Taylor Swift MMS

Taylor Swift MMS

Maxis is quite active when it comes to sending MMS messages. Getting free “I Miss You” MMS is common.

But wait till you get this MMS…

hot taylor swift

Do you want the hot Taylor Swift for 7 days, for FREE?

I sure do, and I can only imagine…

sexy taylor swift

Surely a dream come true – we can then sing together! Seriously. ;)

14 thoughts on “Taylor Swift MMS

  1. hahahaha why i did’t get it??..
    usually weird cartoons coming out ‘i miss you’ ‘i love you’..
    n u mean sing this song…
    ‘you belong with meeeeeee…for 7 days’..

  2. I was thinking the same thing as “Shin Chan” xD
    If it were me, I’D definitely want more than just to sing with Taylor !!! :P

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