Things NOT To Do During Earth Hour

Things NOT To Do During Earth Hour

Yes, Earth Hour is just around corner. It’s yet another hour to turn off the electricity and try to save the Earth!

earth hour balloon

No doubt the Earth Hour campaign is somewhat a publicity stunt to create awareness towards the need to take action on climate change. But I believe it shouldn’t be just that hour, we should really think out of the hour as well.

Anyway, long story short – just turn off non-essential lights and other unused electrical appliances whenever possible lah. Don’t waste electricity and avoid expensive bill okay?

earth hour save electricity

Okay, it has been a tradition for to produce an Earth Hour special entry, and for this year – it’s about things NOT to do during Earth Hour.


So, besides NOT turning on the electricity and whatnot, you…

1) Don’t play football at the field.

earth hour football

Beware of where you’re kicking. We don’t want anybody to get hurt, or… get an erectile dysfunction. Ouch!

2) Don’t stay at home.

If you’re gonna turn everything off at home and stay in, it could be a bad idea.

earth hour home

Instead, step out from the house and enjoy the blissful night.

3) Don’t plan a dinner date with a girl you’re after.

earth hour restaurant

Well, unless the restaurants are gonna light up candles. But do you know that burning candles will cause an increase in carbon dioxide emissions?

4) Don’t stay in the office, if you’re working on a Saturday night.

When you’re so hyped up about Earth Hour and decides to turn off everything in the office, your boss might probably go against it.

earth hour work

Boss > Earth Hour.

5) Don’t be on a flight.

earth hour plane

Err… that’s definitely not gonna happen.

6) Don’t drive out.

I know many of you will drive out to “celebrate” Earth Hour by having dinner and going “nuts” while witnessing Petronas Twin Towers turn off their lights.

earth hour klcc

Wouldn’t it defeat the purpose of reducing carbon emissions? The more cars on the road, the more polluted the atmosphere is.

But actually, I also want to drive out – just hoping that you all won’t drive too and there won’t be traffic jam on the Saturday night! :P

7) Don’t go shopping.

earth hour shopping

I just don’t know why. Don’t ask.

8) Don’t say “yes” to Earth Hour promotions.

Certain parties take this opportunity to gain more customers and sales during the hour of darkness. But, this Earth Hour BBQ…?

earth hour promotion

Love the planet, love your money too eh?

9) Don’t go “boobs scouting”.

earth hour girl

Coz you’ll never know if you offended another lady nearby. Furthermore, it’s too dark to admire lah right?

10) Don’t go mamak watch football.

A Saturday night is the best time to watch football at some mamak stall. But if the owner practices Earth Hour…

earth hour mamak 1

earth hour mamak 2


That’s all for now. Happy Earth Hour 2011 – it’s happening this Saturday 26th March 2011 from 830pm until 930pm.

Remember, think out of the hour too! :)

27 thoughts on “Things NOT To Do During Earth Hour

  1. I wonder if sgporeans even practice this earth hour thing lol.. seems like u guys are more enthu when it comes to earth hour. Maybe its just me. Haha -_-

  2. The “Don’t play football at the field.” really had me laughing out loud.

    Guess I’ll just have an early night this Saturday la. Hope it rains then can zz better

  3. hmmm~ then what to do during that time? cannot watch tv, cannot stay home, cannot go shopping, cannot go lepak with friends at mamak, cannot drive out and cannot play football also. Man, you are seriously running us out of options here~

    Lols. fun post as always, Ken!

  4. Wohhhrrr…..that gives me an idea to go clubbing on earth hour. I wanna touch there,and there and everywhere. But becareful because desperate G-pars will want to roam the streets and be touched as well…lol

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