Terrace Arms Steak & Grill House, Kota Damansara

Terrace Arms Steak & Grill House, Kota Damansara

So it’s the month filled with Guinness as it welcomes the St. Patrick’s Festival. With that celebration coming along, I got an opportunity to dine at Terrace Arms Steak & Grill House, which is located at The Strand.

terrace arms steak grill house

Quite an interesting name right?

Inside the “house”, you’ll see a typical bar counter that serves beverages. The atmosphere is totally in the mood for St. Patrick’s!

bar counter

The mood kicks in further when we saw the menu of the night and realized that we’re having dishes infused with the famous black stuff – Guinness.

guinness menu

Oh yeah, by the way, these are the food served during the month of March in-conjuction with the Guinness Food Festival. You can have other food such at set lunch from just RM18.80.

While some of us ordered fruit juices, it’s somehow compulsory for everyone to have a pint of Guinness with them.

pint of guinness

Since it’s Guinness Draught, alright – as long as it’s not the bitter Guinness Stout.

So, let’s start with the food shall we?

guinness beef consomme

For appetizer, Guinness Beef Consomme with Oxtail Won Tons (RM16.80). As simple as it may be, the consomme (or generally known as “soup”) has a unique taste of its own. The Guinness infusion is mild and the oxtail won tans are simply soft and succulent.

hard bread

Off the menu, we were served with a basket of hard bread. Applied with butter, it’s always nice to munch on it.

guinness breaded prawn

Next up, still an appetizer, is Breaded Prawn with Spicy Guinness Dip (RM22.80). Being crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, one will definitely love the breaded prawn. However, think twice before dipping it into the spicy Guinness sauce because the taste could be overwhelming.

guinness grilled chicken

Then, Grilled Chicken with Guinness Sauce (RM26.80) as the main course. Since Terrace Arms is a grill house, this has got to be its main feature. The presentation is good and I like the fact that it’s sliced into equal sizes. Taste wise, the chicken is delicious and its Guinness infused sauce is mild.

It’s also accompanied by some vegetables and mashed potatoes. One thing’s for sure, the mashed potatoes are good.

guinness beef pie

Another main course is the Guinness Beef Pie (RM33.80). This is one of the best beef pies around, the pastry is well done and its content is scrumptious – it pleases the taste buds.

guinness apple tart

Lastly for dessert, Guinness Apple Tart (RM12.80). Accompanied with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and sliced strawberry, the apple tart is luscious – sweet and savory. Once again, the infused Guinness is mild.

Well, that wraps up the food for the night. Overall, they’re simple yet delicious dishes.

Oh yeah, besides the food – we were accompanied by local celebrities as well. It was certainly an honour to be dining with Alan Yun and Emily Lim.

alan yun and emily lim

Handsome and pretty huh?

A normal reaction would be to take photos with the stars – I wanted to take photo with Emily Lim but Barbie would be angry and jealous, so I only took photo with the handsome hunk, Alan Yun…

alan yun

And he got to take photo with the not-so-famous blogger Ken Wooi too! :D

Okay, err… I may think he’s super handsome, but I didn’t propose him to “merry me” okay?

Terrace Arms Steak & Grill House
21G, Jalan PJU 5/21, The Strand,
Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS Coordinates: 3.1546, 101.5926
Tel: 03-61505277

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  1. Around this time last year, when I met you, you had never met a single blogger yet…and now, you get to meet so many and even take pics with Alan Yun! *envy…

  2. Good food with leng chai and leng luis… what more can you ask for? I m jealous.. >_<
    kekeke.. btw.. u can consider wearing that t shirt when you do propose to Barbie? hehehe

  3. When I read this post at the beginning, I thought how come sound so serious one? Double check to see if this is Ken’s blog. Indeed it is! Haha!

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