to you.
    Won’t you say you love me too.

    So sings Barney. I think V-day should be changed to B-day. 8DD

  9. hahahah! I like this post! the graph and the “sex” pic! :D

    I dont hate V-day but I don’t celebrate it anymore. but there’s something else to celebrate on feb 14. my bf’s birthday. :D

  10. oh well,too think about V-day is because their mind has been set by the ppl all around..probably the gf wants to boost up abt what the bf did on their V-day..its funny when what other ppl doing, is it something necessary for us to follow that

  11. Wah… What a great, analytical description of the commercialized v day! Haha … I totally agreed with u especially for a married man like me! Haha….

  12. hehehe… i agree with u… as i told my friend, everyday is Vday if you guys treasure each other and be there for each other… it’s what that matters…

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