Kuala Lumpur View at Ampang Look Out Point

Kuala Lumpur View at Ampang Look Out Point

The Look Out Point at Ampang is definitely one of the attractive places in Malaysia. Honestly, I never knew it exists until I read blog entries about it.

ampang look out point

So one fine evening, we headed far east. Driving there can be a little tricky as you’ll need to go through the housing areas to get there.

The Look Out Point is actually located on a hill along Jalan Hulu Langat.

Once there, it feels like heaven.

haven restaurant

Well, not actually. But there’s a restaurant called Haven.

Since we wanted to have a better cityscape view of Kuala Lumpur, we headed up to Panorama Restaurant instead. It’s located on a higher platform than the other available restaurants.

panorama restaurant

At the Panaroma Restaurant, there’s also a tower where you can have the view from a higher perspective. Since most of the tables facing Kuala Lumpur have already been reserved, we opted for the “ground floor” view.

panorama tower

Before that, a little showcase of the food that we ordered at the restaurant.

cheese cake

A typical cheese cake. Just okay.

onion rings

Onion rings. Just okay.

pattaya fried rice

Pattaya Fried Rice with Chicken Meat. Just okay.

fried rice

Kampung Fried Rice. Just okay.

spaghetti meatball

Spaghetti with Meatballs. Not nice.

Alright, to be honest – the food isn’t good. All the restaurants at the Look Out Point actually operate as observatory deck-cum-restaurants. Visitors usually go there for the view, not exactly for the food.

Now, the main highlight of Ampang Look Out Point – the cityscape view.

sky sunset

As the sun sets and the sky darkens, tiny lights started to appear on the buildings.

kuala lumpur view

Here’s what the cityscape of Kuala Lumpur looks like during the evening. When we were there, thick heavy clouds were seen hovering above the city. Looks like it was raining.

After a while, tiny sparks of lights are visible as the night takes over.

kuala lumpur evening

At about 730pm, the road lights are lighted up as well as the Kuala Lumpur, the Petronas Twin Towers and other buildings.

And by 8pm, you’ll see the whole Kuala Lumpur all bright and beautiful.

kuala lumpur night view

Seeing the night cityscape view of Kuala Lumpur is quite an amazing experience – since it’s my first time.

According to the staffs, the Look Out Point is also open during the day but the peak hours are normally during the night where people come up to chill out with the beautiful night view of KL.

If you’re wondering whether the view is different when comparing the higher deck and the lower deck. Well, there isn’t much difference.

kuala lumpur look out view

This photo was taken on the lower deck, which is pretty much the same. Actually, a friend of mine said the restaurants at the lower deck serves better food than the top one.

So if you haven’t had this view of Kuala Lumpur, don’t miss it. :)

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  1. When I went there 3 years ago, Panorama Restaurant was not there and the tower is empty that anyone could go up without anyone stopping them. The downside is, no seats or lights or whatsoever for you to stay on top and chill with friends. And yes, the restaurant on the lower deck is better than than Panorama Restaurant :)

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